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  1. This is still the NFL not the NBA and a Safety isn't in the same universe as a Franchise QB.
  2. I mean if this had been posted in December it could technically work.
  3. If the Texans trade Watson more people need to get fired.
  4. I mean to be fair why wouldn't we?
  5. What people really missed on Allen is that when his mechanics were right he was damned accurate. He also didn't have a lot of high level QB coaching and something Brandon Bean spotted was that in the time from when the college season ended to the Senior Bowl Allen's mechanics actually showed improvement and that was just over a short period working on it with Jordan Palmer.
  6. To be fair Josh threw TDs to other players they just refused to count them/catch them.
  7. This and when they talked about BB complaining about cap space and just doing the best he can with what he's got.....It's Like your the GM Bill this is your ******* fault. People seem to give him so much credit for finding Brady but you do not take your franchise QB in the 6th round he got lucky and he's not great as a GM here lately.
  8. I get it from my perspective I really hope he's still in Buffalo next year but I'd be happy for him to get an opportunity somewhere. It's a pretty 1st world problem football wise to be worried about losing our coaching staff. I'd for you guys the Bills basically made a blue print of how to fix this stuff. They found their guy McDermott who also had his guy Brandon Beane and they had a vision that they sold ownership and they bought in. Which is pretty important the plan involved not being great for like two-three years and you have to actually ride that. Bills got lucky and got to go to t
  9. Adam Gase came from Manning after he'd been a Franchise QB for years and had been calling his one plays for a bunch of them. I mean I think Allen will be fine if we lose Daboll 1. We have Dorsey the QB coach that came last year and should be able to run the system 2. We have the WR coach Chad Hall and those guys love him they bought him a damn truck for Christmas. 3. Josh lighting sh*t on fire this year means even if those guys don't work out there's probably plenty of great candidates that'd love to coach him. Daboll I think could be a great HC he's shown to be a good coordinator and I t
  10. So Bills fan here and to be clear I don't want Daboll to go here or really anywhere. Funny story with that Daboll got put up there last year after he was seen yelling at Josh in the first Patriots game. Which to be fair started off pretty bad for Allen. Since then he does seemed to of mellowed and Josh and really all of the WRs love him. He seems to of stayed up their because it gives him a better view of the game. Being honest I think Daboll has learned a lot from McDermott in terms of handling players/a team. That's something I wonder with Daboll he was pretty hot seat adjace
  11. I mean if the Bills don't already do that next week.
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