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  1. I would offer my 2nd first round pick for Lattimore of available
  2. Not a fan at all of this signing. He was largely successful because of Derrick Henry and play action.
  3. Can anyone photo shop Joe Douglas shopping at Save a lot?
  4. With the immortal/Larry Allen 2.0 Joe Thuney starting 16 games. He’s so good the Pats didn’t re-sign him. The guy is a good starting guard (maybe fringe top 10 in the NFL), but he’s not a transformative player. The difference between a good Jets team and a bad Jets team is not Joe Thuney.
  5. Probably going to sign an Hendrickson, the SF nickel cb, and a bunch of 1 year deals. Would that make everyone happy?
  6. He got Eric Decker who was one of the few big money signings that actually helped the team.
  7. You guys are nuts. You can get 80 percent of the player at 10% of the price in Pat Eflin
  8. Creed Humphrey and Wyatt Davis would look good.
  9. I was getting ridiculed on this board for saying it but it was true. No way he would be welcome back in the locker room. The highest paid player on the team shouldn’t be opting out of a season.
  10. Good. Cements his status as worst Jets FA signing of all time.
  11. Getting rid of Mosley would be a coup. Might as well take the dead cap hit while they have the money.
  12. Thuney to me would be a bad signing. Is he a quality, reliable, starting guard? Sure. Is he a difference maker? Not at all. The Pats have cap space. Why aren’t they bringing him back if he’s such a big piece?
  13. I’ll believe it when I see it. The Bengals front office is a total joke. It pretty much consists of Mike Brown, Mike Browns daughter, and Mike Browns son-in-law. Agents don’t like to do business with the Bengals because they don’t trust them.
  14. OL and Pass Rusher seem like the areas that make the most sense to invest in heavily in free agency. They are premium position where good players tend to be effective into their early 30s. CB and WR to me are areas to focus your attention on in the NFL draft.
  15. Darnold, Lawrence and Fields participated in Dilfers Elite 11. Wilson being drafted high doesn’t help Dilfer.
  16. Bargain Basement just as Mr. Pauline said.
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