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  1. Sorry but I’d take Allen over Darnold. And I think this year will prove that. Im still not losing all hope in Darnold. I think he can be a Alex Smith / Rivers quality player. But I don’t see superstar potential in him.
  2. Rain could be a mitigating factor. Good point.
  3. What? I didn’t say I would be saying that. I just said that I can see it happening.
  4. Reminds me of what they were saying about Nate Solder several years ago. Hoping it turns out better!
  5. Has any other QB in NFL history gotten mono during the NFL season? Honestly asking. I can’t think of any off the top of my head.
  6. I feel like there will be a QB controversy “among fans” at some point this season. ”give Flacco a chance” will be coming out of some people’s mouth.
  7. Don’t worry, I’ll cover for SAR... ”These guys are blowhards. Most people don’t know this, but Sam Darnold spent most of the off-season teaching Mahomes how to play QB. While in Cali on vacation he ran his fingers through his luscious locks and made a sorority house full of college chicks faint. If it wasn’t for mono, we would have won the Super Bowl last year and Sam’s statue would have been carved out of Gold and adorned with the rarest and most precious diamonds ever known to man. It’s too bad that these guys will be losing so much money this year betting against the Jets.” - Sig
  8. No self respecting football plan takes a hike instead of watching the season opener. #lame
  9. Uh, he’s still on the Bills. They “cut” him for 1 day to make a roster move.
  10. Most people don’t want to truly think about why we signed Flacco. Because the real reason is depressing.
  11. Always nice to hear what the Dolphins fan has to say.
  12. Coaches coach players to play well...
  13. I’m just so tired of hearing these type of excuses about every dang QB we’ve ever had.
  14. No i'm frustrated with what I believe his potential is. I don't think he has superstar potential. I don't think he has HOF potential. I don't think he will ever be a top 3 QB in the NFL. I think he will be above average. Alex Smith/Philip Rivers kinda level. And you've seen how many SB's those two have. That's the frustrating thing. Teams will spend a decade or more with an average-good QB and won't win crap. It's not until they get a certified STUD that they go get the trophy. Think about Alex Smith with KC. He had most of the same receivers, TE, O-line, etc as
  15. Your "mental" point is well made. Which is why many of us panicked after the "ghosts" game. Not a good sign.
  16. He's now had 2 off-seasons / training camp's with Gase (who I also think is not good), so if he doesn't get it now, we can drop that argument.
  17. I'm still holding out hope for Sam but i'm not holding my breath. I just don't think he has it. I don't think he'll ever be BAD, but I think he'll end up one of those average-good QB's who makes the playoffs now or then but never goes much further. Like somewhere in-between Philip Rivers and Andy Dalton. Frustrating.
  18. You needed last night's game to know Mahomes is better than Darnold? Him throwing 50 TD's, winning NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP didn't convince you before?
  19. Anyone else watching this? He’s opening up massive holes.
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