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  1. Wait, what? Darnold, Bell, Crowder, Anderson, Maye, Adams, Poole, Copeland, Quinnen, etc all played. The inactive list for that game was only Lewis (ankle), Compton (calf), Thomas (hamstring/ knee), Countess, Travis, Willis, Dixon (illness), and Jackson
  2. If you could sell your delusional optimism in a bottle, I’d buy it by the case.
  3. That was so dumb it’s hard to put into words. BEST case scenario is that his TE catches it in stride and gets destroyed by 3 converging Texan defensive players after a few steps.
  4. I think you’re putting way too much stoic in Cam. He has had 1 great season in his entire career.
  5. I don't think so, but I don't know for sure.
  6. Nah. The Bills defense has the best depth in the entire NFL. They have backups that would be starting on several teams. Mario Addison, Quinton Jefferson, Harrison Phillips, Norman, etc and they drafted Epenesa who I was high on. Our D needs to come to play. Period. Because theirs will.
  7. That's just SAR being SAR. I've lurked on this forum for many years and it's just the way he is. When we started 1-5 last season, he started a thread saying we were going to the playoffs. So... yeah.
  8. I think it comes down to the defense containing the Bills offense. The Bills defense is freaking nasty, so I’m not going to be shocked if Darnold and Co don’t score more than 13 points. Have to figure out a way to contain Diggs, Brown and Beasley. If they go into a knickel, they can spy Allen and contain the receivers. The run game will be open, but you can’t stop everything (at least with the state of the defense right now).
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