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  1. Take me inside the thought process where you really want to shoehorn crap into somebody's name but fail to come up with Crapernick here. I'm enthralled.
  2. If you're crying and questioning your pronouns because Mike Florio and some guy at PFF don't agree with you, you don't actually believe the Jets are going to be any good either.
  3. The ones who watched 2019 and thought that Sam Darnold was better than Dak Prescott rather than thinking, you know, maybe we don't need to burn another whole season to figure this one out. The ones who can't quit Becton now like they couldn't quit Sammy then. I mean I'm sure we've got nothing to worry about bc the hope squad is so frequently right about things when they double down in the face of mounting contrary evidence.
  4. These people love soft and doomed. The next four months are gonna set some kind of Guinness record for caveats.
  5. Somebody says Jets OL is fine. bitonti says compared to what. Then it devolves into nonsense for want of a good answer. Which I guess is better in podcast form than thread but it's still not great. bitonti's got a voice made for rambling, dubiously punctuated print.
  6. Of course LT isn't going to be handed to him. They're begrudgingly giving him a shot at RT. What about the fact that every other lineman this team brings in is 308 pounds leads anybody to believe they're even pulling for the fat pig to earn reps?
  7. oN a GoOd CoUrSe RiGhT nOw To Be ReAdY fOr TrAiNiNg CaMp
  8. This cohesion score stuff sounds like words pretending to be numbers. Don't be that guy.
  9. You can talk about whatever you want but getting emotionally invested in other people's takes about the Jets seems to be really upsetting to you. If it makes you feel any better, the degree of unanimity has absolutely no relation to the actual results. The straw poll is running at about 95% positive, and the odds of any draft class completely bricking out are substantially higher than 5%. Dry your eyes. It's not such a big deal that there's one guy saying boo. There should be more.
  10. You guys are extraordinarily defensive about draft grades and you need to chill the f out because they're draft grades.
  11. The boomer influx is really crapping things up with these word salad thread titles.
  12. One day the Bryce Hall type of player will no longer be on this team.
  13. This day 2 looks like a day 3. They can basically set the card on fire at 101 and still book the W.
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