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  1. This argument is senseless. If the Steelers do it, “it’s an organization’s decision not to cave in” and everyone claps. But if Jets do it, “the owners are greedy”. In other words, you’re saying a GM is a puppet. Why bother paying him millions then? Owners probably give their input on major moves. But not on nickel n dime decisions.
  2. Well that’s convenient. Do we bash the owners for the sh*tty contracts our last genius GM gave then?
  3. Where? In your bed? Cuz Jets already signed him.
  4. 100% if there were a pre-season playoffs
  5. No but you said “I’d rather develop our own backup QB”. How has that worked out? Not like we’ve been ignoring the position.
  6. Yeah they throw darts in the dark and miss. Blind squirrel and a nut etc.
  7. If they remove the offsetting language, then it will set a precedence for all other draftees going forward. It’s not even about the cap anymore. JD has a boatload of cap. It’s about following your own principles. I don’t defend JD when he tries to save a dollar or two by playing hardball, but I’m with him this time. I hated when sh*ts like Revis held out after signing big deals. I also hated when JD forced Crowder to take a pay cut.
  8. It’s not the cash amount. It’s the offsetting language.
  9. I’m fairly confident this is a serious sentence.
  10. Favre was healthy enough to start and play all of the last 5 games. Something tells me that team could only succeed with pro bowl caliber QB play to reach the playoffs. I don’t call that a “SB-ready” team. Having said that, my point was simple. Sanchez played very well in the playoffs so he clearly didn’t cost us any SBs. Manning burned the crap out of our elite defense and the secondary. That missed FG didn’t help either as it completely changed the momentum. Next year, the D have a head start to sh*tsburgh and it was a bad call (fumble returned for a TD that should’ve been an inc
  11. Perfect time to trade two firsts and Maye for him! Do it Tanny!
  12. Brett Favre went 9-7 with that team. Not much difference between 2008 and 2009 teams. Not significant enough. Favre was a pro bowler the year before and the year after he played for the Jets. How many SBs did he cost? We over achieved those years. And we definitely overachieved in the playoffs. And so did Sanchez. He was sh*t after 2010 and the Jets have been garbage ever since, save for one season.
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