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  1. THAT is really what we are going with here? This was a sloppy game all the way around and there might be a couple more to get into form but thats kinda predictable. From someone like you Id expect something better than the ol 'well my team didnt do well and we beat ourselves rather than you beating us'. Im not here for a victory lap, and fortunes can change so im not a rub it in your face kind of guy. I just expected something a little better honestly. I feel a little let down.
  2. I mean, thats just silly. You are entitled to your opinion, but its a shame your football views are ones in which you think youve outsmarted the rest of the world. Sadly, your view wouldnt be changed if he was mvp. There would still be some way to explain it away. A very similar scenario happened woth Lamar last year in which people thought he couldnt play. Sadly some of those people refuse to admit they were wrong and still dont give credit where its due. Thats not a productive or worth while conversation Im interested in having so at the very least thank you for humoring me and lets agree to disagree
  3. You prove the argument further here. The closed mindedness simply bc you believe you are right renders you to have an inability to be objective. Its like people who hate the taste of something when they were kids but love it as adults. They were open minded to try it again. Just bc im your world josh allen isnt good doesn't make it so to the rest of the world/real world.
  4. Hell ya! X2 by downvoting yours to boot! I hoped youd notice how smooth that was. I just wanted to let you know its that important. You know, im kind of a big deal!!!
  5. You are impressive. Ive been on most teams message boards over the years and you are, by far the most enthusiastic homer delusional die hard ive ever had the pleasure/displeasure to have read. You really are bonkers - you know that right? Im not sure if thats good or bad honestly....but its its something all right. The crap that spews from your fingers is amazing. Maybe its not a bad thing. Hearts and rainbows 24 hrs a day does sound quite nice. That said, should the unthinkabke happen and the jets loose sunday (and not loose/win but loose loose) i hope some of your fellow fans send people to your residence after to ensure your saftey. To be safe, maybe let a friend borrow or look after your knives, scissors, rope, or anything else potentially dangerous for the weekend. You know... just to be safe?
  6. I dunno, there are some grumbles here and there but most Bills fans like Daboll. Hell, he even got some head coach sniffs last year. From camp reports, the O is running pretty smooth and this is the 1st year w allen that the D hasnt had their way with the offense. Im not as cocky as some Bills fans in that ive learned nothing is a sure thing. I hope the Bills win and think they should but with all the unknowns I dont consider it money in the bank. The jets seem to be a little all over the place. An interview from a national pundit summed it up well on the radio today saying they could be the worst team in the league,most likely theyll be a 6 win team, but they also could slide into the last wildcard spot. Throw in a divison game and it being the 1st game w no ps ganes to boot and damned if i know. The Bills should win, but crazier things have happened. Good luck!!
  7. No one forgets my man. It just makes it that much sweeter!
  8. With trash talk like that i think ill be able to drag myself up of the floor to do it hahaha. You seem to have missed the point though. Its not straight trolling. Its more trying to have a constructive conversation - which - many people on your board have been capable of having. Its not like either of our franchises are the Patriots. At this point they both had a similar starting point and if nothing more than having the correct people in the front office. Hopefully the jets catch up next year bc its a fun rivalry. There is no reason why it needs to be all trash talk. Most people here have been really respectful and i appreciate it and enjoy the constructive conversation. For the few who like to dog on allen bc its all they have left- thats cool too. It really doesn't phase bills fans anymore bc they know whats up. Dude could be mvp and jets fans would still knock him. Its what jets fans do. I know full well what i was in for signing up here. Those who have been welcoming, thank you!
  9. But thats the entire point. Respectfully, you cant see the full picture bc you are too wrapped up in it. These tired knocks people have had on allen since he was drafted are old and outdated. No one even know he could run when he was drafted so he silences one and thats the next lazy one to come up. Unless you have a crystal ball, you dont know. You cant see the forrest through the trees so to speak. If this was 2 totally different teams, youd be more objective and realize after 2 years and constant improvement its almost ignorant to pretend you know how something will turn out. Many national pundits have changed their story on allen for example. Theyve put in the time and watched him and have seen it 1st hand. Not a couple games a year and then in the playoffs, but most games to see the game changing ability that IF harnessed, can turn into something special. Now dont get me wrong thats a big IF.... but each year he has improved and was far and away the most raw qb taken that year. The people who, like yourself, have already made their decloration will continue to do so because you either havent watched, dont know what you are looking for, OR (and this is most common) decided when he was drafted hed be a bust and cant admit you might be wrong. In this case as a jets fan its a double edge sword because if Sam fails, then its not only admitting allen is good but ALSO that your team chose the wrong guy. Again, im not going to tell you either will be a star or either will be a bust. It just makes it hard to be objective when you keep insisting you know something that hasnt yet been decided. Your emotions have clouded your judgment young padawan.... hopefully its not forshadowing to a turn to the darkside!!!
