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  1. Vinyl has been making a big comeback since about six weeks after it went away.
  2. What you said. He just runs around. They weren't going to put major resources into LB with Mosley still on the books so just keeping Williams was easier than going the Jarrad Davis route or whatever.
  3. Only on JetNation does a thread about Joey Ramone turn into a thread about AC/DC. How many personal friends of Weeb Ewbank can even still be alive at this point?
  4. Trapped inside that 400-pound guy who can't play football is a 364-pound guy who can't play football either.
  5. I mean every single pro-Becton post is fan fiction with the 'if healthy' disclaimer hastily slapped on at the end which isn't weird at all.
  6. It's so cringey when he writes stuff.
  7. Jets fans and the betting public can't be wrong!
  8. I guess 'tha people' can't handle STRAIGHT ONE HUNDRED
  9. I think most Jets fans would rather touch a boob one day.
  10. So just eyeballing this everybody is within +/-3 net and like half are within +/-1? Seems weird and useless to frame this as +/-5 either way in increments of 2.5 (lol). The schedule nerds do a pretty good job. You'd imagine they have pretty good nerds.
  11. Definitely Denver. Cleveland and Pittsburgh two weeks apart is close enough to swing in one trip but I think the team is a year away from being worth it.
  12. If you're not independently capable of making a living doing math, sports betting is the most -ev way there is to try to monetize a hobby. If you are independently capable of making a living doing math, it is probably somewhat less -ev than prostitution. Rooting for the Jets isn't that hard.
  13. They shouldn't be betting at all because sports is too hard.
  14. Because that's how you get mono.
  15. I dunno. You're keeping the comedy sidekick space pretty well occupied.
  16. If you see a line that you think is mispriced, you don't try to argue the book into correcting it.
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