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  1. Why do people suddenly get real woke on FMLA for dudes when it's a fat millionaire?
  2. He doesn't fit the 82,500-capacity football stadium, astronauts orbiting in space probably know this, wouldn't be shocked if Putin aims for Mariupol, misses, and hits him.
  3. It's not what he earns, it's what he costs. The competing arguments as to the premium are the need to retain talent on one hand and optimal allocation of resources on the other. Just not a whole lot along the lines of like, is he even a football player.
  4. Toni Braxton does more for the Jets in 2022 than Mekhi Becton.
  5. one day the mekhi becton type of orca will no longer be on this football team
  6. I feel like I was probably right an awful lot of those times and now we're talking about a guy who weighs 400 no matter what nutritionist Fay Wray tweets. I wouldn't make that argument as far as giving Williams a top of the market deal next year, but Douglas might be a tougher grader than me, and he's out of extra draft capital from the sell-off so he's presumably going to be looking to get the comp pick machine up and running per Ravens SOP. I think everybody is totally divorced from reality on Becton but that's probably only going to take another week to bear out or not so in the meantime I'm limiting the debate to one-liners.
  7. They got a 6 for Blake Cashman, and he can stand at midfield without his ass sticking out of bounds.
  8. People want to just yadda yadda straight to long term viability but the option decision is in a year. Say they carrot and stick a good season out of him. Feel great exercising? Probably not. Then say he does it again. Now you have to trust him to the tune of 25M a year easy given where the cap's gonna be. Anything but just giving up now leads to a nightmarish decision tree.
  9. I mean he was basically the best quarterback on the planet from the Davis TD against Tennessee to the Cole PI against Tennessee.
  10. The best information on the draft, in order, is stuff you knew two years in advance, stuff you didn't know until two hours in advance, and the combine.
  11. Except this one, I should have said. I did the waldo numbers for about eight guys, none hit 1.05 on the jump number, and nobody had the agility scores except Hutchinson. So he'd have been the clear #1 with no #2, just on the combine and without any of the word vomit.
  12. Straight line speed and nothing special on agility or jumps would be an interesting conversation if he had production. 4.5 flat with 35" arms is fully bonkers but there are plenty of guys who have more projectible edge traits in every draft.
  13. JFM is pretty good at it. With Walker it's more like, well, he's gotta be better there than he would be at LEO. Why is Becton a reason not to take a tackle if JFM isn't a reason not to take a 5tech?
  14. Little confused. I said what you said.
  15. Becton being healthy is your silly hope. Nobody else is required to accept it as an assumption. This seems more like challenged writing than challenged reading.
  16. The best comp for what you pearl-clutching ninnies think of KT is Justin Timberlake in the Facebook movie.
  17. Bend the edge is tween draft twitter for let your feelings decide.
  18. I think this makes Crusher Sam Bradford and Gastineau Lives the murderous side chick.
  19. I'd like to parlay the under and Calgary.
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