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  1. Are you joking? Sam was missing guys by 5+ yards...
  2. I’m not a fan of Gase either but there were a TON of throws where he had open guys and missed them. No coach can make the throws for you. The coaches job is to give you opportunities.
  3. Also, did you notice the amount of times Allen was audibling out of plays after reading the defense and then shredding it? Would sure be nice to see Sam start to do that.
  4. Imagine what he’ll look like if he can clean those up? And even if he can’t, still a playoff QB. Thats the point.
  5. Did you actually ... watch today’s game?
  6. Not so sure about that. 49ers are losing to Arizona right now.
  7. Greg Roman. What he has done to build the offense to suit Lamar, has been amazing.
  8. I can’t say a damn bad thing about Sam the person. He’s a great kid.
  9. 5. I still think he can have an Alex Smith type of career. But never winning a SB with him.
  10. I’ve gotten bashed by many people for saying Allen is better but he just flat-out is. It’s really hard to defend a QB with Allen’s type of skills. Its not just the running, it’s his escapability. He can make blitzers miss with ease and it’s infuriating. Then he can throw a ball on a rope to the sideline, AFTER the receiver made his cut. You shouldn’t be able to do that. That’s supposed to be a recipe for being intercepted. But his arm is so damn strong he can do it. Yeah, the fumbles suck, but the pro’s outweigh the cons. I’d trade Darnold for Allen any day of the week ... though Buffalo’s GM would probably laugh at the offer. Sam is just so damn “average” at everything. He has no one legit dominant skill. Boring as all get out. Like white rice.
  11. Your score prediction wasn’t that far off. The teams were just reversed.
  12. That back shoulder throw to their TE was really nice. Darnold needs to work on that.
  13. Now... WHY would Sam carry that ball negative 5 yards out of bounds? Just throw it away!
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