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  1. Thomas isn’t helping this offense win games. Point is to have some semblance of an offense so TL doesn’t get cold feet. If Mims can string together 4-5 solid games like last week, it’ll help the Jets perception with Crowder on the inside. If we don’t trade for Thomas (long shot), we need Mims and Perine to shine.
  2. Yes. Do it. For Lord Trevor Lawrence. Letting go of Bell was a mistake. Should’ve kept him around to make TLs decision easier. Now we need a big time receiver to keep TL interested. He seems to be getting cold feet and we can’t afford that after the sh*t show we’ve been putting out every week Trevor is starIng us right in the eye and it’s up to us to get him. Trade for MT, ditch Gore and let the young blood take over. If Perine sucks, it’ll be a blessing in disguise. If he’s great, our QB will make sure we lose. Win win. Trade for Thomas!
  3. He’s making progress bro. Should hit 14 by week 17.
  4. It was Gase’ best game of the season. What else would you expect?
  5. I’m really happy we have a true LT after several years now. Even DBrick had some really mediocre years later on in his career. Just hope Jets don’t screw his contract and end up trading him for picks we miss on.
  6. Jags are an NFL team. Jets aren’t. What you talking about?
  7. Wow. The voting options resembles the current presidential choices. No matter which option you pick, it’s definitely the wrong one.
  8. Or we continue to trot out grandpa Joe to throw and Grandpa Gore.
  9. He’ll be punching a lot of people in the Jets practices. Rightfully so. Giterdone!
  10. Tangible damage? What’s that? This is the NFL. Grow a pair if you can’t stand losing. How much damage did Ryan Tannehill absorb?
  11. And then there was another bomb (2021 0-16). ”Its gonna get worse before it gets better.”
  12. No they’re not. We may be worse next year if Trader Joe sucks like he already has. If that’s even possible that is. I have faith we will win a couple this year just to fock up our chances of getting a true franchise QB.
  13. Isn’t every draft pick an “if”?
  14. If TL is in the same category of Manning/Brady, then you stay put even if offered 3 first rounders. Ask the Chiefs if they would trade Mahomes for 3 or even 4 first rounders. No one in their right mind would do that. i would take my chances as is and trade Sam instead. We already have plenty of draft capital over the next two drafts to inject youth in an already young football team.
  15. So giving up a 2021 7th and getting a 2022 6th is a wash. What a waste of excitement. Thought we had the 49ers by the balls.
  16. How did we do after he left? How are we doing?
  17. Yeah because Sanchez Geno n Hackensh*t have had stellar careers elsewhere. Jets have been sh*t at drafting good QBs. If you’re a QB and Jets select you, you’re sh*t and not the other way around.

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