  10. Ok, so if we wanna cherry pick stats we can all find stats that make allen look awesome or terrible. Same with darnold, he has flattering stats and others not so much. Here are a bunch of jets fans, who, rather than actually discussing the upcoming seasons prospects... wanna bicker over what constitutes a turnover. Why? Well, if the Jets were my team I might be inclined to turn my attention somewhere else as well - so I dont blame you one bit. Heck, things are apparently so bad some posters here need to litterally make themselves feel better by saying if the Bills had their qb theyd be better bc if you cant actually be good.... thinking you have the better qb is some sort of consolation prize? As ive said a few times, i think both qbs are on the rise. The problem is, Jets fans seem to think insulting allen is an insult because they have savior sam. Meanwhile, at this point, Jets fans seem to be the only people finding consolation in that as it would seem most people, inculding most Bills fans would rather allen. Do those of you who think darnold walks on water REALLY think you know something the rest of the world doesn't and your just smarter or everyone? OOOORRRRRR is it maybe a little more likely its just maybe being a wwweeeeeeee bit jealous and even though youd never admit it - deep down inside there is doubt maybe your team took the wrong guy? Hey, i wanted Rosen so what do I know. All i know is I tried explaiming how silly it is to judge either of these kids like they are a finished product. You guys didnt want to and opened the can of worms. After analyzing it, I get it. Hope is a dangerous thing. It makes us do crazy things. Case in point?
  11. Ironic, considering the Jets would actually be good if... wait.... lol, w/that roster - never? OUCH!!!
  12. Big charity aspriations for a guy w 7 less INTs and 2 more games played than Darnold....;)
  13. Lol, ya ok... darnold may go to 3 and 0, but the rest will let you sleep better tonight so whatever you need to tell yourself- i get it:)
  14. The Bills secondary depth will be tested early as well. Could be a good time for Sam to test it. I dunno.... i fully understand and expect some homerism, ESPECIALLY on an opposing teams message board. But outside of some truly (refershingly) objective Jets fans - there is something deeper. There is always a disdain for Bills/Jets between their fans. But now that Bills fans want so badly for the NFL to see what they do in their FQB and Jets fans dont want to admit or think maybe they drafted the wrong guy... its gotten worse. If the Jets loose, Im sure SAR will be here spouting about how the Bills won in spite of Allen and if Darnold was QB for BUF they would have won by even more etc and I guess whatever you need to think to make yourself feel better is fine BUT I think the reality is each of these qbs still have progression ahead of them and neither are a finished product. There have been a lot of knocks on Allen here and many are warranted but others are just plain silly. The kid didnt have anywhere near the amount of snaps the others did in college and the qlty of those snaps he did receive were of a much lower caliber competition on top of that. Anywhere he has needed to progress between yr 1 and yr 2, he has AND there was an improvement both statistically and with the eye test. That pitch in the playoffs last year keeps getting brought up... was it dumb? Yep! But it was just a kid who wanted it really Bad trying to make something happen. That seems to be a big knock on him in that maybe he cares too much. Is that really a bad thing? I think it shows drive and desire to get better and thats why hes won the hearts of Bills fans. People like that however seem to keep getting better. By all accounts hes impressed at camp, so we'll see this year. Conversely, Darnold just needs some consistency so he CAN grow. Its not his fault its been a circus around him and he has managed to keep his head above water and impress here and there in the process. Hopefully for the jets this is the beginning of the carousel stopping spinning and he can build on the success hes had in his 1st 2 years and step up and make the Jets a suprise. Bottom line is both these qbs are still young, promising, and have career arcs on the upswing. If SAR feels the need to dog the Bills RB, fine. But calling him and RB and rehashing knocks from when he was drafted such as he just runs and cant throw is not only wrong, but plain lazy. Outside of some bitter/jealous/dissappinted jets fans, that isnt the general consensus and i think youd enjoy it more if you were open to the possibility both could be good. I dont get hating on a team bc is is perceived as the better team. Its the equivalent of a Bills fan who just wants to preach about how all jackson does is run and how defenses figured him out last year and he cant pass and blah blah blah. All that is, is an uninformed Bills fan upset his team had a shot at Lamar and they passed OR jealous that Baltimores QB came along faster than theirs. Its just silly. Be better than that and enjoy 2 good young qbs who hopefully will be playing good exciting games against each other for years to come!!
  15. Sar 1, at first i found your posting homerish and off base.... now i honestly just feel kinda bad for you. Sunday could be a terrible day in Sar 1 land. Why set yourself up like that? Even before a game has been played you make yourself feel better by denouncing something by making excuses. Your fellow boardies must love you....

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