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  1. this forum has changed and how racist its getting. i thought things would get better after 2020/covid but guess not
  2. Let me? Its gross that we have mods like this. If your ego is so big that you want to ban me because I hurt your feelings, have it at it. You'll be the one who looks stupid (again)
  3. So you're immune from saying something stupid? Park your stupid charlie brown schtick, especially when a 22 year old may have lost a year of his career.
  4. I can confirm there is also a headband under the helmet, but not sure if the little guy has any hair. So excited to see Zach play this season. I have a feeling he's the real deal.
  5. The Great Gazoo. Sorry, if I'm dating myself with the Flinstones reference
  6. The players share revenue. It's good for everyone's bottom line.
  7. Your point totally makes sense. Mine is definitely a hot take. With respect to Tua, I think you don't do that a kid you're trying to build up. You let him fail and learn from the mistake or maybe even succeed. But you don't deprive him of the opportunity altogether if he's the future.
  8. Calling it now. The phins are drafting either Trey Lance or Mac Jones at #6 and they REALLY like whoever it is. They have no faith in Tua. They pulled him out of the game in some of the biggest moments of the season. He absolutely won't be the QB next season. They're ready to compete and Tua is holding them back. I'm guessing they have an open QB battle in camp. The new kid smokes Tua and they ship him for a Rosen-type return (2nd or 3rd rounder). My guess is Mac Jones. He's pretty much guaranteed to be there at #6, while Trey could go at #4 to the Falcons. If they liked Trey they needed to stay at #3
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