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  1. I wasnt talking about the cap guy I was referring to how PFF grades players.
  2. Yeah I dont get how a bunch of guys whove never played the game have somehow mastered exactly how to grade each player. I truly think football is the hardest to judge players because of so many nuances. I think it’s impossible too 100 percent judge all these players accurately unless you’re in the film/coaches room with them and know exactly what the coach wanted out of them on each play.
  3. PFF and a lot of analytics people think that an oline you should get quantity and that you don’t necassarily need an elite lineman the more important thing is you don’t have a weak link that can be exploited.
  4. These analytics people like PFF believe it’s about the process and even if the results workout it wasn’t the right move because their numbers value didn’t agree with it so it was a fluke not what you should have done lol.
  5. The thing I realized this year is the ego these YouTube/ twitter draft scouts have. They get snarky and angry if someone dares to disagree with them on a player. It’s weird.
  6. I agree and when I first heard the deal I thought maybe it was a little too much to give up but then thought about it and heard the Jets plan and I feel better about it. I’m just saying I don’t think it’s some awful move like the analytics guys are saying. One guy tweeted they could have had Darrisaw and Wyatt Davis instead of just Tucker. Well maybe they didn’t like either of those guys for what their running or in general?
  7. All you hear from them is about getting “value” for picks and how you should never trade up unless it’s for a QB and blah blah blah. While I get the fact that as a whole since the draft is a crapshoot it’s better to have more picks then less and you should probably trade down more then up in general but there is so much nuance in football with scheme fit and other things to say don’t ever trade up is foolish. The Jets feel Tucker is the athletic guard they need in Lafleurs system. They probably felt the guards they could take later on wouldn’t be nearly as athletic as him to run thei
  8. He’s from ****in Utah I didn’t expect him to be progressive lol
  9. At this point in the draft you’re just hoping some guys stick as special teams players. Waste of energy to complain much about 5th rounders
  10. When I saw the video of Jd on the phone with Zach and he told him you don’t have to lift us will lift you I knew he was gonna go offense heavy Love it. Give him as many weapons as possible and let him flourish. The opposite of what we did with Sam
  11. Ive only listened to Carton recently and I don’t find him funny at all. I don’t get how he ever became huge. At least the Sterns and Opie and Anthony’s were funny. He’s an unfunny shock jock
  12. https://twitter.com/pff_brad/status/1388175666559033348?s=21 Jenkins is the betting favorite for the Jets to pick edit tweet was deleted
  13. Yeah that means nothing it’s about traits. Tight window throws are tight window throws no matter the level of competition There’s been plenty of great QB’s from smaller schools and plenty of busts from big names schools.
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