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  1. Can Mac be locked up for this crime?
  2. Lol what? You wanna guarantee Darnold 3 years worth of salaries? That too at a $21mil average? Why is Darnold worth the 20th QB when he had a year worth around the 32nd QB? He’ll be lucky to pocket even half that with minimal guarantees.
  3. He had 12 rushing TDs, plus a receiving. Belichicken used him as a runner a lot near goal lines. To me, that’s 21 TDs. Darnold had 11 in 12.
  4. Brady win 5 here? That awful QB play we had, got us 2 plus the Raiders freebie. Essentially 3. Brady easily win 8 here.
  5. You’re only saying that cuz you haven’t seen a Jets game since the Jets were 8-3 in 2008.
  6. I have never liked him. Always sounded like an entitled bitch. So him retiring sounds good.
  7. I hated him in that god awful blue. Now I don’t care. Kinda happy for him showing Belichick who the real boss was the last 20 years and that Pats never had a genius HC. It was always the (cheating) QB. Without him, Pats are trash. They rode Bledsoe a few years and then lucked into Brady. I hope they go through 2 decades worth of trying to find the next FQB. As for the Jets, we will have our opportunity to trade for a top 5 QB that’ll play another 12 years but we simply won’t do it cuz it requires 3 first rounders. We would then go on to easily spend 4-5 first rounders on a QB over that span. Jets I tell ya.
  8. Are teams viewing 2021 with 5 legit first round QBs that are supposed to be FQBs?
  9. What does this have to do with Deshaun Watson? Only DW threads are allowed here.
  10. Bigger questions? He has a 20 mil dead cap if released. He’s not going anywhere. And 29 isn’t old. He’s not an RB. And then “32 months” break just makes him fresh and ready to go. It’s not like he forgot football. Rusty? Maybe. That’s why we have pre-season. If no PS, he’ll be himself come game 3. Relax. We have other issues.
  11. Josh? For HC? I think they called him in to see if he wanted to continue playing in 2021 and news broke out he wants to be the HC.
  12. Holy hell dude, it’s a 26 min video. Atleast tell us what part. Some of us have jobs you know. I don’t, so I enjoyed that interview!
  13. Lemme tell you about a gem RB we signed. His name is Frank Gore and the heavens open up when he has the balls in his hands.
  14. They’re getting filled regardless. 1 year break is more than most fanatics can handle. I don’t think Texans take Darnold with that salary. In such a trade, Texans would ask the Jets to pay for majority of Sams salary (restructure?). They will already be taking a $6 hit when they trade DW. And they were projected to be over the cap even without the trade. That’s why they traded away DHop. Their 2022 situation is even worse with DW with just 30 mil of space and only 26 signed for 2022. A lot will change but the future isn’t so bright in Houston Can’t have too many superstars. I think the fact that DW wants to leave and the fact their future cap is f*cked, they would be more inclined to trade away DW for high draft capital (cheap rookie deals to cover 3-4 years).

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