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  1. Who is the best player on the 49ers? When its not the QB whats the difference? Best player doesnt mean anything. Lev Bell has historically been one of the best players in the league, Darnold is an ascending player and potentially our best player. How about the new punter? If hes gonna punt to a 46 yard net and hit 60% of his KOs for touchbacks then hes gonna be our best player. Your best player needs to be your QB. Short of that the best player(s) better be your GM and HC. Ask NE or Seattle or Pitts. Player turnover is so great that if you cant choose them and coach them up it doesnt matter. If you can you dont even to have this conversation.
  2. Patrick Onsawer looks like a pretty smart move right now.
  3. Hahaha, well I guess being a true narcissist means you dont even realize what you are.
  4. I totally agree. The cleanup is has to come before the rebuild can start. JD got a late start due to the real dysfunction which Gase (who I dont love) identified when he called out MacCagnan. I understand, who is Gase to tell you whats right or wrong? Well in this case he was right, like him or not. I love how the Adams people to try to tie Darnold to Adams, one has nothing to do with the other. They do that because you cant defend the trade from Adams side. Focus! What JD did for the OL was more important than bringing in a #1 WR, give Darnold better protection first and he will do most of the rest. Or hes not your guy. (I happen to think he is) The Jets are headed in the right direction but it takes time. This season is about instilling the new culture and developing Darnold. How many more wins does Adams get you this season? Answer; not enough because hes a safety. Hell, you could argue Maye breaking up the last second pass against Pitts won you that game, which is one more than Adams won you. Sadly, we have lost so much over the years no one can recognize a good GM when they see him.
  5. Yea, Im not Jamal, I actually mean it when I say it. So heres the definition of Psychopath- a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. Now, you may prefer Sociopath- a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior. Either way the shoe fits...
  6. They are actually ahead and they are worse because the hide behind their "reputation" and just tell blatant lies to keep their subscriber base from canceling them.
  7. For those in Seattle that dont speak Jamelese, luckily, I do. I want to be a Seahawk for life. Translation; Its all smiles and good tidings today but if I dont have a contract by week 4, Im gonna trash the owner, coach and mascot while I text Dallas asking them to get me out of here. Its all luv and luv to all! Imagine if you met a girl on Monday and today, Thursday, she tells you she wants to be with you for life. Would you believe her? Or would you immediately realize you needed to move, change your phone number and probably fake your own death? (what I like to call, the easy way out) This guy is a psychopath who would tell you anything based on his mood at the moment. Nothing that comes out of his mouth has even an once of sincerity. Sadly this will also end with poor, old Pete Carroll having to change his phone number. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29566098/jamal-adams-excited-seahawks-says-plan-retire-club?device=featurephone
  8. 86 was a good team that fell to injuries. They couldnt cover anyone but until the pass rush went on IR it didnt matter. Then it did. 2001 we should have won in Denver and that was a good team too.
  9. Now you are gonna get us both in trouble. ☺️
  10. Other than Kalil every thing JD has done so far has been well thought out and hard to argue. Even that signing made sense when it was done. This hasnt really come up yet, but with the dent coming to the salary cap those 1 year deals are looking pretty darn smart too. Its hard enough to complete a roster when the cap is growing, this is going to hurt a lot of teams badly. But the Jets should be in pretty good shape.
  11. I dont really know but he sure seems like a good player.
  12. I meant Adams was lying, not Metha. Metha may not have actually known. Because he has no access anymore.
  13. I dont like Lawrence´s delivery. Dont buy into the anti Sam stuff,. he is doing just fine. The vultures in the press just have nothing else to write.
  14. I understand that the NY Daily News has basically become a blog due to their financial problems, and cant employ top talent, but their "reporting" (specifically Metha) on the Jets and especially the Adams situation, has been as disgusting as Adams´ conduct. Today Mr. Burner Account is lecturing Gase on using the Adams situation to become a better coach. Thats pretty rich considering that Adams used Metha to spew his BS and Metha used Adams to finally get a real story, even though we know Adams story is a pack of lies. Two con men who deserve each other. I know he comes on the podcast so I dont want to get in trouble here, but Im sorry, Metha has disgraced himself with his highly inaccurate reporting and has used his position to hurt the team and for me thats too much. Im no fan of Gase, but I am a fan of my team and hes the head coach so making it harder for him is not something I think a beat reporter should be doing. He has a right to his opinion, I get it. He has every right to call guys out but free speech requires responsibility when you are part of the press and frankly, lying is lying. At some point (now) you lose all credibility. He can make any point he wants without having to inject himself into it. But its not about that for him, its about him to him and about his personal vendetta. Too bad he didnt go to Seattle with JaSmall.
  15. Just wait until Seattle doesnt pay him and they are fighting for a WC.
  16. NO! Our Jamal? It cant be. Guys, I hate even using his name, the man is the Devil. Not a devil, hes the Devil. I see hes not getting paid... and I know Pete Carroll is 68 years old. How much longer will he be there, 2 years? Is he looking to go out on top and damn the consequences? We have not heard the last of Ja-small and the quest for the contract, Id bet on that. The Jets dodged a bullet on this one he is Revis on steroids and not as good a player or as important a player.
  17. Peter "when I worked for Sports Illustrated" King. He repeats that a lot because hes got nothing else to say anymore. Dont worry about what he thinks.
  18. I know everyone freaked when the only WR we took in the draft was Mims. But if we have learned nothing else about JD we have learned that he knows and follows his board and he always has a backup plan. I personally think he moved back to pick 59 targeting Van Jefferson, and ended up with Mims. I liked Jefferson myself but either way nice job playing the board. Then we thought he went off script for Davis at 68 ... that doesnt look so crazy today does it? And then didnt draft another WR. My point here is that I think he sees Cager and Campbell being just as good as anyone else who was on the board. I dont know the number, but a lot of WRs were drafted. Mathematically that says to me WRs who would have normally been drafted ended up UFAs. I think it was a smart strategy and from what Ive seen of this GM so far I trust his eval. I think one or both make the roster. Ive been suffering with this team since 1972, you learn not to trust management, thats for sure. But you cant have such a negative mentality that youre blinded to the right guy when he finally comes along. Obviously, you cant correctly judge this draft for a while yet... but you sure can see a guy who does things the right way, makes sensible decisions and HAS A PLAN. Look at the deal he made for JaSmall while being publicly extorted by the player. You may have noticed Seattle and SF were two of the three finalists. That was pretty darn lucky to have two teams competing with each other for home field in the same division, huh? Or maybe it was skill and he played one off the other... This man knows what he is doing.

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