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  1. Gase's offenses always do what the talent on the team says they're supposed to do and this one was literally put together for the purpose of evaluating Sam Darnold. And Adam Gase.
  2. There's something obviously wrong with anybody who's worth 8 figures and tries hard at football. Earbanging Mrs. Krupke? I'm into it. Surfer quarterbacks? Bruh. Walking memes with braces burping into microphones and talking about playing with themselves? Good luck on the plural but other than that I'm sold. It's a lovable bunch but you can't win with these people. The Jets need churchy types and dudes with ant problems.
  3. This is really not a lot. The problem is that once they have any resources at all tied up in any quarterback they're committed to him until his arm falls off or he faceplants into a butt and now they have some serious capital tied up in a real specimen.
  4. And that's when the offensive line only has to worry about one guy. And yes, it would have been nice if it was two, but Leonard Williams is a hippie and it probably wouldn't have been a good idea to pay him either.
  5. Because the first step is to stop digging. You think you're gonna be able to tell Robby Anderson **** once you give him 30 million dollars guaranteed? This has to stop being a semiretirement destination and Anderson is just the most obvious of the wrong kinds of guys.
  6. Those things are not why the Adams trade happened. That's money Woody will spend. On a dancing mascot with a jersey number? Please. That's how you conspicuously hit the floor. And for Douglas it's like Maccagnan coming in and finally getting the Wilkerson extension done. Cheap does usually equal worse because reasons. Just not here.
  7. Quinnen Williams played 60% of the snaps between both tackle spots. The rest of the reps went to nine other guys platooning four positions. People like to use the he's great and everybody else is terrible theorem with Darnold but that is what our coaching staff demonstrably thinks about the defensive line.
  8. At this point it's the Groucho Marx joke because the Jets can't pay anybody who wants their money right now. Everything aligned in favor of just taking the two years to sunset Maccagnan right away. Yes, the Johnsons are cheap. Yes, Douglas is primarily concerned with keeping the gig. I just don't see those things as having kept us from doing anything by now that wouldn't have just gotten us into a deeper hole for 2021 anyway.
  9. He's who we could get and this was the job he could get. The only real upshot to the situation is that Douglas is going to be here for a while and nobody else associated with this team in any capacity has any political capital whatsoever right now. Which is probably as close as we can hope to come to finding the right guy and putting him firmly in charge. But if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and signed a contract with the Jets, it's probably just here to steal money.
  10. But he didn't really fix the line. The players are probably better than last year but what you see is what you get here. It's going to take them a minute to gel and then boom. Three of them have outs on their contracts after this year. McGovern, two years. Douglas has had the opportunity to buy into the Darnold and Gase show if he wanted to and he hasn't. He's building a team behind them, not around them.
  11. He wasn't a quarterback in the first place. There isn't any reason to think that any of these words were going to make him a quarterback.
  12. Still not as weird as the dude trying to die on the Darnold got taller hill.
  13. Douglas took the job knowing he had two years to look at Darnold and Gase and no particular reason to bet on either of them. We have no idea what his strategy for staying employed himself looks like yet.

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