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  1. We “rejected a blockbuster trade” for QW. And I remember reading it was 2 firsts just to begin with. https://www.google.com/amp/s/jetswire.usatoday.com/2019/11/03/jets-shot-down-multiple-trade-offers-for-quinnen-williams/amp/
  2. We were being offered two first round picks for QW but Idzik 2.0 declined the offer. Thanks
  3. Read about half the post until the usual fluff started about improved OL etc. We were always razor thin at WR. JD let go of a half decent WR in Robby and picked up a jag to replace him. Then he has the often injured Crowder and a few nobodies after that. He drafted just 1 WR (Mims) in a heavily loaded WR draft class instead of double downing. Even if Mims miraculously becomes our #1 this year, we still don’t have a #2. All the salary cap and the off season WR moves (Hopkins, Diggs, Cooks, Cobb, Sanders etc) and we shopped in the clearance isle (Perriman). Landry, Beckham, Chubbs, KHunt ... Diggs, John Brown, Singletary ... That’s what you provide your franchise QB. Not the scrubs we have. Sitting on massive salary cap, you trade the only Jets player known around the league AFTER Mosley’s gazillions came off the books. Good trade, if you can pick the right guy, which I have zero faith in the Jets. So many other points on JD, who is following the exact same footsteps of Izdik, it is incredible. We are the worst team in the NFL. We weren’t the worst when JD took over. I understand it takes time but we aren’t headed in the right direction. Time factor is secondary, direction is the primary concern.
  4. I’ve seen so many pathetic years, I really don’t love anyone on the Jets team or organization until they win a game or two. JoeD doesn’t get a pass either especially when there were tons or receivers coming out in the draft and plenty of (potential) movements around the league. Perriman was the best he could get with his budget signings. You don’t win Lombardis in the FA but if your roster is sh*t, that’s where you go. We were lucky to win 7 last year. We’d be lucky to win 5 this year. I’d rather we win 3 instead of another 7-9 season.
  5. Joe D is an improved version of John Izdik. But he’ll still sit on his ass and pretend like there were no opportunities to get an actual WR in here this year.
  6. They had a few lucky bounces, I’d give you that. 1. Sanchez did carry the team on a few occasions. 2. Can we say Rex got the best out of Sanchez, however that may be?
  7. Sanchez lead the team to two deep playoff runs. Sanchez and the Holmes contract was the downfall for Tannenbaum, our best GM this century.
  8. Oh yeah Tyrod Taylor. My bad. I forgot his 54 TDs over 10 years.
  9. Rex had Sanchez and Geno as his QBs. Curious to know how many HCs hit homeruns with any of those 2 QBs.
  10. Have you seen Sanchez play? I doubt it. Rex inherited grandpas and a 9-7 team with under center Favre.
  11. The only thing worse than having Izdik? It’s hiring Mac. Trader Mike T >>>>>>> Coffee sipper Mike M <<<< Izdik
  12. This has to be Darnold’s last season to show what he can do. The excuses are getting old for him. QBs are supposed to make their OL and WRs look better. Not worse. I’m done with staying optimistic for 6 years and then start over again.
  13. There’s no such thing as destroyed another one. They either got it or they don’t.
  14. Jets win an ugly game 24-13 Sam: 180 yards 2 TDS, 2 ints Bell: 24 rushes, 70 yards TD Crowder: 12 targets 8 rec, 85 yards, TD 6 sacks for Jamal Adams...wait, never mind. RB Josh Allen: 240 yards, 1 TD, 1 int Singletary: 60 rushing yards

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