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  1. And I assume he’ll be going up against Hughes so he should be able to overpower him. Gonna be interesting!
  2. What? It took me one minute to lookup who they played last year. Dallas, NE, and Titans. All top 10 offenses.
  3. Because they measure ball velocity (at the combine I assume?) and it takes a computer a fraction of a second to determine where a player ranks in ball velocity speed all time. Same way we determine who ran the fastest 40 all times.
  4. Screen game needs to be successful to counteract the blitz.
  5. TE’s... not sure. But they kept 3 top-10 offenses to 16 points or less.
  6. Good point on the kickers. Didn’t think about that. May be a game where teams punt instead of going for 50 yarders.
  7. Considering that Allen has the strongest arm in NFL history, I don’t think throwing into the wind is gonna be the issue. I think slipping may be more the casualty in this game. Which may actually reduce Allen’s scrambling so there’s that.
  8. There will never not be a parade of excuses. If Sam does poorly today, it’ll be because of the rain. Next week it’ll be the wind. Week after it’ll be the strong sun in his eyes. So frustrating but it is what is is.
  9. According to my weather app, it’s raining and will continue to rain in Buffalo.
  10. Why are you being so aggressive? I just asked a question.
  11. Basically, both players were drafted the same year, within 4 picks of one another, yet their teams are drastically different. The Bills built their time wisely and quickly and the Jets signed an expensive older RB, gave Sam no receivers, traded their best player, etc etc. Said Bills are Super Bowl contenders while Jets are not even playoff hopefuls yet they were both picking top 10 a few years ago. I guess I misread the room, but I thought it was a pretty good article and that he made some good points.
  12. I disagree on that. I personally think Allen is better than Darnold. As for GM’s, I did see an article from a former GM that said Sam is a good year behind Allen as far as development goes. I don’t remember his name though. Edit: found it... “In my opinion, he's (Darnold) a year behind Josh Allen on the learning and developing curve.” - Former Saints & Dolphins GM, Randy Mueller
  13. I would have but I’m on mobile and there are seemingly 10 ads interspersed in the article. Tough to copy on a small screen.
  14. Yeah with the weather saying rain, I don’t know that either team score 30+.
  15. What’s your prediction for tomorrow?
  16. Worth the read, in my opinion. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-sam-darnold-bills-josh-allen-20200912-yr3l5r6onrh4jdy5w4a5dz5xxm-story.html?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true
  17. Oddly enough, Manish basically has a crush on Darnold.
  18. I am so tired of these same dang excuses about every QB. It’s like Groundhog Day for the last 40 years!
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