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  1. Their wrs are not bad... they are decent. Their te talent is upgraded big time. Their oline is excellent. And uche / Jennings are not jags. Lots of talent. They added dugger to the best secondary in the league
  2. That's not true. Look up microns. The mask literally does nothing against a virus
  3. I thought you care about science and facts. It's not belief, its literally math. The mortality rates sir
  4. I never realized Sanchez outplayed big Ben in 2010 AFC championship. Weird loss by the the jets, that team was loaded too. Jets oline was ridiculous
  5. Qb rating gives a rough idea of a qb. Tannehil had a higher qb rating than newton in his mvp season Who is better
  6. The source mainly talks about inaccuracy reports of cases and deaths regarding covid 19 ( ie the flu) Can you elaborate Nothing in the source says anything about the mortality rates among the demographics I requested and compared to last year, and the previous ten
  7. I told you the flu exists. Stop the strawman. For like the 7th time, give everyone here the mortality rates among the demographics I requested
  8. Most of mine are dead from alcohol. Common in buffalo...lol
  9. Flu is a subset virus from the coronavirus family. Can you please give me the mortality rates among the demographics I requested
  10. Can those drs please give the mortality rates among the demographics I requested I'm still waiting
  11. My doctor at the va said I'll be fine... i have type 2 diabetes...strangely the drs in the sec disagree with the drs in the big ten. In fact the va told me to do everything I do during flu season, BECAUSE ITS THE FLU... I Also didn't see the hospital overrun at the va or civilian hospital Kinda weird huh
  12. I'm a Bill's fan, but man the 98 jets were one of the best teams I saw. I thought that was the jets sb year Is the 98 jets the best jets team ever? The offense had zero weakness. Keyshawn was the best wr in the NFL in 98-99.
  13. I'm a Bill's fan. So I'm not biased. If you switched Darnold with Andy reid and Mahomes with Gase, ppl would be talking about Darnold like hes Marino for christ sake. Darnold. Is. Not. The. Issue... Gase is!!!
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