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  1. Lol what? Hav you seen our secondary? It’s worse than the 2020 Raiders secondary and Mono had his best game of 2020 against them. Be prepared for 250 yards 2TDs and zero turnovers.
  2. Yes, because we all know grading UDFAs 2 weeks removed from the draft is ideal.
  3. Might as well pickup a turnstile. Like the Wayne ******* Hunter type turnstile.
  4. Anything to get a click. Might as well run a porn site. You get automatic clicks.
  5. What Ryan Leaf says, has great importance in the NFL. SIGN TBIS BEAST!
  6. “Highest drafted QB in franchise history (in the common era)”
  7. It’s cost him an extra year Within this contract with zero additional money. Took the year off and gave up millions in the process. And if he played, we probably would’ve picked 10th overall. Glad CJ was out.
  8. Like I said, let’s wait n see how the investment turned out. I don’t come to conclusions about a contract based on one game. Players get injured. Deal with it and stop crying about it. And no, com but usually this antsy but comments like yours are a low hanging fruit.
  9. No, that’s when you’re hitting your prime peak for LBs. I’d say 32 is when you start showing your age. Mosley’s body hasn’t taken an NFL toll like LBs for about 3 years now so he’s what I call a fresh and rested body. Rusty? Yeah but that’s just a matter of couple of games at worse. Mosley will be the Jet difference maker in this scheme.
  10. And that somehow convinced you he’s a bum? Did you actually watch the game? Even if you didn’t watch that game and just looked at stats, you still came up with that conclusion?
  11. Seems like they were referring to his third leg, not the first 2. Makes perfect sense now. With a lady that fine, I’d break a bone too. And a bed.
  12. Law of averages? So do we go on a 2 straight SB victory run?
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