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  1. I pasted the article so you don't have to click on his link, but here it is if you want it. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-josh-allen-20200925-wohah2rawratre2pmlepgbj3fm-story.html
  2. He is electrifying, mesmerizing and giving a figurative middle finger to anyone that doubted him. He is flawed and fabulous. He is getting better every second of every day. Give credit where it’s absolutely due: Josh Allen has become one of the game’s most dynamic young quarterbacks, a 6-5, 237-pound tank of hope for the Buffalo Bills. He is without question the best signal caller in the AFC East right now, scratching the surface of his world of potential. Critics like yours truly initially couldn’t see past the raw ball of clay, pointing to things he couldn’t do at Wyoming rath
  3. This (below) is not the result of bad wide receivers. Jerry Rice and Megatron (in their prime) wouldn’t have caught this.
  4. The latest Power Rankings are out. I bolded the AFC East teams. ... 1. Chiefs (previously No. 1; 2-0): Maybe the Chiefs should just spot every team a double-digit lead. 2. Ravens (No. 2; 2-0): They’re two wins short of 16 straight regular-season victories. The Chiefs stand in the way of No. 15. 3. Seahawks (No. 3; 2-0): At this rate, Russell Wilson won’t just get his first MVP vote. He’ll get his first 50. 4. Patriots (No. 4; 1-1): If Cam stays healthy, they won’t lose many more than the one they lost this week. 5. Bills (No. 7; 2-0): The Bills finally have f
  5. If you think 4th and 1 is bad, just think about 4th and 7. Very few plays in the NFL that can pick up 7 whole yards!
  6. Tannehill was at least serviceable. He had a 4k + season with 20+ TD's with Gase.
  7. I'm not sure if you haven't been paying attention or what, but Brady has been pretty bad in Tampa. Cam, meanwhile, has been pretty good in NE ... with the same receivers that Brady struggled with. Brady: 456 yards, 3 TD, 3 INT Cam: 674 yards, 5 TD,1 INT For goodness sake, his own coach public ally criticized him.. https://www.masslive.com/patriots/2020/09/tom-brady-responds-to-bruce-arians-criticism-hes-the-coach-im-a-player-just-trying-to-win-a-game.html
  8. Brady was excused because he'd gotten old and people couldn't accept that. Cam threw for nearly 400 yards last night with the same receivers. You just proved my point.
  9. Not so sure about that. But the point is that none of those WR's were good. Many were cut not long after they were in those Super Bowls. WR's do not make QB's. QB's make WR's.
  10. "If it wasn't for the turf, we would be..." Oops! forgot to log-in to my SAR I account.
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