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  1. Brady didn't carry bad teams. The Pats as a team were good for 20 straight years. They had completely different versions of dominant teams over their dynasty run. They did it by Brady taking a lower salary than he was really worth and drafting/signing/developing well. The Bills are trying to win with that same model (minus the low salary QB). As good as Allen has been they have found a bunch of core players in the draft - White, Milano, Taron Johnson, Edmunds, Oliver, Knox, Rousseau, Dawkins, Spencer Brown... They are building a pipeline of talent with new guys always ready to step up and repl
  2. Not since week 2. Week 1 and week 2 he let bad o-line play get to him and bring back some of the mechanical issues that he fixed last year. He was in a slump for sure. Week 3 he got it together. Completed over 70% of his passes each of the last 2 weeks. I think Wilson needs to focus on his mechanics to take that next step, usually missing short throws is caused by mechanical issues. Even Mahomes had to fix his footwork coming out of Texas Tech, and last year in the Super Bowl the pass rush got to him and some of his old footwork issues popped up again. For QBs like Mahomes and Allen and W
  3. Reminds me of Josh Allen's rookie season. Some throws that make you say WTF was that, some throws that only a couple other QBs can make. Playing with a bad o-line and weapons and sometimes trying too hard to overcome it all on his own. If he keeps developing Jets fans have a lot to look forward to.
  4. I'll admit to being really obsessed with football. Watching Josh Allen grow has given me a newfound appreciation for young QB development. As expected Jets fans are trying to talk down Lawrence because you're still a little insecure that winning a meaningless game last year might have cost you a generational talent. From my unbiased perspective both QBs look good, Wilson does look a tick better but the disparity in talent (and, I think, coaching) around Lawrence is bigger than the disparity between the QBs.
  5. I have been on this forum multiple times saying Zach Wilson looks good and the fans crying about his training camp performances were way too ahead of themselves. I'm a big believer in Chris Simms as a QB evaluator. He nailed Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, and Pat Mahomes. When he ranked Wilson higher than Lawrence most people laughed at him. Me, I took him at his word. As of now doesn't look like his opinion was silly.
  6. Uh, no he hasn't looked atrocious. He looks like a talented QB with total garbage around him. Reminds me of Josh Allen his rookie year in a lot of ways. They need to get him some kind of offensive line, hard for a young QB to develop without basic protection. Wilson has looked better so far but I don't think he would look much better in the Jaguars offense than Lawrence has.
  7. A troll? I'm apparently more optimistic about the Jets than most Jets fans on here. I was here telling people to calm down when Zach Wilson was throwing training camp interceptions. Your fanbase is trolling itself. Be realistic with where you are as a team. You have a rookie QB that needs at least one year of seasoning and a rebuilding roster. So the one strength of your team got weaker. Oh well. Enjoy watching Wilson develop if he does. That's what your sesson is about.
  8. Lol how did I know you were going to cite PFF? Come on. If he was that good he would have gotten more money. He might be at Jerry Hughes's level. I love Jerry Hughes. But he is not a game wrecker.
  9. Lol in training camp? Against Becton who has apparently been bad all around? I promise you when the regular season came around Lawson was not going to be a game wrecker. He's a pretty good pass rusher. You overpaid a little bit for him, which is fine because that's what you do to get free agents from other teams. But he has never been a game wrecker. We are in a completely different part of our life cycle as a team. When Josh Allen was a rookie if Tre'Davious White had torn his achilles I would have been devastated for him. But it would not have changed my outlook on that season. And W
  10. Why are you guys so broken up about this? Lawson is a good pass rusher but he's not a game wrecker. And it's not like you were going to be legit contenders this year. All you guys should worry about this season is that Zach Wilson and Robert Saleh show growth. You are 2 years away from being Super Bowl contenders if everything goes right.
  11. Yeah Wilson looks good. You guys might have something here. Effortless throwing motion. Can throw on the run. Obviously still a lot he has to show he can do. But good start.
  12. Bills fan checking in. Wilson looked pretty good on that 1st drive. His arm talent pops off the screen. I watched Tua earlier and every pass took an eternity to get to it's destination. The difference is obvious. I'd like to see how Wilson handles pressure in the pocket but overall a good first showing.
  13. This is embarrassing, man. If I was a Jets fan I'd be humiliated. Then I would read your post and be even more humiliated.
  14. Allen didn't suck in year 2. This is what I mean, people outside of Buffalo didnt actually watch him. He was pretty bad in year 1 but showed improvement in the 2nd half of that season. Year 2 he was actually pretty good considering his supporting cast. Year 3 didn't come out of nowhere, it only looked that way to people that didn't pay attention. Mahomes and Rodgers both had accuracy issues in college caused by mechanical issues that they had to fix. You're flat out wrong about them. There's a reason neither saw the field until year 2 or year 3 of their careers. Allen wasn't given that ch
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