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  1. Wow! Why aren’t they franchising him? Makes me think he’s not a Dan Campbell type player which is concerning.
  2. Seems like he may be just as good at half the price. He could also play right tackle.
  3. JD does have a bad history of letting good players walk out the door.
  4. Also forgetting Hurts who was probably a late round pick/fringe QB or TE before transferring to Oklahoma and build up his draft stock.
  5. Regardless he’s going to go high. Lincoln Riley also signed the nations #1 QB recruit in the 2021 class to replace him in 2022. Right now if you are a top QB recruit with NFL aspirations you go to Oklahoma, Clemson, Alabama, or Ohio State. Those four programs have really separated themselves.
  6. Cap space is incredibly overrated. When you draft poorly and have nobody to pay that’s how you go a decade without the playoffs.
  7. It was the same situation as Curtis Martin on the other side. Washington signed him as an RFA and had to give up the Jets a first round pick in compensation. Jets packaged their original first round pick and Washington’s to move up to 4th overall to draft Dewayne Robertson.
  8. Trumaine Johnson, CJ Mosley, Darrelle Revis, and LeVeon Bell were considered big fish.
  9. Only TEs who have gone in top 10 in recent memory are Kellen Winslow Jr, Vernon Davis, Eric Ebron and TJ Hockenson.
  10. Dallas has something like 5 or or 6 players accounting for 67% of the cap. They better hit on their draft picks. Jerry definitely should have not handed out extensions to Zeek and Jaylon Smith. He lost Byron Jones last year and will lose Gallup next year as a result.
  11. Sucks Chris Herndon forgot how to play football. Looked so promising two years ago.
  12. No. The idea of Sam Darnold has always been better than the actual player. The athlete he resembles the most to me is actually Jeff Weaver. Every now and then Weaver would throw an absolutely filthy pitch and you’d sit there and think “I could see why the Yanks went out and got him”. But then the next pitch he’d hang a curve and it would be in the stands. That to me is Sam Darnold.
  13. How have the Cowboys been able to work all these guys into the cap?
  14. I read an article last year that Fitz was really trying to work with Tua on being able to identify what an open receiver looks like in the NFL. Tua had what they called in the article “Alabama Syndrome”. That would really scare me about drafting Mac Jones. If really is absurd: Jerry Jeudy-first round pick Henry Ruggs-first round pick Jaylen Waddle-first round pick DeVonta Smith-first round pick Then you had Burrow throwing to Chase, Jefferson, and Terrance Marshall. Meanwhile the Jets are trotting out Chris Hogan and Braxton Berrios.
  15. Good catch. Man the 2019 free agency class was putrid. Has to be the worst since Dan Snyder went crazy in the early 2000s.
  16. You are correct. He was a RFA. The Jets did have to forfeit draft picks.
  17. I am really down on Mosley for opting out last year. For a guy who was brought here to be a team leader it was a terrible look.
  18. He’s on the list twice. He’s under good trades and good contract extensions.
  19. Good signings: Kevin Mawae Vinny Testaverde Jumbo Elliott Calvin Pace Alan Faneca Damien Woody Bad Signings Neil ODonnell Steve Atwater CJ Mosley Trumaine Johnson Darrelle Revis 2.0 LeVeon Bell Curtis Conway Bad Re-Signs Muhammad Wilkerson Santonio Homes Chad Pennington Mark Sanchez Quincy Enunwa Good Re-Signs Curtis Martin Darrelle Revis Nick Mangold DBrickashaw Ferguson David Harris Players should have re-signed Kareem McKenzie Robby Anderson Snacks Harrison Demario Davis John Riggins Bad Trades Justin McCareins Laverneous Coles for Santana Moss Doug Jolley Brett Favre Tim Tebow Lito Sheppard Good Trades Curtis Martin Kris Jenkins Demario Davis 2.0 Brandon Marshall Ryan Fitzpatrick Thomas Jones Chris Ivory Best FA signing: Kevin Mawae Worst FA signing: Trumaine Johnson (CJ Mosley could pass him) Worst Contract Extension: Muhammad Wilkerson Best Contract Extension: tie (Mangold and Ferguson) Should have re-signed: Kareem McKenzie Best Trade: Curtis Martin Worst trade: Laverneous Coles for Santana Moss Thoughts?
  20. I went back to google his track record for recent QB evaluations and here is what I found. Not a good omen?
  21. Was joking. The answer right now is Oklahoma. Their last two QBs went first overall and Rattler is going to be a first round pick in 2022. Clemson is a very close 2nd and Alabama #3.
  22. What fans don’t seem to realize is sticking with Darnold and trading down is the riskier play. The best case scenario would be for Darnold to play well and the Jets using the #2 overall pick to build around him. However if he doesn’t turn it around next year the Jets could be in a rough position-looking for a QB and not in position to draft one.
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