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  1. Yep..Sure theyres tons of teams better then the Jets who would love Deshaun but how many of them can fit him under the cap and also give Houston a ton of picks to appease them? Also yeah the Jets suck but things can change quickly in the NFL especially with a franchise Qb..Rosters change drastically year to year because of the hardcap..You can become good overnight in this league if you have somebody making the right moves.. The idea that it would take years to become good if we get Watson is foolish if we handle this correctly.
  2. Some people are saying Armando is a click bait hack I don’t know him enough to say.. I will say if he works for the Dolphins what would he be gaining by making up that Deshaun prefers to come to the Jets.
  3. He’s a an elite QB and only 25 that’s gold in today’s NFL where Qb is by far the most important position You pray that if you have a high pick and take a Qb that he becomes like Watson. You trade whatever it takes and worry about it later.. We’d still have plenty of cap room to improve the team and we have enough picks where it probably won’t leave us completely bare of picks after the trade.
  4. A safety got us two firsts back a 25 year old top 5 Qb is gonna be a lot more expensive then that as he should. Hes worth giving up a ton for.
  5. Do you think they were gonna extend him they just wanted to wait till next year to do it? Do you think they had no intentions of giving him franchise Qb money because he’s a safety and knew all along they’d eventually have to trade him but it got accelerated because of Adams antics? we really never heard Douglas’ side of this. According to Jamal Douglas told him he’d get paid then went completely silent on him throughout this thing which who knows if it’s true but is weird to me if it was. You would think you’d have a dialogue with your best player who wants to get paid especially when Jamal took it to social media.
  6. I love the trade considering their hands were tied and they had to trade him. The only thing im worried about is that we may not have any College Football this year which is gonna make this upcoming draft extremely difficult to scout.
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