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  1. Then don’t be uncomfortable with it either. That’s the point of the thread.
  2. I wanted Sam AND Wilson. Can’t have a rookie and trash back him up. Best QB gets to play. Screw the second rounder. We need a QB, not some second round bust.
  3. Even Teddy seems like a hall of famer against what’s Jets QB put out.
  4. How do you blame the owner when that same owner had a team that went to the playoffs what 6 times? A solid QB plays a big role in it.
  5. Who was the owner when Jets were regularly going to the playoffs in the 2000s?
  6. I always evaluate a player based on his highlights. Hackensh*t was a hall of famer. Not sure why Jets didn’t play him.
  7. I hope we turn him down. That Lombardi trophy would be proof enough we wouldn’t need him come March 2022.
  8. Who? Astyn? Aston? Aston Martin?
  9. If Jets were to dump Wilson, it wouldn’t be without a cause. That should go without saying. And rookies rarely care who drafts them as long as they are picked as high as possible.
  10. I agree with everything except making Wilson as “the guy”. If Wilson doesn’t flash, and there’s a top QB staring you down in 2022 draft or even FA (not sure who), you take him. Keep Wilson too but don’t let the next Mahomes walk by since we all know the guy we’ll pass on will be an elite talent. Keeping swinging. What’s the worse that can happen? Can it be much worse than winning 2 games a year? What’s the best outcome? You might actually hit a home run. Draft a QB every year until you have a sure fire franchise QB or have seen some flashes. Having said that, I think Wilson stays here 5
  11. JD drafted the right positions. But did he draft the right guys? Remains to be seen but Jets have been progressively worse under JD and that’s something after Mac n Izzadik reserved the honors of the worst back to back GM duo in league history. Maybe JD will be third worse? Still an improvement. I believe we have a decent core and can build around it. Couple of good signings coupled with couple of good rookies can change the entire outcome of a GMs performance.
  12. He was with the third stringers for a reason. Only reason he played yesterday was cuz our WR depth was banged up. Don’t expect greatness after 1 catch.
  13. The guy that bailed on the team? Great to know that. No thanks. Hand him couple of Pom poms and he can tryout for the Jets cheerleading squad. How bad can it be anyways?
  14. I feel bad for the players and hope they come back strong. But I don’t feel bad for the Ravens. Not one bit.
  15. Thank god we have a QB far superior than any on that list. Also, you don’t need a Manning in his prime to beat this secondary like a drum.
  16. Last time I called them, I wanted to “cancel cuz price was too high” and they knocked off $60 a month flat for 12 months. Bill used to be $133 and then dropped to about $65 (half) a month without NFL ticket or mobility. I will try again this year and see what they can do to “retain” me.
  17. If Zach fails and doesn’t show any promise whatsoever, you double down at QB next year with your first two picks and let them make up the depth chart. You can have an elite team but a sh*t QB won’t save you. We haven’t had an elite roster and haven’t had a half decent QB.
  18. Wait, that’s what they do in their spare time? She must not be very attractive.
  19. Sorry I’m late. Had to run to the grocery store for some copporn
  20. Geno vs Sanchez Geno vs Beard oh and the best - Gase was a very good HC.
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