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  1. I don't see how somebody who needs to bust six times a day was playing football in the first place.
  2. Blowing through Roger Clemens's mouthpiece never exactly screamed right side of history.
  3. I too remember things that never happened, and cast myself as a kissass in them.
  4. sir have you seen your linebackers
  5. Saleh says tomorrow we're gonna work on interior design so LaFleur draws up a bunch of zone runs or whatever then he gets to the meeting room and there's drapes everywhere.
  6. Yeah so he hasn't been answering his phone for like six weeks so we thought he might have sat on it or something so we tried calling his agent and now we're hoping he sat on his agent.
  7. I mean, okay, you can disagree but I don't think it's debatable. If Watson's mom says he's a nice kid who would never do rape, it tends, however microscopically slightly, to demonstrate that he did not do rape to these rape victims. Bias is a different issue. Weight is a different issue. But as long as words mean things, the alternative facts from the alternative ZJ providers unquestionably minimally satisfy relevance. The rules of evidence dictate how much they matter in court, but not how much they matter in hearts and minds. I don't think the "he's always treated me well" argument is or should be at all persuasive here either, but there's not some fundamental principle that says we're right and somebody who buys it is wrong. You can't say that there is no set of circumstances where you could be sufficiently convinced that something is so out of character for somebody that you'd conclude that it didn't happen. Clearly these are not those circumstances, but they wouldn't have the evidentiary exclusion if it wasn't otherwise impossible to implement some kind of bright line.
  8. I mean, I think it's relevant. Pretty much any evidence of any conduct consistent or inconsistent with any allegation would be. The issue with character etc. isn't relevance, it's prejudice>probative.
  9. Nobody batted an eye when he said he and Weeb Ewbank cured muscular dystrophy in 1972 either. I think it's somebody's dad with dementia.
  10. There are no good arguments here. Buzbee isn't orchestrating anything. There's not that much difference between trying a case with one plaintiff and trying a case with a thousand plaintiffs, but they're both markedly different from trying one with 20. The only way this many people stay on message this long is if they're all telling the truth.
  11. Imagine a state where cops in body armor aren't expected to put themselves in harm's way when children are being shot but god help the lawyer who fails to maximize his client's whackoff money.
  12. One side of the argument is nine times easier to make than the other.
  13. Name one time a 90% majority of Jets fans has ever been right about anything.
  14. I can't speak for anybody else but personally I'm not dragging Becton so much as the people who can't tell the difference between a professional football player and one of the Klumps with two years hindsight.
  15. The difference is mostly a matter of getting him from one side of the line to the other with a wheelbarrow vs a forklift.
  16. Dude has been FMLAing since a week and a half before the conception and the field is only 160 feet wide. It's not good.
  17. I don't understand why people do this. I don't even like you guys.
  18. I don't really understand the argument that calling the guy Jackie by way of implying that you sir are no Jack Robinson after he made the comparison in the first place is supposed to be racist. Basically what happened is that dude needed to calm down and he got told to calm down and he refused to calm down and hilarity ensued so he needed a big enough deflection but on the other hand I know who Tim Anderson is now.
  19. This confuses me because JiF isn't dumb enough for it to be real or smart enough for it to be funny.
  20. I don't know what your larger point here is because I'm not reading the thread but this part is literally the definition of confirmation bias.
  21. Vinyl has been making a big comeback since about six weeks after it went away.
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