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  1. Awesome!! You said the bills were going to lose to KC the 1st time they played and you were right. Love it!! Sometimes you are right. Sometimes you are wrong. No credibility my friend. Enjoy the game!!
  2. Sorry. Your previous post is all i need to know. The bills will win and ONLY becsuse you insist they didn't beat the colts, the colts lost the game. All is right in the world again!!
  3. Yes!!! You are back to your old self again. Now i know the bills are going to win....or maybe KC will lose. Either way, thanks Sar!!
  4. Never been banned and I personally guarantee you no one on this site has the guts to ban me. I've been here since before the start of the season and have had great conversation with about 75% of the people on this board. The other 25%, yourself included in that category, are witless idiots who can't even comment intelligently on a post, thus, they have no reason to even attempt to comment. Again, my conversation with Sar had nothing to do with you. Your initial comment to me was completely false and I called you out on it. Run along now and enjoy the games this weekend!
  5. correct. A win IS a win. Gosh you really do learn well from Sar. You sound just like him! Anyways, as I stated before, my conversation with Sar has nothing to do with you. Unless you have something intelligent or insightful to add to the conversation, please move along. Thanks.
  6. Actually, it's 2 playoff games. Have you been following the last few weeks? Also, I've been posting with Sar from before the first game of the season so this has nothing to do with you or with gloating. If you want to run to the aid of your fearless leader, fine by me. But try speaking intelligently on a post next time okay? Enjoy the games this weekend!!
  7. come on SAR! don't give me the cold shoulder! Maybe you guys will land Watson (no idea why he'd ever want to go to the Jets but stranger things have happened) and you won't be so sour anymore!!
  8. once again, this post aged well! For the last time, as I did before the start oft he playoffs, I'm offering you a Buffalo Bills foam finger and a ticket to the AFC Championship game at KC. Are you interested? Still time to jump on the bandwagon!! Please continue to predict the Bills to lose each and every game. So far it's worked out beautifully! Cheers!
  9. Thank you! I appreciate that. Any given sunday, should be a battle!
  10. wait a minute now....are you the same person who said the Bills would still find a way to lose the division earlier this year? The same person who said the Bills would be one and done in the playoffs? You've been wrong twice in a row now. Keep betting against the Bills, so far it's worked out wonderfully for them!!
  11. care care to make a wager on that? I GUARANTEE you I will never get banned. No one on this site has any balls. You included. Enjoy cuddling with Sar this weekend sweetheart!

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