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  1. Huh? I thought the coach was one of the only bright spots. They were in every game and played a lot better then they did the previous year.
  2. I think PFF is big on positional value and they probably have Tucker as a guard and with Creed they probably don’t value centers high in the draft
  3. Yeah he was a little shaky in the playoffs but it was his first time.. He’s just so physically talented that if he can just be not horrendous with accuracy he’s a star..
  4. These PFF nerds I’m not a fan of.. I don’t know how they became the arbiter of how to correctly grade players.. Im not one of these people who’s anti advances numbers or analytics more info is always good but they use it as a end all be all in a nuanced small sample size sport that doesn’t work.. Most who work there are extremely young and make ignorant comments about stuff before their time. I was listening to a podcast and they said pocket passers always took a lot of time to develop look at Manning and Brady lol.. Has nothing to do with pocket passers.. it was a completely different era.. Back then before the Colts complained about the Pats being too physical in the 03 playoffs you could actually play defense and it was extremely hard for rookies to come in and play well.. You had outliers like Marino but most Qbs took time to develop. Now if a QB is legit you see it right away because of how easy it is too pass the ball these days with the rules.. In today’s era if a QB has shown no consistency or signs of stardom after a few years more then likely it’s never gonna happen..
  5. 100 percent agree.. I’ve never seen such a jump in one season from a QB in my 30 plus years of watching the NFL.. The thing that shocked me most is I’ve come to the conclusion of all my years watching that with QB’s accuracy is an inherit trait it’s not something you can improve greatly on.. you either have it or don’t because it’s always proven right.. Allen is the only QB I’ve ever seen who in one season went from can’t hit the broad side of a barn to extremely accurate and MVP candidate
  6. What’s the agenda? That Wilson is overrated? Fields is better?
  7. Regardless he’s a great QB from a small school. the school thing is irrelevant.. If we are playing that game that then we could say let’s not draft Fields because OSU has a history of busts at the QB position in the NFL
  8. If people don’t like Zach as a prospect I get it but I hate the argument that we need to improve the team first and he won’t suceed here because there are too many holes. Why can’t we draft Wilson and still improve the team going forward? We have tons of picks and cap space not just this year but the next few why do people act like our current roster right this second is what Zach is gonna be surrounded by for his whole career?
  9. I didn’t see much of him this year till the national title game.. I was watching that game with the camera angle from behind the Qb so you can see the passes better and who’s open and who’s not.. I was going “holy sh1t that’s an impressive throw” quite a few times.. all I heard was how he had great weapons and everyone was always open but in this game at least he was making next level throws into tight windows.. I think the whole running QB thing is overblown.. If you can move your feet and have good awareness in the pocket you can be sucessful.. You don’t need to be Lamar Jackson.. If he can be say close to Matt Ryan ish with that Niners roster you can win a title.
  10. We’ve been bad drafting everywhere historically so should we just stop drafting overall? You keep drafting a QB till you get it right. Can’t let past failures from past regimes stop you.. it means nothing to Douglas and co.
  11. Would be surprising to me but for what if’s worth Simms is good friends with Kyle Lombardi thinks the Niners will take Jones as well
  12. And if Tua isn’t any good all those assets mean nothing
  13. There clearly taking Wilson.. the spin and denial from people who don’t want him is impressive lol.. The idea the Jets turned down a monster offer from the Niners just because they would rather only move down to 8 instead of 12 is comical
  14. Jets are taking Wilson. Niners more then likely offered them the sun the moon and stars and they turned it down. You only turn it down if you’re set on a QB not if you’re looking for a better offer..
  15. Wilson was just very lucky. Fields and Lawrence could only dream of being surrounded by all the 2 star talent on BYU that Wilson was.
  16. It’s a shame Wilson will be stuck with this exact roster because we have no way to improve the team at all for the next decade (sarcasm)
  17. I can’t imagine the Niners moved up that high for Mac Jones Not even saying he’s not worth it but it seems like you wouldn’t have to trade up all the way to 3 to get him.
  18. Win lose record means nothing to me. Tebow won almost every game in college
  19. it’s crazy for all the pro Sam guys here who claim the league is in love i with him it seems nobody f’in wants the guy.
  20. It’s comical hearing Wilson’s sucess being placed solely on having a few good olineman while ignoring guys like Fields being surrounded by 10 other pros.
  21. Picks are always risky especially QB that’s not an excuse not to draft one.
  22. I mean Josh Allen never elevated his college team so you wouldn’t have drafted him? John Elway never finished over 500 in college But since Dwayne Haskins won all those games at OSU surrounded by insane talent that means something to you? Or all those Ohio State Qbs who never amount to anything in the NFL because they put up inflated stats in college on offenses with 10 other pros on them. Where they go to school means nothing it’s about the traits
  23. It’s about physical and mental traits shown on the field to me.. I don’t care about the competition because in the end it all evens out because aside from a few olineman he has no other pros in that offense. Guys like Lawrence and Fields face better competition but are also surrounded by NFL talent on offense that most weeks are much more talented then their competition even in a better league
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