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  1. To me it’s a position the Jets really need the most help at. As we have seen with Darrelle Revis and Trumaine Johnson it’s not a position that usually works out well in free agency either. The top 2 CBs are Surtain Jr and Caleb Farley. At 23 the Jets should be able to get one in the next tier.
  2. The Jets will do the right thing and take Zach Wilson. Nothing wrong with taking a talented QB and building around him.
  3. BYU wasn’t very good in 2018 and 2019. Josh Allen didn’t fair well vs P5 opponents either.
  4. The Jets need to sign a stud LG. Faneca really helped take DBricks game to the next level.
  5. Cowherd is a Darnold loyalist.
  6. The NFL only picks the best QB in a draft class first 37% of time. The past decade they have missed every time. I personally think there are a lot of biases that distort the decision making process. You aren’t just drafting Trevor Lawrence, you are drafting the Trevor Lawrence brand. The media hype machine is real with these prospects. https://www.theringer.com/2021/3/3/22311366/quarterback-draft-history-success-rate-trevor-lawrence
  7. PFF has an awful history evaluating college QBs. Analytics don’t really work in college. Very small sample size and competition isn’t equal.
  8. Are you trashing Mel Kiper now? The Godfather of the NFL draft? A guy who knows more about football than anyone on the planet?
  9. You are wrong. I pay for ESPN+ for UFC, McShay, and Kiper.
  10. Cmon Sperm-you are an intelligent poster. Do you really believe what you are typing here? The Jets are not going to exercise his 5th year option which would be close to $20MM and if they franchised him it would be north of $30MM in 2021. Tua is cheap for another three seasons. Darnold likely won’t be under contract beyond 2021. I am ignoring the fact that Tua as only one NFL season and is coming off a major injury. It’s a completely different situation than Darnold who has failed three consecutive seasons.
  11. I love Moose and Maggie. I listen everyday and think it’s the best sports program around!
  12. Azeez Ojuri, but Cimini shot it down.
  13. Dolphins still have Tua under control contractually. It’s a different situation.
  14. Zach Wilson still QB2 to Jets Atlanta trades up to 3 for Fields Carolina trades up to 4 for Lance SF trades up to 9 for Jones Sewell, Pitts, Chase, Smith, and Surtain round out top 10 (in that order) Heavy QB, Heavy skill position top of the draft. Miami obviously big winners trading down twice and still landing Smith.
  15. Improving both recruiting and play on the field. Doesn’t surprise me at all. Always thought Herm was more suited for the college game than the pros.
  16. CJ Beathard makes a lot of sense. Don’t think I would re-sign the corpse of Joe Flacco. Let Beathard and Wilson battle it out in camp.
  17. Guy reminds me of Dilfer who was on Sanchez’s jock.
  18. How many BYU games have you watched? You are writing this player off because he wasn’t on TV much and played against teams you have never heard of. Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Mac Jones had the same talent advantages.
  19. BTW the same fans who are advocating for not drafting a QB will be the same fans who two years later will be saying “Fields wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing here”.
  20. Drafting a QB 2nd overall is the right decision. The Jets need a QB and there are good QB prospects available. Not sure why this is so complicated?
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