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  1. Dark horse to lead in TD passes for the Jets maybe. Definitely not for the AFCE, let alone the NFL.
  2. You’re making it sound like the Jets were a top notch team when Woody touched it.
  3. 1. It’s the Onion… Seriously? 2. We’ve won 6 games in the last 2 years…SERIOUSLY???
  4. His strategy and philosophy makes zero difference if he’s not winning games. If Zach Wilson is a bust, we are winning 4-5 games this year at best. If after your 3rd full season you’ve won 10 games total, your long term strategy is garbage. As for talent evaluation being his biggest strength, which home runs did he hit? We had a horrendous D last year. Absolute garbage. Couple of rookies aren’t turning it into the 85 Bears D. Our offense was also absolute garbage save for 4-5 games. Unless he hits on all 4 early picks this year and Zach playing average at least. We aren’t winning more than 5 and that long term strategy comes under heavy scrutiny. Im not washing JDs balls.
  5. 5 win? I’m typing up my suicide note. I can distribute copies for other fellow Jets fans.
  6. I’m pretty sure they have won’t be doing that for 4 months. And correct me if I’m wrong, don’t the Ravens also have 4 months to prep for our all world QB? As for the game, I think It’ll be close and Ravens win on a quick last minute FG.
  7. There really isn’t any wiggle room up top. It’s just the offset language where you might find that wiggle. Else there isn’t a rookie that’ll sign for a penny less than the slotted amount in round 1.
  8. He’s assuming he gets to QB the Jets. So yeah, definitely under 5 then. In fact, under 1 would be my guess.
  9. I also got to play Madden with him. He had 400 yards receiving and 7 TDs that day. And every other day.
  10. And this belongs in the Jets discussion section because?
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