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  1. The players share revenue. It's good for everyone's bottom line.
  2. Your point totally makes sense. Mine is definitely a hot take. With respect to Tua, I think you don't do that a kid you're trying to build up. You let him fail and learn from the mistake or maybe even succeed. But you don't deprive him of the opportunity altogether if he's the future.
  3. Calling it now. The phins are drafting either Trey Lance or Mac Jones at #6 and they REALLY like whoever it is. They have no faith in Tua. They pulled him out of the game in some of the biggest moments of the season. He absolutely won't be the QB next season. They're ready to compete and Tua is holding them back. I'm guessing they have an open QB battle in camp. The new kid smokes Tua and they ship him for a Rosen-type return (2nd or 3rd rounder). My guess is Mac Jones. He's pretty much guaranteed to be there at #6, while Trey could go at #4 to the Falcons. If they liked Trey they needed
  4. People are just upset that Coleman is only a 77 in Madden. While we're at it, I'm pretty sure #1 WR on this board just means 90+ OVR. I'm convinced it's why so many people wanted Arob
  5. Thanks for sharing, but I'll wait for a real source like Raj to confirm it
  6. Its going to be good for resetting the culture to have a bunch of players who need to perform
  7. Nick Bolton seems like a Saleh type player. Not sure about the scheme fit though. Is there any LB you feel strongly about?
  8. I wanted to down vote the Mehta post, but @Jetlife33 has been a saint this entire thread/off-season.
  9. So now it's only the team he was under contract for that should make a statement? Your post above says it should be every NFL team. Make up your mind
  10. Not sure why you're accusing me of being angry, but OK I guess? Also, this is the real world and most teams haven't made statements.
  11. I think this type of thinking is the problem and much more naive. Respect for public institutions (like the legal system and due process) is a common good that we should all preserve. We can disagree.
  12. Someone is being accused of felony sexual assault. The court of law is all that matters. The court of public opinion needs to mind it's business and wait for the legal system.
  13. Not sure it would decrease his trade value if they are just allegations. The team can say they don't want the distraction in order to (partially) preserve the reputation of the organization. FQB leaves because the team is run by morons is hard to recover from. I'm just speculating though. For all we know, he could actually be a guilty POS. I'll assume he's innocent for now, as we all should.
  14. Sorry I rustled some feathers. Didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings
  15. Those 3 firsts would all be in the 24-32 range if the Bears got Wilson. Those 3 picks are worth about the same as our #2 overall pick this year, if not less.
  16. Interesting post. I can see that. "Deeply religious owner does not want rapist" is a great angle to get rid of him without looking as incompetent as an organization.
  17. He's innocent until proven guilty. On top of that, the timing and source are beyond suspect.
  18. I'm not convinced that a few late round picks here and there disrupt the balance of the league.
  19. +1. I'm sure there is a lot of dirty stuff happening behind the scenes. The rumored documentary or whatever has to have pissed off and terrified a lot of people in the Texans org. Imagine all of the stuff that could have been said, not realizing DeShaun was recording all of it.
  20. Exactly. I can't understand how people think favors like this are a real thing. The owner of the team will want to know what all the offers are for Watson, and won't care if Caserio is friends with ol' Billy. If he's traded, it'll be in a deal that is meant to help the Texans as much as possible, not the Patriots.
  21. Just calling out a hypocrite where I see one and moving on.
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