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    Born in Schenectady, lived and worked in NYC and Europe and Ive now lived Medellin CO. for 11 years
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    Sports, exploring and trying to figure out what the hell im supposed to be doing here.
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    51-45 Luv #85
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    Mud Bowl. Denver. My dad telling me Namath wasnt in the 1971- 72 Pro Bowl because he fell off a bar stool.
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    Dont know any
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    Yes, I was 4 but I dont remember a thing

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  1. Rich

    Thurman Munson...

    I was born and will die a Yankee hater. But over the years ive softened and appreciate what a big deal being it is to be a great Yankee. I was 14 when he died and I remember where I was when I heard the news. In fact I was in the same place the day Elvis died too. My world was much smaller then. I was a catcher and I hated him for being a Yankee but I copied him more than any other catcher. The sidearm off balance release, his low setup and how he would rag on his pitcher or anyone else when he needed to. He was always covered in dirt spitting tobacco and being in Fn charge of his t
  2. Its interesting to get an opinion from someone who doesn't have a dog in the fight. Especially on something like this. Has your view on him changed for better or worse since then?
  3. This might be a blessing. He pitched 68 innings last year, how far over that were they planning to go with him this season? 120? 140? If we cant survive the first 6 weeks without him its not gonna matter anyway so we are better off getting his innings down the stretch and in the PS where he's proven. As long as he comes back healthy he'll get 20-22 starts which is probably close to the original plan they have for him. Rojas is so smart. He told us they were sticking with the 5 man rotation, what he didnt say was if they get 30 starts out of Jake and Stroman and 25 out of Walker and Cook
  4. Interesting take. My first thought was it meant they are going OL with the first pick. I've never seen Wilson play and dont know if he's a good guy or bad guy or any of that. But the one thing I've learned about JD is that he doesnt like drama. If there is any of that with Wilson I dont think he'll take him.
  5. So true. Its hard to argue the logic when its worked for as long as its worked for them, but its baseball and there are things you cant measure and moments you cant script. Its not like they have actually won a championship with this formula. Heres the issue. If the manager stays with the pitcher and he loses, hes wrong and the front office says you didnt follow the plan. If he stays with him and wins he is still gonna have to answer to them for why he took the risk and now hes not a team player. If he sticks with the plan and loses hes a good company man and if he sticks with the plan a
  6. I would respectfully submit that maybe Greenbean got a little sun stroke at the animal park? I mean we have nothing to fear, its not our GM job to lose, but if you were the GM there is no way you can make that trade. We are the Jets, what can go wrong... I like Sam and would be happy for him bc we really screwed him badly, but that deal could haunt you for 20 years. You know, like the Mo Lewis hit on Bledsoe has haunted us for the last 20. Lastly, oh great, (not so much) hands-off owner would never do it because hes an incompetent, born on 3rd base, coward. Those guys dont take risks bc t
  7. Very interesting question. I want to trust him, I think he handled the draft really well and I think he is an honest, hard working guy who has earned his stripes. What bothers me is how this season was handled. They had to know how bad they were going in and yet he left them out to dry. Thats not that crazy accept for the fact that Gase and Darnold both got sacrificed. I dont care about Gase, but that shows no respect for the guy that got you the job or for your QB who you invested a #3 pick on. Maybe it was Johnson calling the shots but if they knew Gase was gone they should have fired h
  8. You can give up a little O but not as much as the no nothing stat-dorks try to tell you. I agree at C and SS but you need offense from the OF. A 5 WAR far outweighs a -5 DRS
  9. So how is everyone feeling now? Im Mets, Jets, Rangers so Ive been in the desert a long time. You cant win um all, but you can try and you can compete and Im personally thrilled with what I see from the Mets. They have made good solid moves and now act like they are in control, I think its called professionalism, I just dont remember because its been so long since Iv seen it out of one of my teams. You gotta believe in uncle Steve. #LGM
  10. Ruth is Ruth... but Willie is my guy.
  11. This is good idea. Whatever this guy does hes does well. Getting a smart person with gravitas is what MLB needs.
  12. The things you mention are about technique and coaching, or fear, and I dont think hes sacred. A couple of points. - Flacco didnt do anything Sam hasn't. I think he throws a better deep ball but its marginal. - The Jets pass pocket for some reason always looks too compact and there is never room. While improved the line is still terrible. - The playbook and play calling are just not at NFL level. The coach never has a plan, its just script um up and hope. Good coaches find weaknesses and exploit match-ups. Not Gase. Today you played two of the top outside CBs in the NFL, why
  13. Oh Im aware and agree, how stupid is that? Johnson is actually in charge and the only good move Gase ever made was going to Big Chris to get rid of Maccagnan, JD needs to repeat that trick and get control or he will ruin his career too.
  14. With all due respect to Frank Gore, Im sure hes a great leader, why is he on the team? He doesnt just take reps from Perrine, he costs a roster spot. You know, the one that Ballage, who is running us over, lost so Gore could lead us. To 0-10. I guess its on Gase but JD has to take the hit too. If you trust Gase on anything related to football you are a fool. Gase has ruined the QB and he has NO system (our running game consists of 2 plays, the inside counter and an outside sweep) and Gase doesnt have sufficient gravitas to have his guys on the team. If the GM doesnt see that than hes par
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