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  1. Counting his last year at USC Sam has played badly in 4 straight years. I know this is a crazy thought but maybe he’s not very good? Could he maybe be a decent top 20-25 starter in the right system? Perhaps but that’s not what I’m shooting for. You don’t win SB’s with those Qb’s
  2. Thanks..She said she was gonna file a police report I hope she does because at first she wasn’t so sure about it. The boyfriend hit her and threw her through a table and then her 20 year old daughter stepped in to protect her and he hit her. She already left to go to a hotel and now I think she’s at her mothers. She went back by the house and the boyfriend agreed to leave her some stuff in a car because he’d be at work when she got there but it wasn’t her important stuff that she wants to go back and get I told her to be careful before going back in the house to get stuff. He th
  3. I have a friend who was just in a domestic incident and it worries me greatly. She said she went to the cops to show bruises and they seemed to not really care much.
  4. Let’s wait and see what we do in the draft. Also this isn’t a one year thing.. next year is still gonna be rebuild mode we’re not gonna be a playoff team next year it’s about building.
  5. We have tons of draft picks and cap space going forward to keep improving the foundation. I don’t get why some of you act like if we draft Wilson then we’re handcuffed from improving this team at all for the next 5 years.
  6. If it happens it’s because the NFL doesn’t view him as highly as draft evaluators or draft Twitter does
  7. Odds in Vegas have jumped up for Fields going to SF. I think that’s an overreaction to people seeing Shanahan talking and smiling with Fields and people running with it.
  8. Yep.. Also Fields has been thought of as QB1 or QB2 for a few years which gets in fans heads so they think how can he slip when realistically he was never thought of as a sure thing by NFL people. just because draft Twitter experts have had Fields as QB1 or QB2 for years doesn’t mean the NFL does. I never realized the ego nfl draft evaluators have till recently. Like if you disagree with them on a player they take it as a personal alight that someone disagrees with them.
  9. Chris Simms said he’s worried about his mechanics and put him as QB4 Orlovsky said a source questioned his work ethic. Thats prompted NFL draft experts to launch personal attacks on these people.
  10. It’s one thing to disagree on a player but these draft guys seem to take it as a personal attack on them when somebody doesn’t have Fields that high. Then you have the Orlovsky thing where people are making it seem like the rumor about Fields work ethic is the worst crime against humanity. There have been rumors about top Qb’s and players forever. Marino slipped because of drug rumors. This isn’t a new thing. Sometimes there true sometimes a gm is just trying to get a player to slip to him. Why do these draft guys take it so personally? Is their ego in evaluating players so big
  11. You can’t tell me a 124 year old Prince Phillip getting the vaccine and dying a few weeks later is a mere coincedence. People just don’t drop dead at that age.
  12. This thread isn’t as bad as I thought it would be yet. no mentions yet of Bill Gates microchip or the deep state.
  13. I think the only extremely clear evidence in today’s NFL is that almost every team that wins now has an elite QB so you do whatever it takes to land that elite QB and worry about other holes later on. In a hard cap league every team has holes even the SB winners but the elite Qb’s hide those flaws
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