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  1. “Doesn’t have that BYU oline” Meanwhile almost every player in that OSU offense Fields played with is a future pro yet Wilson was a product of talent around him because he has like 2 olineman who will get drafted
  2. Like I said pro day isn’t gonna change anyone’s mind it’s just gonna turn you into Don King promoting his fighter if you like the guy and if you don’t then you’ll downplay playing against nobody
  3. Why are people getting on Simms? If he feels his reads and progressions and accuracy aren’t great why would pro day change his mind? He was aware he was fast and could throw the ball a long way before today it doesn’t change his evaluation on him.
  4. Pro day when a QB a draft expert is down on or that you don’t want your team to draft does well: “ who cares about pro day it’s against no defense it’s meaningless” pro day when it’s a QB a draft guy is high on or you want your team to draft “ Holy sh1t this is amazing you have to take him at 2!!”
  5. Where are all these running Qb’s who’ve won Super Bowls? Brady just won a SB Lamar can’t come back from multiple scores down when teams know he has to pass yet all I hear is you need an extremely fast QB.. Imo you just need a QB who can move his feet and has pocket awareness to avoid a rush.. I think this running Qb thing is a little overblown..
  6. He puts players higher whos agents he carries the water for..
  7. Darnolds last year in college he was turning the ball over making bad reads and decisions as well so it’s now 4 straight years of shakey play..
  8. Amazing how many people are still sticking up for him and in denial about it.. Unfortunately in the NFL this isn’t rare. Brought it up here before but my buddy has a lady friend in Vegas who claims to have worse things done to her then even Watsons accused of by a very well known NFL player at a party where his teammates were attending and knew what was going on but they couldn’t say anything to anyone because they were much lesser players who’d get cut if they did and the lady didn’t press charges because she figured she’d get destroyed by his lawyers..
  9. I disagree but will see..I think JD knows how important a franchise QB is and the chance we get to pick this high again is slim.. It’s cool that people here have sources and all but it doesn’t mean those sources are always right.. I still think part of it is some of you don’t want Wilson and are just hoping we don’t get him rather then look at what’s transpired and truly believe everything is still up in the air.. Will soon find out
  10. Agreed.. I think he can move enough in that pocket with his feet and has enough pocket awareness that his lack of mobility won’t hurt him.
  11. There are Niners fans saying they think it’s Fields after Kyle’s interview a little while ago but from what I heard I didn’t get that at all.. I think it’s just Niners fans trying to convince themselves their taking Fields like some people here are trying to convince themselves we’re keeping Sam.
  12. Hes seen enough of these QB’s by now a million times over.. If he does think Wilson is special and you can’t trade the pick he would know by now..and probably does.. I don’t know why it’s hard to comprehend that he came to that conclusion but rather has no idea who he’s gonna pick after all this time..
  13. Peter King is not the only person who says Wilson to the Jets is a lock tons of media have been saying it. Doesn’t mean it’s true but when you add in the fact the Jets wouldn’t even entertain offers from the Niners it seems pretty obvious.. well except to people who don’t want Wilson and are trying to hold out hope that we’re gonna start a QB next year who we can’t give away right now.
  14. You can tell who’s young in the media by stuff like this. People who’ve been watching football for years realize pre salary cap you had dominant teams who were much better then everyone else. With a hard cap now the level of talent between the best and worst teams in the league isn’t much.. Which kinda goes back to the point of how important a franchise QB is today when there isn’t a huge talent gap.. Every teams has holes even the team that won a SB because of the hard cap so you worry about getting a franchise Qb first rather then trying to fill every hole which you can’t do anyway with a cap. a franchise QB hides holes in other places ie Brady those last few titles with NE and Mahomes with the Chiefs
  15. Isn’t available yet? they’ve scouted all these QBs including Darnold there is no way they have absolutely no idea what there doing at the QB position. The only way you won’t even entertain a huge haul for a trade with the Niners is because you love a QB at 2..
  16. I still believe Sam will be traded to whatever team picking in the top 10 gets left out of the QB carousel wheter it’s Denver or Carolina..
  17. I think Mac can succeed because he can move his feet well and has pocket awareness... I don’t get this idea that pure pocket passers are dead in the NFL when Brady just won a title and Ryan would have if the Falcons just ran the ball when they had the huge lead.. The idea you need you need to be Lamar Jackson is foolish.. I think the way Lamar plays there is a lot of questions if he can thrive in the playoffs especially when his teams down a few scores and he’s forced to throw
  18. This is confusing.. A few media people and Sam fans on here have said Darnold is a great young QB who was misused by the Jets. How is it possible we can only get a 3rd or fourth for him then?
  19. I think when you give up that much you have a guy in mind.. I think the Jets told them they like Wilson.. I don’t think the pro day was needed to convince them.. they’ve seen enough of him to make a decision.
  20. Yeah i meant Wilson don’t know why I typed Fields. You don’t buy that The Jets were convinced which pick was available?
  21. Just because fans and draft community thought Fields would go 1 or 2 means nothing.. It’s what the NFL thinks.. The Niners can be transparent because there is no reason for a smokescreen.. They clearly talked to the Jets at some point and the Jets said there taking Wilson so the Niners don’t need to play games to make sure the guy they want is there at 3 for them
  22. Chris Simms said the other day the Niners will take Jones and he’s best friends with Shanahan.. I figured it was legit then.
  23. I still don’t get the you must fill all the other holes before we draft a QB crowd as if we draft Wilson then we have no flexibility for the next decade to improve the team at all.
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