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  1. 9 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:

    He isn't grading the player at all. He's grading the salary that he'd get paid out at to justify the draft slot against the position. Not complicated and takes no scouting experience. It's one point of view of looking at things. Yes, there are others. 

    I wasnt talking about the cap guy I was referring to how PFF grades players.

  2. 6 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

    PFF aren’t analytical at all. Their rankings are purely subjective grades based largely on their scoring system which is also subjective.

    The site can have it’s uses but the amount of people who treat their grades like gospel, who use them to tell you insultingly stupid claims like Perriman > Robby is just ridiculous.

    They have no idea how the Jets ranked AVT relative to other lineman. They keep talking about the availability of Christian Derrisaw who is not projected to move inside as effectively as AVT, that creep Sam Monson keeps talking about how Wyatt Davis would have been available in the third, as if there isn’t a f*cking reason he’s available in the third.

    Yeah I dont get how  a bunch of guys whove never played the game have somehow mastered exactly how to grade each player.

    I truly think football is the hardest to judge players because of so many nuances.

    I think it’s impossible too 100 percent judge all these players  accurately unless you’re in the film/coaches room with them and know exactly what the  coach wanted out of them on each play.




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  3. 1 minute ago, Beerfish said:

    One of the guys the were going to pick in the 3rd round they got in the 4th round.

    As with all things the value will be dependant on how the player turns out.  If he is a good long term starter it was a good move, of he is a pro bowler it was a fantastic move.

    These analytics people like PFF believe it’s about the process and even if the results workout it wasn’t the  right move because their  numbers value  didn’t agree with it so it was a fluke not what you should have done lol.

  4. 6 minutes ago, undertow said:

    Every GM has their own board and I know this may sound crazy but it's not always the same as a bunch of reporters and Youtube scouts.  Douglas obviously valued AVT much higher then what he could have got at 23 so he moved up.  Similarly and contrary to popular belief he probably didn't value Mims that much and had a bunch of players grouped together so he moved down last year.  What this years draft proved to me is he's not married to one draft ideology and is flexible....thankfully.

    The thing I realized this year is the ego these YouTube/ twitter draft scouts have.

    They get snarky and angry if someone dares  to disagree with them on a player.

    It’s weird.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, derp said:

    I think the Vera-Tucker selection is nuanced. If it boiled down to athleticism to play guard, Kendrick Green who the Steelers took with pick 87 (Jets could have theoretically taken him with either third rounder) is probably more athletic than AVT and did an awesome job on outside zone plays last year.

    They had him graded more highly than the pick they traded up to, he’s potentially got the versatility to play tackle (maybe a replacement for Fant down the road or a spot left tackle if Becton continues missing snaps), and he’s a definite day one starter on a line that can use one.

    I don’t know what they would’ve done with the picks but it could have been significant. I’m boring and fall in the middle. Those picks are useful and the multiple swings on players are important. More importantly iOL isn’t exactly a premium position - to really justify the trade up and pick that high he probably needs to be a Pro Bowl guard. Safe bet to be good though which is at least helpful and the Pro Bowl level play isn’t exactly out of the question which is pretty cool. I think he’ll turn out well.

    I agree and when I first heard the deal I thought maybe it was a little too much to give up but then thought about it and heard the Jets plan and  I feel better about it. I’m just saying I don’t think it’s some awful move like the analytics guys are saying.

    One guy tweeted they could have had Darrisaw and Wyatt Davis instead of just Tucker.

    Well maybe they didn’t like either of those guys for what their running or in general? 

  6. 23 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

    Simms wants a FO position and he wants his picks to be accurate so he can build a reputation like Mayock to get there, so no he has not going for clicks. I like the way he evaluates QBs. He evaluates each throw in a vacuum -the opposing team quality of the defender quality of the defender, just how would this throw translate to the NFL. To me it makes sense, if someone has perfect position to defend a pass it doesn't really matter that much if it is Joe Schmoe or Neon Deion is the player. He purely looks how traits and skills translate to the NFL.  

    Many of the people defending Fields are saying things completely the opposite of this like

    "he threw 6 TDs against Clemson!"

    " he was the #1 5 star out of high school"

    "he has been #2 QB for 2 years!"

    Intangibles are important and part of the picture but not more important than traits.

    Yeah that means nothing it’s about traits.

    Tight window throws are tight window throws no matter the level of competition 

    There’s been plenty of great QB’s from smaller schools and plenty of busts from big names schools.

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  7. 26 minutes ago, GreenReaper said:

    But that was my whole point guys.  Simms contrived him falling there to TB at #32.  

    Tom Brady made some $19 mil adjustments to his salary to get everybody back on board to make another push for the Supe.  Do you think for one minute that he would be ok for TB to draft a QB that's going to hold a clipboard for another two years...maybe more.  Really?  You know Brady would be pissed if TB didn't honor his sacrifice and draft someone who could be a possible helpful piece down the near the end of the season.  That might help contribute?  .

    No way...It was contrived.  Every team passes Fields up.  And out of the goodness of their hearts, TB saves him from falling out of the 1st round...with Brady's blessings.  Nothing natural about it at all.

    All contrived bs on Simms part.  

