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  1. McGovern at center is stealth tanking. McGovern at right guard is a solid complementary player. In theory.
  2. It would have been nice to see Teddy Bridgewater screw the Jets out of Trevor Lawrence right there after they passed on him for Geno Smith and then again for Sam Darnold.
  3. Three-year albatross contract for one half of football. That's Jetsy by Jets standards.
  4. Trevor Lawrence is gonna fade the Jets the old-fashioned way when they beat the Browns in December.
  5. You can't possibly have had any idea that this would go this well.
  6. This woulda been a real easy first joke to get.
  7. This is it. You've nailed it. The problem with the Jets is that their fans are not sufficiently patient with bad quarterbacks.
  8. You would need a compelling reason to keep Gase instead of just wiping the slate, and he obviously hasn't given any such reason. That said, I don't understand why so much of Tannehill's performance in Tennessee is attributed to getting away from Gase. What about getting away from Mike Tannenbaum?
  9. The best thing for Darnold would be to play as little as possible for the remainder of his contract and then retire. He's fabulously wealthy, football is dangerous, and he is never going to be any good at it.
  10. Realistically it might just mean he thinks fans are dumb.
  11. I'm more concerned about the fact that the Jets didnt have an objection to it.
  12. Yeah, much better that it was stupid than that it was prohibited by the CBA.
  13. Any decrease in value to the 2021 pick due to uncertainty in scouting a small sample is way more than offset by the increased time value of a year under contract in a season when the cap is going down. You can't spin this. The great wide hope is la cucaracha del mundo.
  14. The second he starts throwing trades for clicks he has to tell people stuff.
  15. Why are we ignoring the conditional late 2022 pick? Yesterday everybody was saying those were magic.
  16. It doesn't matter whether you're talking about the short term or the long term. Over any period it is easier to fool Jets fans than it is to win in the NFL. Douglas just took a player he was going to cut and traded him for a very slightly negative return specifically so that he could turn around and misrepresent it as a very slightly positive one. It shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone that we wound up with yet another nuclear cockroach in the proud tradition of Terry Bradway, Mike Tannenbaum, and Mike Maccagnan, but it will. Presumably in about five years.
  17. Except he didn't improve his draft capital and he could have freed the roster spot and saved the money by releasing the player. He's doing stuff for the sake of looking like he's doing stuff. That seems like a bad sign. You guys are eating it up. That's business as usual.
  18. Then why is he taking the worst of a pick swap to salary dump a player he could have cut for free anyway?
  19. The discount rate for future picks is about a round a year. The difference between the presumably good 49ers likely low sixth rounder and the presumably bad Jets likely high seventh rounder is about a handful of slots. Douglas might be a complete idiot.
  20. Crap pending Miami but the sample is small. Hurry and a PD in the first game then nothing in the full game.

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