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  1. I don’t know, things that I’d assume would benefit a quarterback in the rain - like a strong arm, the ability to scramble and extend plays, and strong grip - are all things that Allen has. I think I’d actually prefer to have Allen in bad weather than in good weather.
  2. I think the difference is most evident in the fact that the Browns never actually built a winning foundation before they were propped up as next-in-line. And, honestly, as far as “next-in-line” goes I’ve yet to see anyone pick the Bills to make it out of the divisional round.
  3. Bills secondary is at a minimum top three in the league, with most pieces with three years of continuity. They’re going to be in midseason form back there. The Jets could try to throw early and often, but I gotta believe that if “sloppy” play is involved (and the consensus is play WILL be sloppy), it won’t be from the Bills... Teams can run on the Bills, and the Bills have a lot of turnover up front. The Jets could exploit that, but for their new offensive line. So... bad matchup for the Jets.
  4. Allen, surprisingly, actually has a good turnover rate. Very mediocre Y/A, as does Darnold. His whole problem is he’s absolutely horrible on long throws. Don’t know if that’ll be fixed, but I wouldn’t preclude it and personnel will help. Also dialing back his super-high deep ball rate might help. He’s top tier in the league in midrange, but won’t find lasting success without better long ball, as his ground game won’t spring eternal. Jury’s still out, when looking at those stats.
  5. If 75% playoff odds are vastly too high, what’d be a more realistic number? 50%? Less?
  6. Yeah I think you’ve gotta look at end-of-year record. With the one caveat being you disregard the head-to-head result. Otherwise, you end up with true statements like “Allen didn’t beat an over-.500 Cowboys team because Allen beat the Cowboys.” if the Jets beat the Bills twice this year and the Bills end up 8-8, I think the Jets can claim they twice beat an over-.500 team in the Bills.
  7. Yeah the open beer thing makes no sense. are we really to believe that five cops (including one DUI expert) huddled together and came to this conclusion: ”So guys, we’ve got an NFL player here. Whatever we do from here on out is gonna get a lot of public scrutiny, so mind your p’s and q’s. This guy just blew a 0.00 on his breathalyzer, but I think he got something in his system. We’re gonna arrest him. That’s a big move here, so we gotta get all the evidence we can to make sure the charge sticks. Save the dash-cam footage, and take him to get his blood drawn. Now, he’s got an open beer in his front seat. That right there is a rock solid charge by itself, and’ll go a long way to show probable cause for his arrest. Here’s what we’re gonna do with that. We’re gonna ignore it. We’re not gonna put it into evidence, and we’re not gonna tack on the charge of driving with an open container. We’re gonna put all our eggs into the blood test, because that’s the best way to ensure this thing doesn’t totally blow up in our face. Cowboys on three!” Nah, the more likely explanation is the one that’s been reported, that the beer can was empty, and Oliver was using it as a spittoon for his chew.
  8. His blood was drawn before he was booked. What’s this about “weeks later”? https://montgomerycountypolicereporter.com/buffalo-bills-defensive-tacle-busted-fordwi-by-montgomery-county/ There is zero chance he’ll be suspended.
  9. But what's the NFL going to suspend Oliver for? Transporting a legal weapon while sober?
  10. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  11. No the gun was there. There was no technicality that says the gun wasn't there. The police concluded that the gun was 100% legal. Absent any other crime, Oliver had 100% right to have that gun in his car.

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