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  1. Take a “lesser” prospect at QB? No thank you.. If you notice who’s winning Super Bowls in today’s NFL it’s the very top QB’s who hide flaws on their rosters. I’d rather the top QB on a slightly flawed team then a great team with a average QB. Niners are in that boat and already realizing how hard it is to win a SB with a decent QB even if you have a great team.
  2. The point is those teams have had sucess with the QB they drafted and the Eagles don’t even make the playoffs without Wentz. Mahomes and Watson are exceptions not guarantees on where to successfully draft a QB
  3. Thank you.. The idea it’s a failure because they didn’t win a SB is dumb.. The idea waiting to draft one because of Mahomes and Watson and that’s easy to replicate is equally as dumb.. “Hey let’s take whoever the consensus third or fourth best Qb in this draft is who you don’t like as much as the top guys but because they can turn into Mahomes because of what happened with him”
  4. But yes by all means let’s wait to draft a QB later on because Mahomes and Watson we’re took then which must mean that’s a foolproof plan or a highly sucessful plan and QB’s picked at those spots have never been busts.
  5. The point is every QB who’s been in that OSU system has looked great in college. I’m not comparing Fields to Haskins but if you want to play the game of knocking Wilson for his competition then you can also pick apart how OSU puts all QB’s in a position to suceed in college but none have done well in the pros..
  6. And he’s in an offense surrounded by 10 future pros.. It’s about traits I don’t care about stats and competition.. If you go by that then you’d take Haskins high and stay away from Josh Allen
  7. This whole idea that you shouldn’t draft QBs high because some have busted and are put on a bad team is just dumb. You still take a QB high if you think he’s the guy.. The idea that you take one later in the draft even if you don’t mind him as much as the top QB’s because Mahomes and Watson were drafted later in the top 20 isn’t a wise move
  8. Fields being touted as 1B for years means nothing. Draft experts and draft twitters consensus is not always in line with how the NFl thinks about a player.
  9. The only thing Wilson and Darnold have in common is that are both QB’s they aren’t similliar at all.
  10. I mean he’s not pro ready is your opinion I think he is.. Herbert flourished last year behind an awful oline.. you don’t have to wait for a perfect situation to throw a QB into. if he’s legit you’ll see it right away regardless of situation
  11. Not his first few years with the Cowboys.. They were not a good team yet. They were awful his rookie year
  12. Ehh I think that’s overrated.. Manning took a beating his rookie year so did Aikman and a lot of great QB’s..
  13. Great point.. chances are we aren’t gonna pick close to 2 again anytime some so more then likely to get that franchise QB we’d probably have to trade up and give up picks..
  14. I agree it’s beneficial but if you think a QB has franchise QB potential you take him. You don’t pass him up to build the team up when it’s so hard to find a franchise QB..
  15. Ive heard from some people here and on social media that the Jets can’t draft a Qb because there are too many holes on the roster and/or Wilson would be put in the same situation as Darnold.. First off we aren’t contending this year anyway so if we can’t fill every hole this year it’s not the end of the world.. it’s about how we continue to build.. I don’t get why some people think if we draft Wilson we will have no ability going forward to improve the team at all and he will be stuck with this exact roster for his whole career.. We have enough assets and flexibility wheter through the draft or cap going forward to where if we make the right moves we have more then enough assets to build a talented team around Wilson eventually..
  16. Good point there is no way the Jets can improve this team with picks and cap space moving forward. From draft day till the end of his career this is the exact team Wilson will ever be surrounded by. sad.
  17. Some people here didn’t think so.. In fact they thought we had to pass on Wilson because no way do we have have enough picks to draft him and then build around him
  18. I picture people obsessed with alpha and beta posting their height weight and body on bodybuilding forums asking why women don’t like them
  19. Good friend of mine just got beat up by her boyfriend and her 19 year old daughter tried to jump in and he beat her up too. Apparently he’s real possessive and has a gps tracker on her phone.. He got annoyed whenever she’d talk to me or anyone of her friends or family because he’s possessive. Shes now leaving him looking for a place to live and I don’t know any info to give her besides please call the cops as soon as possible.
  20. It’s a success because of the value.. somehow the Jets got two first round picks for a F’in safety. Adams is a very good player but the position he plays and the way he plays really doesn’t move the needle on wins and losses.. The first half of the year when Adams was flying all over the field the Seahawks D was still on pace to be a historically bad D..
  21. Mel Kiper is Jimmy Sextons errand boy
  22. I figured when a team was left out of the QB carousel theyd trade for Sam. Sounds like the Panthers had their eyes on Mac but with the Niners trade feel they will take him
  23. The Mahomes thing was rare it was a team with a solid veteran QB and the team was already good.. Also even though it worked out who’s to say if Mahomes starts at some point his rookie year that they don’t win it all? In today’s day and age where you have to take advantage of a QB under rookie contract you have every incentive to start him right away and see what you have
  24. I don’t know how anyone trades for him right now with so much uncertainty surrounding the situation.
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