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  1. Who bets to win $32 though? So lame. Go big or go home. Go for the underdog. Especially when its your own team. It's only 100 bucks.
  2. Dude lol. That's super homer-us. They added Quinton Jefferson, Vernon Butler, Josh Norman, Mario Addison, Stefon Diggs ... and then their draft picks. That's pretty stacked. We get better too. A whole new OL basically.
  3. Exactly. I never really cared about his weight, I just cared that he wasn't very good.
  4. No. But they are probably going to lose this game.
  5. If this is totally just by Twitter followers, then this is worthless. Or is it just the seeding done by twitter followers?
  6. Oh I forgot there is 3 wild card teams this year. This list makes more sense knowing that.
  7. Yeah you lost me at coaching. Gase isn’t as good as anyone. Maybe some coach in the Arena League.
  8. Aren’t there delusional fans on a Bills forum you could attack?
  9. Once again, that’s not true. We had 15 of 22 starters playing. Buffalo had like 0? I don’t even know. All their starters were out I think. 15 vs 0 is a big difference.
  10. Open field? Lol I don’t see Q beating Allen in a foot race.
  11. The depth chart the Bills posted today doesn’t list Winters as a starter. In face, I’m not sure what it lists. It’s weird.
  12. That’s a big assumption. I wouldn’t assume that if the team is bad, he gets fired.
  13. I dont know WTF this is supposed to mean, but Winters is listed toward the end.
  14. Terrible way to build a team. Donald is the only one who is worth it.
  15. I mean, that's every team in the NFL. This isn't hopskotch. This is football. Players play through injuries. My point remains, saying "The Jets were playing with all their 4th and 5th stringers" like SAR I is just wrong. Plain and simple. That didnt' happen.
  16. Damn, I have a good memory. I got all of them except for Tru and Kalil. So yeah, 15 of 22 starters were playing. 15 of 22 starters playing does not equal "The Jets were playing with all their 4th and 5th stringers" like SAR I said.
  17. Definitely. But like 15 or 16 of those 20 were backups and 3rd stringers. Some of them were training camp players that were injured before the season even started. Actual starters were what? 4? 5? Fact is, that game was not a JV Jets team. The majority of Jet's starters were on the field.
  18. I assume you mean starting players. Off the top of my head, I can remember Mosley, Enunwa, Herndon, Williamson, and Winters. I'm sure i'm missing something, but either way your claim that we trotted all our 4th/5th stringers is silly. A lot of backups went to IR too but as far as starters go, the majority played in Week 17.
  19. From PFT: “The last year reportedly is voidable, which could make it a one-year, $39.585 million extension.”
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