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  1. I wasnt talking about the cap guy I was referring to how PFF grades players.
  2. Yeah I dont get how a bunch of guys whove never played the game have somehow mastered exactly how to grade each player. I truly think football is the hardest to judge players because of so many nuances. I think it’s impossible too 100 percent judge all these players accurately unless you’re in the film/coaches room with them and know exactly what the coach wanted out of them on each play.
  3. PFF and a lot of analytics people think that an oline you should get quantity and that you don’t necassarily need an elite lineman the more important thing is you don’t have a weak link that can be exploited.
  4. These analytics people like PFF believe it’s about the process and even if the results workout it wasn’t the right move because their numbers value didn’t agree with it so it was a fluke not what you should have done lol.
  5. The thing I realized this year is the ego these YouTube/ twitter draft scouts have. They get snarky and angry if someone dares to disagree with them on a player. It’s weird.
  6. I agree and when I first heard the deal I thought maybe it was a little too much to give up but then thought about it and heard the Jets plan and I feel better about it. I’m just saying I don’t think it’s some awful move like the analytics guys are saying. One guy tweeted they could have had Darrisaw and Wyatt Davis instead of just Tucker. Well maybe they didn’t like either of those guys for what their running or in general?
  7. All you hear from them is about getting “value” for picks and how you should never trade up unless it’s for a QB and blah blah blah. While I get the fact that as a whole since the draft is a crapshoot it’s better to have more picks then less and you should probably trade down more then up in general but there is so much nuance in football with scheme fit and other things to say don’t ever trade up is foolish. The Jets feel Tucker is the athletic guard they need in Lafleurs system. They probably felt the guards they could take later on wouldn’t be nearly as athletic as him to run their scheme. They also don’t want a repeat of the Darnold situation and want to protect their QB as much as possible so I get why they did it. Like I I said I’m not anti analytics more info is good but I feel they take the human element out of it and deal strictly with value and numbers and it doesn’t work that way. I remember PFF had a former GM on and they were telling him why don’t gm’s trade down basically all the time and the GM said you need a partner. Not every pick is someone looking to move up into your spot. I think you need a balance of numbers and nuance and human feel. The analytics only deals with numbers and value.
  8. He’s from ****in Utah I didn’t expect him to be progressive lol
  9. At this point in the draft you’re just hoping some guys stick as special teams players. Waste of energy to complain much about 5th rounders
  10. When I saw the video of Jd on the phone with Zach and he told him you don’t have to lift us will lift you I knew he was gonna go offense heavy Love it. Give him as many weapons as possible and let him flourish. The opposite of what we did with Sam
  11. Ive only listened to Carton recently and I don’t find him funny at all. I don’t get how he ever became huge. At least the Sterns and Opie and Anthony’s were funny. He’s an unfunny shock jock
  12. https://twitter.com/pff_brad/status/1388175666559033348?s=21 Jenkins is the betting favorite for the Jets to pick edit tweet was deleted
  13. Yeah that means nothing it’s about traits. Tight window throws are tight window throws no matter the level of competition There’s been plenty of great QB’s from smaller schools and plenty of busts from big names schools.
  14. I gotta say listening to Simms for awhile I truly believe he believes most of what he says I don’t get the impression he just wants clicks While I disagree with him here I will say a few prominent NFL guys have said today people think Fields will slip well see.
  15. Oh yeah I agree with that. Even if he slips I can’t see him falling that far. Id be shocked
  16. How does it hurt his credibility when none of these guys have played a down yet in the pros?
  17. A lot of people here are gonna look extremely foolish if Fields drops lol.
  18. That’s BS He criticized specific things about his throwing motion and gave specific details about his mechanics that worried him a lot that he isn’t sure is fixable. I know he wasn’t a great pro but perhaps someone who started in the NFL might have a little more insight about that then someone on a message board? I know it’s a crazy thought but is it possible he knows more about QB’s then you?
  19. There is a disconnect between draft evaluators/ draft Twitter and the NFL. Just because draft evaluators like PFF or whoever thought Fields has been 1B with Lawrence the past few years doesn’t mean the NFL has felt the same.
  20. Gonna be funny to see draft Twitter flip out when/if Fields drops. I hope Simms gloats. Ive never seen someone get so much sh*t for being lower on a QB then thr consensus
  21. How is Simms criticism over the top? he didn’t say anything negative about his leadership or progressions it was more about his mechanics reactions to blitzes etc none of those stats or wins you listed takes away what he said. Simply putting up great stats and winning a lot in college doesn’t mean it will translate tonthe pros. Tebow and Vince Young put up monster stats and won tons of games it doesn’t make them great pros. Im not comparing Fields to them my point is those things don’t mean anything on the pro level
  22. Also to call Simms racist is dumb he was higher on Mahomes and Watson then most others. Had Kyler his QB1 etc. He’s allowed to dislike a black QB without it being racist. This isn’t Gil Brandt or some other old white guy who thought Lamar should be a RB and uses coded words when describing QB’s
  23. Yeah I don’t get why the media some fans and especially draft evaluators are taking it sooooo personally that Simms isn’t high on Fields. Why are people so emotionally invested in Fields? Qb’s are hard to evaluate to act like it’s a crime against humanity if you few not high on Fields is weird to me I don’t get it Simms does a better job then most with evaluating Qb’s. He played the position he probably looks at mechanics and other things that draft nerds who never played the position don’t look at.
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