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  1. And there's a reason we call these fictions. Plot doesn't drive character in real life. Organizational behavior is the sum of actions driven by individual incentives. Not that it matters at all but everybody is wrong on the law here. The 13th amendment is not really the reason why courts don't order specific performance of personal services contracts. I think that's just a hornbook thing. If that were actually the case there could not be statutory or contractual exceptions, and in any event the principle predates the existence of the amendment. The real reason is just that courts don't want to be involved in enforcing an ongoing contractual relationship between unwilling counterparts, and the burden of implementation is always a consideration when weighing equities. The reason for treating real estate differently isn't so much because it's 'unique,' as personal services clearly are too, but because a court can simply order the conveyance or whatever and be done with it. Which brings us back to the main point. This system is what it is about 5% because it bears any relation to how anybody thinks things should actually work and 95% because Gene Upshaw was as dumb as you think Douglas is and as corrupt as I think he is.
  2. The only good part is that other than Darnold himself, the stuff they're going to do to manufacture a contract season bounce is pretty much the same stuff they'd do to try to win games.
  3. If you're hip to the second part I'm not sure why you're confused on the first part. Douglas makes 3 million and Darnold's second contract is a hundred million.
  4. Darnold will absolutely be back but it is more likely because Douglas is corrupt than because he is that stupid.
  5. Here's a better one: A. Robert Saleh works for Joe Douglas. 2. Joe Douglas works for Jimmy Sexton. D. Jimmy Sexton works for Sam Darnold.
  6. This is what the Jets think and FANS are in denial? Yeah, okay.
  7. There don't have to be unknown unknowns. The simplest explanation is that you are just wrong about Sewell being singularly immune to heightened perceived risk due to opting out.
  8. You can't draft what's not there and this year there's no Chase Young. Maybe Rousseau is interesting at 2 if he measures like this dude from Florida State did yesterday but probably not. Beyond that there are lots of options. Four of the top five guys on Feldman's list this year were ends.
  9. Please provide a single example of anybody ever saying Mostert is too slow.

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