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  1. Pretty sure the Bills, Fins and Pats would all need to collapse for the Jets to win the division…and then be one n done.
  2. Ty had 1 reception and zero carry. What’s the issue?
  3. First impression? Hasn’t changed since JD took over.
  4. You would expect that against the backups.
  5. Why request a trade? You’ll be a FA next week.
  6. Just 10 more years of sucking! We can do this!
  7. 700k isn’t really a spending spree in the NFL. if it was 2-3 mil every year, sure I’d be a lil concerned.
  8. So the 2022 Brett Ratliff of the year award is down to Picket and Streveler.
  9. You jinxed us! This was our SB year.
  10. I’m sure they’re up for grabs.
  11. It’s the first pre season game and we are only 2 quarters in. Can we hold our horses? It’s like, JD is god even though he hasn’t done sh*t, but Saleh is a fraud with the all-world team JD assembled. I don’t get the Jets and I don’t get the Jets fans. We are clueless all around. I guess that’s normal for us.
  12. My quite will be our savior and lead this loaded team to 3-14 season, missing out on the first pick again after we win a garbage time game against the Shehawks.
  13. It’s pretty obvious innit?
  14. I say about 20 mins long. It’s HIS highlights. Every down is a highlight for him.
  15. He’s 37, not 27. Gotta hold those horses.
  16. I think we have an out with Mekhi. What a fvckin waste.
  17. Salah : Success to me is when we are 10lbs worth of sh*t when we woke up and 9.99 LBs worth of sh*t when we go to bed. Reporter: But it’s still sh*t Salah: Yeah, takes 3 years to clear out the sh*t.
  18. Faneca was cut after the 2009 season. The 2009-2010 IL group was indeed our best OL possibly ever and it showed with the two deep playoff runs. 2010 RB, WR and TE groups were also very solid and all that resulted in above average QB play. I still don’t get why everyone is getting on their knees for JD when his teams haven’t had a half decent showing. It’s all based on potential, mostly QBs potential. We haven’t surrounded the QB with the 2009-2010 roster and so Wilson really needs to be a top 16 QB for this season to be successful and I have my reservations.
  19. I watch the Dolphins game just for their cheerleaders. Flight Crew was garbage.
  20. 2010 Defense: Ellis, Pouha, Devito, Bryan Thomas, Bart Scott, David Harris, Pace, Revis, Cro, Jim Leonhard and Poole. Remember, this was the year when Revis had that magical year and Cro was also amazing. I could be wrong but I think we had the best D in the league that year.
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