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  1. Per Tony Pauline. He’s hearing Jets are going bargain basement shopping. Also looking to move Quinnen to the nose.
  2. Mentioned on his Thursday podcast. He also said Penei Sewell is in the mix. It sounds like the debate in Florham Pack is very similar to JetNation.com
  3. At a 11MM per I’m not sure he would have done better on the open market.
  4. A jump from 34 to 8 is the equivalent of the 19th or 20th pick in Rd1. There is no chance Carolina is making that deal.
  5. Not sure how anyone could put any stock into that game he played this season.
  6. Etienne weight in at 215
  7. I don’t agree with everything DG has done, but he is a stand-up guy and great person. Im old. I like hard nosed coaches like Judge and Campbell.
  8. Cause he served his country as a diplomat and is now Joe Douglas’s boss. I would like to hear his vision for the organization after a stint on the world stage.
  9. You need to be a tough SOB to be successful as a HC in the NFL. The Joe Judge/Dan Campbell style is where the NFL is going. Judge punched out Marc Colombo last year. You don’t that that earned him lifetime respect in that Locker room?
  10. Gettleman is a stand up guy. Always had been. Not surprising he was able to identify Joe Judge as a great head coach. I’m not a Jones fan, but Gettlemans track record speaks for itself.
  11. That’s what happens when you bring an alpha like Joe Judge into the building. Him and Gettleman are stand up guys.
  12. Having an elite QB puts your team in position to compete for a championship every year. Look at the franchises that are in the playoffs every year. Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Wilson, Mahomes. A top QB hides a lot roster flaws. You could also be at that level without elite QB, but your championship window is typically shorter.
  13. You should get paid for this content @Sperm Edwards
  14. I would love to get both Lawson and Hendrickson. Two young bookend pass rushers in their primes. Similar to what Green Bay did two years ago with Preston and Zadarius Smith. Maybe sign cheaper guys at IOL and WR like Darryl Williams or Agholor and target permanent solutions in the draft.
  15. Welcome to the draft process in 2021. It’s all a way to build hype around a prospect. How’s this any different than a video of 300 LB lineman jumping out of a pool? This is the kind of stuff that builds a guys brand in 2021. Rashawn Slaters camp posted a video of him front squatting a sh*t a ton of weight from a couple of years ago for the same reasons. It’s all part of the draft
  16. Players have had an extra month to train and the opt out guys have been training for past 6 months.
  17. Texas, Oklahoma, ND St, and Clemson also have pro days this week. I wonder where Saleh and Douglas are headed. Fargo ND?
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