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  1. It obviously isn't great but the line is terrible and it's his first game. But this thing where he turns his back on the line of scrimmage and does double moves when he's bailing out of the pocket, ay caramba.
  2. For all the complaining about the DL rotation, Williams is the only guy you'd especially like to see playing more, and it really wouldn't be all that much more. Lawson/Williams/Rankins/Franklin-Myers Williams/Mosley/(Alexander/Carter) Reed/Joyner/Whitehead/Gardner This is an absolutely terrible starting defense. Rotate, don't rotate, you can't get around the fact that Douglas has spectacularly failed to turn all those resources into a functional roster. Keeping Shepherd and bringing in Thomas instead of having a single nose tackle, why? Leaving this logjam of bad players at linebacker where it's easiest to just find guys if you make any kind of opportunity available, why? Using marginal picks on premium positions and getting lucky to find good-enough solutions in Hall and Echols, only to have the return on investment go to zero when you inevitably have to increase the spend to upgrade, why? There's dead weight and inefficiency all over the depth chart. Playing nine guys on the line instead of eight makes almost no difference at all.
  3. They have one linebacker with no legs, another with no brain, and no nose tackle. The style of defense is eat turds against the run and they're doing it exactly right.
  4. There was always a shot that Flacco was going to be the quarterback this year. Stealing Woody Johnson's money is a long game. A long, dumb game. You can't use 2023 to evaluate Wilson if you use 2022 to evaluate Wilson. Douglas and Saleh might be a couple of overmatched bald gym teachers but they can kick a can in the general direction of a road.
  5. Tomlinson 13M Brown 10M Fant 9M McGovern 9M Becton 1 Tucker 1/3/3 It's too late to start worrying about whether it's too early to start worrying.
  6. Well at this point it's kind of unsporting but Joey Chestnut couldn't eat my words/Becton couldn't make otherwisehappyinlife drink metamucil
  7. Your confidence in everything is misplaced. You are clearly very old, you should have more money, stop wasting everyone's time. Don't say bet if you don't mean bet.
  8. Leave them out of this. Send me your lawyer's iolta or go wash your snatch.
  9. You've already had three and nobody gets four now that CTM is retired. Make me a market or shut the **** up. Bye.
  10. He's been away from the team for a million years and not being in shape doesn't cost him any money. Why would he be in shape?
  11. Becton isn't going to make it to the second quarter of the first game.
  12. I mean you guys can joke if you want but extending that pinky is literally the only thing he's done above and beyond the absolute bare minimum not to get his guarantees voided and probably the most exercise he's had in ten months.
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