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  1. Bring back the Buttfumble. This post would’ve created a record.
  2. Skinny MFs. To be honest, not a single poster here qualifies as skinny. They’re all fat bastards with nothing to cheer for with their most exercise coming from typing messages here.
  3. This was long overdo…or overdue? Who’s the 22 year old clueless fan now?
  4. I have a feeling we’ll start off slow, let the patsies put their offense in launch control mode, then after the break, we continue to suck ass while Belichick continues to pound JDs team as if it’s Kim Kardashian in her teen years. Anything better than a 44-3 should be considered an accomplishment.
  5. Majority of these athletes are a bunch of morons when it comes to Twitter. DK is no exception.
  6. Look at our record and telL me if we’ve gotten better. Point being: stop washing JDs ball until his team can actually win a meaningful game in November, let alone December. Being 1-7 or 0-8, we have nothing to play for by the end of October and it’s year 3. So again, are we really better off under JD? We have QB who’s on pace to break the most ints for a QB since Testaverde’s 35 ints in 1988 (a completely different era). Our run game is non existent. Our WRs are suffering and weren’t even average to begin with. We don’t have an NFL TE. The defense is good in general but it’s not the “DWC” type
  7. Do you think we’re better off without those guys? And under JD, we have progressively gotten worse. If collecting draft picks made you a winner, the Browns would’ve had 10 SB trophies. We are getting g worse and worse. And JD is behind it all.
  8. The “genius” is terrible at drafting. Yeah he’s drafted a few good players buts he’s 1st rounders are almost always busts.
  9. Getting a three time pro bowl TE for your young QB isn’t smart? Since when? You might be content with the steaming pile we currently roster.
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