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  1. Again, clearly, the only solution is to get both
  2. "Reporters" these days are scum just lying all the time, but Judon is WAY worse by bringing that man's family into it for no reason. What a tool.
  3. Lets just agree as fans to not let this drop as Jamal's career starts to fade. If he was winning in Seattle he would be rubbing it in non-stop. Things aren't going his way, so he wants everyone to be nice to him. We're not doing it, so he's all butthurt. When he starts to decline soon and the Jets are on the way up, let's keep track of what he's up to. I don't want to lose site of this bum and let him off the hook when he's getting cut before he's earned all his guaranteed money on his next deal. When he's traded for a 4th rounder. Things like that. Jamal was right that winning is al
  4. Say what you want about Jamal being a dildo (spoiler: he's a dildo), that's a great nickname
  5. I'm surprised by that. I really think Fields has what it takes. Wilson is also a great prospect, but I would take Fields at #2.
  6. Agreed, but PFF doesn't account for being a dawg. According to Jamal that's worth at least an extra 21 points.
  7. No fault of the TS, but PFF is trash. It used to be the case that you needed to be a good journalist and then someone would hire you to write for a well-respected publication. The system worked because it valued good writing and journalism. Now there is no vetting process and almost everything is made up. Anyone can, and seemingly does, write about sports. Anyone can also start a site. "Some say he could be a steal" "The Jets could be looking for an upgrade" I get accused of being a grumpy old man sometimes, but wtf does this even mean? I could be the starting QB in 2021. I coul
  8. We need Sam to start banging Eva Longoria, so we can make the playoffs!
  9. As exciting as it would be to get Von Miller and Chandler Jones, these are the definition of Macc signings
  10. Thanks for the thoughtful response. I don't think all elite pro QBs can be lumped together though. Lamar Jackson is a lot different than Tom Brady in his response to the blitz and that's a good thing. Justin Fields is also really good at pulling something together when plays break down and I don't mind him holding the ball a little longer. IMO, it's a bad thing if a player like Fields throws the ball away as his default when he is clearly such a talented play maker. He also has incredible accuracy down field and I dont mind if he takes an extra sack here and there when he hits on big play
  11. Just curious, why is that no bueno? To me it shows that he doesn't panic under pressure. I would be more interested in a stat that shows mistakes against the blitz vs. mistakes against no blitz.
  12. Wilson is great, but I think Justin Fields is going to special. Every team that passes on him will regret it. Some of Fields' long balls float in the air a little too long, and he has a tendency to stare down his first read. If he can overcome these issues, I think he'll be winning a few superbowls.
  13. Credibility means nothing these days. These ahole "reporters" just make things up and are rewarded for it because fans have started treating football like it's a soap opera. Somewhere along the way it became more about these rumors than the competition on the field and the abilities of the actual players. Most young people who say they are fans just gossip about these athletes like they're the Kardashians. They use phrases like "generational" and "x-factor" thinking it makes them as smart as Stephen A. Smith. I feel like most of these guys run to the bathroom to play with themselves
  14. I've heard around here that jerry jeudy is pretty good
  15. Not very polite to call people Boomer. For such a self-proclaimed tolerant generation, you guys can do a lot better.
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