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  1. shoo shoo me nasties and away me goes!!! jets suck so hard but you're a witless troll!!!!!!
  2. Such a fanbase of crybabies and whiners!! I've taken turds before that were better suited to play QB than Wilson but to hell with that! Keep grinding and never give up hope!!! It's about baby steps. Next game, convert a first down. The following game, down a punt inside the opponents 20 yard line. The game after that...….hit a field goal!! sack up and remember, we are jet's nation!!!! J E T S, JETS, JETS, JETS!!!!!!!!
  3. Jets nation, rise up and believe in yourselves!! Who cares if you are fans of the worst team in football? Who cares if there is no help on the horizon. Who cares if your QB is another sure-fire bust? You still have cold beer, delicious pregame snacks, and beautiful fall weather. Sack up, wipe away the tears, and cheer your team as loudly as you can!!!! What do we want? A TD!! What do we get??? 3rd and 7 and a pass thrown two yards in front of the sticks!!….but we live to fight another down!!!! yaaaaaas!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thank you and I hope you guys don't give up on Darnold. Better coaching and skill players and let's see what he can do!
  5. Totally agree and he admitted so much in his press conference after the game. Said if he had to do it over again, he would much more strongly consider going for both 4th downs instead of the chip shot field goals. But the thing about McDermott...he's a very smart man with a high football IQ. He'll learn from this and be better because of it starting this offseason as the team continues to build with the purpose of taking down KC.
  6. Agree 100%. Though i will say there wasnt much allen could do after the o line continued to miss blocking assignments and Allen was constantly having to back pedal to buy time. No qb can operate well under those circumstances. A few upgrades to the o.line, maybe a solid tight end, and an upgrade at pass rusher and Buffalo will be even better next season. This is the most confident I've been in the direction the franchise is heading since the early 90's.
  7. Here eveyday. The bills future is bright and the afc east will be a cake walk for the next decade at least. Enjoy be stuck behind the bills and dolphins!! Probably the Patriots too. Cheers!!
  8. Awesome!! You said the bills were going to lose to KC the 1st time they played and you were right. Love it!! Sometimes you are right. Sometimes you are wrong. No credibility my friend. Enjoy the game!!
  9. Sorry. Your previous post is all i need to know. The bills will win and ONLY becsuse you insist they didn't beat the colts, the colts lost the game. All is right in the world again!!
  10. Yes!!! You are back to your old self again. Now i know the bills are going to win....or maybe KC will lose. Either way, thanks Sar!!
  11. now THAT'S the most intelligent thing you've posted all day. bravo!!!
  12. Never been banned and I personally guarantee you no one on this site has the guts to ban me. I've been here since before the start of the season and have had great conversation with about 75% of the people on this board. The other 25%, yourself included in that category, are witless idiots who can't even comment intelligently on a post, thus, they have no reason to even attempt to comment. Again, my conversation with Sar had nothing to do with you. Your initial comment to me was completely false and I called you out on it. Run along now and enjoy the games this weekend!
  13. correct. A win IS a win. Gosh you really do learn well from Sar. You sound just like him! Anyways, as I stated before, my conversation with Sar has nothing to do with you. Unless you have something intelligent or insightful to add to the conversation, please move along. Thanks.
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