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  1. Punting on drafting a quarterback forever is the new drafting a quarterback and missing. Ballard is as clueless as Tannenbaum and Maccagnan.
  2. The only glaring instance of overconfidence that Douglas has demonstrated was the trade up for Vera-Tucker. If anything he has probably erred more toward doing no harm than is ideal for a team that is this far away, which is where the luxury of no urgency gets you. People swore up and down this was The Right Way until they saw what it looked like.
  3. The NFL is hard. It's really as simple as that. Nobody consistently wins or loses money at picking players. There are a number of studies, plus it's intuitively a very obvious example of the skill paradox. You can't reasonably expect to get from 2-14 to anywhere good by out-evaluating the 31 best evaluators in the world.
  4. You would think people who read the board for three seasons would know better than to think that.
  5. We keep Gase. We keep Darnold. We give them a running back and some cornerbacks. I think the most likely outcome here is still dumpster fire and you wasted a year. Douglas had to negotiate for the authority, and catch breaks, to go this slowly, and you want him to have gone slower.
  6. Yes. Year three is too early to pick a coach and a quarterback. He should have waited until year four like Darnold and year five like Gase because that worked out great.
  7. They did that. They kept those guys around another year. It was last year. Because a bunch of people got fooled by 7-9. Apparently there are people who got fooled by 2-14 also. That's weird.
  8. The bar used to be flashes of greatness. And that was when the quarterback was a Mexican girl.
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