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  1. The things you mention are about technique and coaching, or fear, and I dont think hes sacred. A couple of points. - Flacco didnt do anything Sam hasn't. I think he throws a better deep ball but its marginal. - The Jets pass pocket for some reason always looks too compact and there is never room. While improved the line is still terrible. - The playbook and play calling are just not at NFL level. The coach never has a plan, its just script um up and hope. Good coaches find weaknesses and exploit match-ups. Not Gase. Today you played two of the top outside CBs in the NFL, why not feature the TEs or Crowder? Not one target to a TE and five to Crowder. He never tries to get a connection going between the QB and a WR, he never establishes anything the other team has to adjust to and I know what play is coming 80% of the time, clearly so does the defense. - How are other teams receivers always so open and ours never have more than 1/2 a step? Its hard to see without watching the film but our WRs always seem to be on the same level, have no idea how to find a soft spot against zone and dont understand the read adjustments. The routes are fooling anyone nor have they since Gase left Denver. Again its coaching. Today Miami used the Jet sweep fake 3 or 4 times to create misdirection and speed up the play to force the Jets into match-ups errors. We dont do anything to force the defense and thats not about having great players, any player can do that if hes coached up. - The game today was lost at the end of the first half. They were at midfield with 1:47 to go and ran out of time with TOs in their pocket. Are you kidding me? That could be on the QB but it wasnt today, its was on the coach. - Today he played for the first time with his WRs. I thought you could see there were some wider windows and he was able to complete throws without being perfect. Still he was under pressure all day and that was with Miami just rushing 4 or 5. When defenses get pressure like that without blitzing you are in for a long day. - Lastly, so much of the anti-Darnold thing is because of Lawrence. Number 1 we dont know Lawrence is coming out and number 2, they told us that Darnold was the savior, for sure! Now its Lawrence, for sure! What makes you think he really is? I think I know Darnold is 100% committed and I cant say that about Lawrence who has a lot of non football interests. I remember the Kotite team all too well. Its was far better coached than this team. I get it, its on the QB, but this is an impossible situation. No talent and terrible coaching. None of the QBs in his draft class have had as little support as Darnold. Oh yea, and the same people talking about how we never keep our guys cant wait to get rid of this kid, and all for more magic beans created by the media. Lets see what JD thinks once Gase is gone. Im not sure about JD either, but its obvious he drafted well this time. There are some players here, they just need coaching, from a new group of coaches.
  2. Oh Im aware and agree, how stupid is that? Johnson is actually in charge and the only good move Gase ever made was going to Big Chris to get rid of Maccagnan, JD needs to repeat that trick and get control or he will ruin his career too.
  3. With all due respect to Frank Gore, Im sure hes a great leader, why is he on the team? He doesnt just take reps from Perrine, he costs a roster spot. You know, the one that Ballage, who is running us over, lost so Gore could lead us. To 0-10. I guess its on Gase but JD has to take the hit too. If you trust Gase on anything related to football you are a fool. Gase has ruined the QB and he has NO system (our running game consists of 2 plays, the inside counter and an outside sweep) and Gase doesnt have sufficient gravitas to have his guys on the team. If the GM doesnt see that than hes part of the problem too.
  4. Im not ready to give up on Sam and I am not sold on Lawrence. We use the term, generational, way too much. We saw Sunday that Sam is not the problem. Flacco, while not the same guy who won the Super Bowl MVP, is a competent QB and he couldnt do anything with this group either. I did notice his feet were calm, so Gase hasnt had enough time to ruin him yet, he will. This is on Gase all the way. We have watched Josh Allen grow up and improve in Buffalo so why not Sam? Sam is a serious, conscientious, hard working player, do you think hes not committed to this? Come on. It was on Gase to develop a player that started on 3rd base and Gase has failed him and the organization. The O-line is still bad and the WR group is a disaster and that is a huge problem in Sams development too. But if you look past Sam you see penalties, terrible play calling and terrible game management. Sam HAS to make a GREAT play on every snap because there is never anything there. So when he does he wows us we believe in him, and when he doesnt we want Lawrence? Its Archie Manning II. A great player who was failed by the Saints, and thats whats happening here. We have the worst WR group in the league but have a good group at TE. Why dont we play multiple TEs to exploit a strength and hide a weakness? Why dont we try to establish the run and then pass when its not obvious we are going to? Where is the motion, the deception the creativity? You dont need great players to if you put the players you have in a position to succeed and Gase doesnt do that. No QB could save this. So lets move on, the sooner the better
  5. Ownership clearly matters and usually because the owner is hurting the team, not helping it. What bothers me about the Jets is that the coach and GM report to Johnson as equals. That makes no sense on any level and especially because that makes Johnson the defecto president and ultimate decision maker. They should have a football man as president who runs the entire operation and a GM, who makes the player/personnel decisions and reports to the Pres. The coach reports to the GM and the owner writes the checks and gets a cameo from the owners box. Done.
  6. Sadly, Sam looks like a Manning, Archie Manning. The Jets are as bad or worse than those Saints teams, this is a horror show. The coach needs no mention, hes as bad as it gets. The WRs have no idea what they are doing and only get open in garbage time, never in a big spot. 3 times Sam made back-shoulder throws and they didnt read any of them. Sam has to make a play but nothing is there, ever, so he holds too long. The protection is mediocre at best so the pocket is never clean and hes under pressure on 70% of his throws, you are asking the impossible from him in this situation. Its the worst coaching job ive ever seen. A disgrace.
  7. Who is the best player on the 49ers? When its not the QB whats the difference? Best player doesnt mean anything. Lev Bell has historically been one of the best players in the league, Darnold is an ascending player and potentially our best player. How about the new punter? If hes gonna punt to a 46 yard net and hit 60% of his KOs for touchbacks then hes gonna be our best player. Your best player needs to be your QB. Short of that the best player(s) better be your GM and HC. Ask NE or Seattle or Pitts. Player turnover is so great that if you cant choose them and coach them up it doesnt matter. If you can you dont even to have this conversation.
  8. Patrick Onsawer looks like a pretty smart move right now.
  9. Hahaha, well I guess being a true narcissist means you dont even realize what you are.
  10. I totally agree. The cleanup is has to come before the rebuild can start. JD got a late start due to the real dysfunction which Gase (who I dont love) identified when he called out MacCagnan. I understand, who is Gase to tell you whats right or wrong? Well in this case he was right, like him or not. I love how the Adams people to try to tie Darnold to Adams, one has nothing to do with the other. They do that because you cant defend the trade from Adams side. Focus! What JD did for the OL was more important than bringing in a #1 WR, give Darnold better protection first and he will do most of the rest. Or hes not your guy. (I happen to think he is) The Jets are headed in the right direction but it takes time. This season is about instilling the new culture and developing Darnold. How many more wins does Adams get you this season? Answer; not enough because hes a safety. Hell, you could argue Maye breaking up the last second pass against Pitts won you that game, which is one more than Adams won you. Sadly, we have lost so much over the years no one can recognize a good GM when they see him.
  11. Yea, Im not Jamal, I actually mean it when I say it. So heres the definition of Psychopath- a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. Now, you may prefer Sociopath- a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior. Either way the shoe fits...

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