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  1. I don't really think it's a great comparison to make, then again he goes and makes the same damn comparison himself. It's at 44:03 if it doesn't start there for you.
  2. People say that and just completely gloss over that Allen showed steady growth across both of those seasons.
  3. I mean on the one hand he probably is crazy, on the other **** Tom Brady.
  4. About 48 hours till kickoff, plenty of time for him to become a Jet be a complete nightmare and get booted.
  5. If he's not playing this week might as well do this and bring someone up to get a look at.
  6. This is still the NFL not the NBA and a Safety isn't in the same universe as a Franchise QB.
  7. I mean if this had been posted in December it could technically work.
  8. If the Texans trade Watson more people need to get fired.
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