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  1. I could be wrong but there is maybe one actual outside corner in that draft class which seems more like zero resources. I can't speak for Saleh but what I don't like about Austin and Hall is that they are not good.
  2. It seems like he already found the same one everybody else who literally has no sense of humor did.
  3. Day one was like a week and there were practically no 80 jokes. I say you're all scum.
  4. This has practically nothing to do with Belichick. And that's not because it isn't a thing. It is. But it's small potatoes. It's mostly just that Brady is a legit psycho who genuinely does not believe that his records are made to be broken. He's not going to stop until he feels like he's put it on ice for the foreseeable existence of football or until 32 team doctors won't clear him. He'd let the pool boy **** Gisele before he'd risk leaving a ring unclaimed.
  5. That's super weird because I'm like 74% sure Chan's shift key has been broken since 2012.
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