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  1. Game Balls: Desir Island-He’s got a nose for the ball-that can’t be taught “Tony Soprano” Quinnen Williams-He was active today and that call on him was ticky/tacky (nothing better could have done there). Sam Darnold-I thought he was wildly inaccurate today throwing the ball, but got to give him credit for running. He was looking very good before the shoulder injury so wonder if that affected him. Actually produced over 300 net yards with only offensive TD and no turnovers. On the negative side of things he took 6 sacks and lost 54 yards. Jamison Crowder-Excellent game from him. He deserves better than to be on this team. Jeff Smith-The Jets could have something with him. He also drew a big PI for penalty and was wide open on a deep ball that Darnold missed. Game Goats: Adam Gase-RZ offense is the worst I have ever seen. His plays aren’t working. Chris Hogan-I know Darnold is struggling, but every ball thrown this guys way results in a negative outcome. Chris Herndon- Another killer drop on that first down play. He’s been a complete zero this year Offensive Line-Brutal performance-6 sacks given up. Jets training staff-Mehki Becton situation was unacceptable. This team might actually be bad enough to get the #1 pick.
  2. One of the most inaccurate games of sams career. He was awful.
  3. You are seeing out #3 overall pick third year QB completely outplayed by a practice squad guy. Wow!
  4. No way Sam would hang in the pocket and make that throw
  5. Hate to say it he looks better than Sam (since the shoulder injury)
  6. A lot of guys trashing desir but he has a nose for the football. You can’t teach that (Tony soprano)
  7. 3 and out! Desir and Quinnen on that series looked great.
  8. Darnold literally only tries to throw back shoulder because he can’t lead a receiver to save his life.
  9. This is why Gase needs to go. Crowder is back so Berrios is now useless?

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