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  1. I am always curious what the week 1 score would have been had Mosley not gotten that lucky pick 6. Everyone always says "oh we would have won if CJ didnt get hurt", but what happens if the ball didnt bounce off beasleys thigh pad? We probably would have not scored 10 points in that game.
  2. I don't see how the jets spank the bills in any way, our roster is terrible. I think Allen has shown more improvement from year 1 to year 2 than Darnold did (Darnold started farther ahead), and if he keeps improving, he will be a scary guy to go against for our Jets. If he improves his completion percentage 6% for the second year in a row, learns to hit the checkdown and doesnt fumble, he will be very good. The Bills team seems to rally around their QB, and hopefully we start to see that with the Jets this year.
  3. It seems like they improved more than we did. We have a bunch of pieces of a line that might not mesh, they have a decent line that brings back everyone. They brought in one of the best receivers in the game, one whos game matches the strength of allens and might help with the weaknesses. Diggs, Brown and Beasley the best trio in the AFC East. They upgrade from a decrepit Frank Gore to a rookie RB who's gonna be very good. Their defense is so much better than the Jets defense, and its not even close.
  4. except they are legitimately NOTHING like the browns. The Browns were all flash with holes everywhere, specifically offensive line, and new coaches and coordinators. The Bills starters are all solid players, with an above average offensive line, weapons who can keep their mouth shut and one of the best, if not the best secondaries in the NFL. If you pair that secondary with the play of Edmunds and Oliver in the middle, its going to be very hard to move the ball. On top of that, they return all 3 main coaches. I honestly dont see more than 2 jets starters that could even start on the bills. I wanna hope for the Jets to do something encouraging this year, because we've had a ton of duds in the past, but this Buffalo team is so far ahead of us. We are basically where they were to start last year, but without the talent on defense and quality receivers.
  5. That is the most asinine thing you've said here. NO ONE thought the bills would do anything in 2018. They drafted a raw QB out of a small school, traded away tons of talent. They were projected by books to win 4 games max that season. What a dumb statement dude.
  6. Except they come in with continuity and significantly less headaches. I think they will be a very tough team to beat this year
  7. Their team has significantly more depth than ours. That D Line has Hughes, Addison who are good players, add in Epenesa and Trent Murphy, those are all capable pass rushers. Then youve got Oliver who is a stud, Phillips who looked great until his injury and a few new faces that I bet McDermott gets the most out of. Linebackers are a little unproven but their starters are studs. Their CB depth blows ours out of the water. Norman or Wallace would be our CB 1. Also if you watched Singletary last year or Moss at Utah, those guys get yards. The bills ranked very high running the ball last year and Gore was basically a corpse at the end of the year. I think they are as good as advertised, I honestly dont see more than 2 of our players as starters on their team, which is a scary thought.
  8. lol the jets putting 40 points on an elite Bills defense is never going to happen.
  9. Bruh I am a jets fan, just a rational one. We lost week 1, and we were lucky to score over 10 points in that game. CJ's one lucky play was almost half our points. 20* jets on IR but starters all over the board versus a team with 2? starters playing. I am going to go out a limb and say that there are not many bills fans actually scared of this seasons jets. Like not at all. They are a playoff caliber team with a top 3 defense in the NFL, a scary good receiving core, an underrated RB duo and an above average line that brings all of their starters back. Those are things that lead to wins in the NFL, not potential of an inconsistent QB on a team with no difference makers and lots of holes. Sure, we finished the year 6-2 and played nicely. That's nice but we lost our best defensive player. Our secondary is a mish-mosh of unproven or injury prone players. I think that was more of a coincidence than anything else. This team really lacks difference makers and chemistry on the offensive line and with a schedule as brutal as ours, that will go a long way.
  10. How many games will it take to get the chemistry down? Doesnt seem like those two practiced much at all
  11. Had that pitch worked everyone would have talked about what a genius play he made in a clutch time. Knox would have ran someone over with the ball in his hands.
  12. Finally someone who thinks a little rationally. And it comes from a Bills fan? No way! just joshin with ya...,. get it? But yeah the Bills are LEGIT and even a slight improvement from Allen would mean the take the division. I read a stat somewhere that had Allen (who has the lowest checkdown percentage in the NFL) checked down 7-or-so times, his completion percentage would have been over 60%. This narrative of him being so inaccurate that he cant hit an open receiver needs to go, that guy slings the ball on the run like few I have ever seen. I remember seeing him shake the Cinci DE out of his shoes on a broken play and hit the first down last year. There was maybe 1 or 2 guys in the NFL that could make that play. If he improves, which he probably will with the cast and continuity they bring, the Bills will be beating us for years. Good luck guys, I am not optimistic about week 1 at all.
  13. thats a lot more starters than the bills put out for more than 1 drive in that game
  14. Why is this guy allowed to speak on this board? Jesus dude, you are a straight homer. Look at the Jets starters and find which ones would start on the bills, id say you can arguably choose 3 (If an unproven Becton counts). Youve got Bell (arguably), Quinnen (Arguably), and Bekton (Arguably). Would I personally take Sam over Allen on that roster from what we've seen? Nope. Would I take Maye over the two stud safeties the bills have? Not a chance, Hyde is awesome and Poyer is probably the most underrated Safety in the NFL. Any offensive weapons? Maybe Herndon, but he has not played in a long time and that dude Knox seemed to flash some huge potential. Their roster is significantly better than ours. SIGNIFICANTLY. In a year where continuity is more important than ever, they replaced 3 starters? One of which is a huge upgrade and one of the best deep threats in the NFL. Sadly, this is going to be a beatdown. I see a lot of better players on their offense then our defense, and their defense is full of studs. The jets BARELY beat the Bills backups last year, what makes you think they could beat the bills roster from last year? Had it not been for a few bad/freak turnovers, our offense wouldn't have done anything against them week 1 last year. Almost half our points came because the ball conveniently hit off Beasley's thigh pad and right into CJ's hands. Allen was marching the ball down the field on us twice before they fumbled. (One of which was completely on the center). We can pretend and say "had Mosley not gotten hurt we would have won", but the Bills fans can say "Had that ball not bounced off beasley's pad, you would have scored less than 10 points in that game." and thats just as valid an argument.

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