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  1. Yes I'm sure we're supposed to move the ball toward their endzone.
  2. I wasn't sure before but now it's official things are terrible.
  3. What is this not the face of a man whose master plan is running along smoothly?
  4. So you want to both give the team credit for tanking so effectively while also saying it's happening/started unintentionally?
  5. Whether it was the intended plan or not the Jets are clearly embracing the tank at this point and in that regard Gase is doing a great job.
  6. Hey people feel better thinking it's on purpose.
  7. Why does Gase always send me this weird video of himself whenever we're losing a game?
  8. Well I guess intentional is better than what'd I'd been thinking.
  9. I mean that's an awful lot to pay a RB who hasn't done much in the last two years going into what is likely a very tough cap year.
  10. Rosen is a statue how would he do any better here.
  11. But he'll put Sam and Becton back in injured because **** em I guess.
  12. But what about when you run out of weed?
  13. The main thing is when McDermott came he came with a plan to rebuild the team and Ownership agreed to it knowing that the team would likely get worse before it got better. Things haven't been perfect, they for some reason thought Nathan Peterman could hold the starter job for any length of time while Josh developed, but have gone pretty well according to plan.
  14. They're actually in the lead because of the tie. Race to be the NFC East Division Champ:
  15. I mean if the Bills defense can get back to form definitely. I mean kind of they had the HC and GM before getting their QB but the OL and WR rooms were god awful Allen's first year I don't know if any of them are starting anywhere and most are out of the league.
  16. They get to play the NFC East for 6 games they'll find a win somewhere.
  17. Goes off the field holding his arm like that and then comes back perfectly fine...yeah that's a big yes.

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