    I gotta say listening to Simms for awhile I truly believe he believes most of what  he says I don’t get the impression he just wants clicks 

    While I disagree with him here I will say a few prominent NFL guys have said  today people think Fields will slip well see.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Bruce Harper said:

    Obviously making a judgment based on my own judgement of Fields.  Decent QBs mostly get overdrafted.  Fields threw for six QBs in a huge game against Clemson, with cracked ribs.  I don't see any scenario where he falls to the end of the first round. I've been wrong before, though.

    Oh yeah I agree with that.

    Even if he slips I can’t see him falling that far.

    Id be shocked 

  9. 1 hour ago, JiFapono said:

    That moron doesnt evaluate sh*t. He doesnt make decisions.  He says sh*t so people like you listen but he makes no predictions and hedges everythign.  

    Wilson is the best but gun to head, I'd take Lawrence.

    Mahomes is the most intriguing but I'd take Trubisky.

    He's a full of sh*t a shock jock.  If anyone game a **** about what Chris Simms thought, he wouldnt be a podcast/blogger dweeb.  Have you actually seen his critique of Fields?  His "evaluation" contains hard hitting sh*t like; he does things and stuff at times and these things and stuff at times gives me pause.  Nothing specific.  He's a hack.  

    lmfao and you eat it up like it's fact.  He doesnt know sh*t.  We'll see if the Fields really falls like he's claiming.  I highly doubt it.  This is a stupid mock by a stupid moron we're talking about here. 

    That’s BS He criticized specific things  about his throwing  motion and gave specific details about his mechanics that worried him a lot that he isn’t sure is fixable.

    I know he wasn’t a great pro but perhaps someone who started in the NFL might have a little more insight about that then someone on a message board?

    I know it’s a crazy thought but is it possible he knows more about QB’s then you?




  10. On 4/15/2021 at 6:42 PM, K_O_Brien said:

    A lot of what you say is true. It's remarkable how Fields is seen as QB5 in some of the analysts QB rankings, when you consider his standing (QB1A?) after the Clemson game. He is the same player now as he was in January, but the perception around him is somehow different?

    All I would say, is we are largely basing the perceived current QB standings based on the media narrative around individual players. When teams may have a very different evaluation, based not on what has happened in January-April, but September- January. 

    The reality is the majority of NFL analysts  have only really paid attention to the draft, since the Superbowl was over. They didn't watch college games in October or November. Stephen A Smith literally said the other day he has never watched Zach Wilson play, but he'll talk about him for a segment, purely based on other people's perceptions and six minutes of YouTube. 

    There are a couple of guys worth listening to, Jeremiah I like, but most of the media hype is for effect. Unless a guy bombs his interviews, which happens, teams for the most part made up their minds on certain guys back in January. 

    But the media's risers and fallers is fun and it's all part of the drama. 



    There is a disconnect between draft evaluators/ draft Twitter and the NFL.

     Just because draft evaluators like PFF or whoever thought Fields has been 1B with Lawrence the past  few years doesn’t mean the NFL has felt the same.

  11. 5 minutes ago, Leftylarry said:

    I think Sims crazy negatives on Fields are over the top.

    Fields was terrific in 2019.

    Big ten cancelled the season in 2020, shutdown all football activities .

    Then after the Sec played every week and made the politically motivated Big Ten look bad they brought back the season, starting OCT 24 but  with very strict Covid practice protocols.

    When Bama beat an injured Fields in the championship game they finished 13-0, Ohio State played 6 regular season games, 2 with many players missing but they didn’t cancel because they needed 6 games to remain eligible.

    it was a ridiculous season and still Fields , personally destroyed Trevor Lawrence and Clemson in the semi final game.

    Sims is being ridiculous.

    if he said he liked the top 2 better and thought Lance had more future upside than Fields fine but a guy who went 20-2,  at 6’2+ and 228 lbs running 4.4 and using that speed on the field to extend plays and run for first downs , completing 70% of his throws throwing deep with a canon for an arm  is suddenly a bad prospect, after playing at least good if not great in this crazy Covid year , is trying to make a point, not be a scout.

    How is Simms criticism over the top?

    he didn’t say anything negative about his leadership or progressions it was more  about his mechanics reactions to blitzes etc none of those stats or wins you listed takes away what he said.

    Simply putting up great stats and winning a lot  in college doesn’t mean it will translate tonthe pros.

    Tebow and Vince Young put up monster stats and won tons of games it doesn’t make them great pros.

    Im not comparing Fields to them my point is those things don’t mean anything on the pro level 

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  12. 1 hour ago, FidelioJet said:

    Who's "smearing" him?

    If you listened to the media you would think he's the second coming.  The only bad things you hear is that NFL teams aren't as high on him as others or that some might have thought.

    Chris Simms thinking he's going to drop the end of the first round is not a smear, it's not even close to smear.   Chris Simms has opinions that are often contrary to the ESPN narrative and with QB's he's more often right than wrong.  He loved Watson and Jackson much more than the regular talking heads and was beaten up for it.  Of course, proven right.

    He's going to say what he believes.  You might not like his opinions - that's certainly your right - but there's nothing and I mean NOTHING here to think it's a smear job or that it's anything than what he truly believes.

    Yeah I don’t get why the media some fans and especially draft evaluators are taking it sooooo personally that Simms isn’t high on Fields.

    Why are people so emotionally invested in Fields?

    Qb’s are hard to evaluate to act like it’s a crime against humanity if you few not high on Fields is weird to me I don’t get it


    Simms does a better job then most with evaluating Qb’s. He played the position he probably looks at mechanics and other things that draft nerds who never played the position don’t look at.


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