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  1. What's your number? I have a good feeling I'll be calling you in January. Cheers!
  2. That makes a lot of sense and I know the feeling. Question. Seems like it was around 2005 or 2006. I remember that Herm was the head coach and Pennington was the QB. Seems like the Jets made the playoffs off the play of a good defense and a decent but streaky offense. Beat the Chargers in the 1st round and lost to the Steelers in overtime the next round if memory serves me correctly. Did you enjoy that season and those years as much as when you had Sanchez and that vaunted defense that looked like it was on the verge of becoming a perineal top 5-10 team in the league? Who is remembered more fondly in Jets land. Pennington or Sanchez?
  3. Absolutely I want that. I want us to beat every team on our schedule and go 16-0. Not gonna happen but you know what I mean. It started last year with nearly beating the Ravens and the Patriots. It's continued this year with beating the Rams who are a very good and very fundamentally sound football team. Even with the covid losses to the Titans, Tannehill is playing lights out and if the Bills win in Tennessee on the road, I will also count that as a win against a quality opponent. Going 3-3 against the teams on your list above...I agree. 3-3 or 4-2 and I will start to believe the hype myself. Right now I am cautiously optimistic that the Bill's 4-0 start is legit. On offense, they have yet to establish the run BUT have a rb that is averaging 5 yards per carry. That tells me they have the ability to open up the run when and if they choose to do so. And defensively, three new guys along the D.line rotation and having Edmunds and Milano banged up this season have really kept them from performing to the level they achieved last season. However, they showed flashes of last year's defense at times yesterday and defenses across the league look like trash so far this year. If they start playing even half as well as they did last season, I think the Bill's can make a strong playoff push this year. The scary thing is, it's obvious at 4-0 they haven't even come close to reaching their full potential yet. I always enjoy talking with you. Keep your head up and enjoy the ride. It's going to be a long and strange season for all of us! John
  4. Good morning my friend! Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to say that I'm fairly certain the Rams will have a winning record when the season is over and I wouldn't be surprised if the Raiders did as well. Just saying. Maybe start to give the Bill's a microcosm of respect? Keep grinding and beat the Fish this year!! John
  5. No different than when people said Darnold was a franchise QB in the making. You win some, you lose some. Just remember to dream big and never give up!!!
  6. what REALLY sucks the most about this season is we have yet to see Darnold throw a 65 yard TD pass and then turn to the sidelines and shout out " I told yall I was the read deal, SUCK MY NUTS!!" He is going to unleash his inner beast and go off any game now!!
  7. It really should be Darnold's qb's coach at USC. He was turnover prone back then also BUT he played with a lot more confidence and moxy and was just a joy to watch! Go get em' Jets!!
  8. Darnold would easily carve up that putrid secondary for 215 yards and a touchdown in garbage time!!!! Dream big!!
  9. Denver 24, Jets 6 Darnold has a great game. 21-37, 187 yards, 2 picks. 5 rushes for 17 yards. 6 dropped passes, including one in the end zone, ruin what would have been his best game of the year. Dream big. The best is yet to come!!
  10. I am enjoying the heck out of it to be honest! The best start to a season I have experienced in a while and that includes the year Fitz took the Bills to 5-2. This team seems more legit. I just enjoy reading other fans points of views about the Bills, especially rival fans and other AFC East fans such as yourself. No hard feelings. This is a long season. You guys can still right the ship! Dream big!!
  11. I'm not trying to school anyone. Just pointing out that Allen is completely changing his narrative, even if a lot of fans and media refuse to say it. Also, not showing any cool stats either. Just hard, cold facts. Allen is playing great right now and as much as it must be painful to say it, the Jets probably drafted the wrong QB. It's okay. Fire Gase, start over the rebuilding project, and it WILL get better! Trust me I know. The bills just recently overcame the LONGEST playoff drought in the entire NFL. Hopefully you guys will weather the storm this season and get back on track next year. Good luck and enjoy the ride!
  12. I sure am glad the Bills decided to roll the dice with that 'inferior' prospect. 3-0 this year playing with the 20th ranked Defense in the league. Allen has carried the team. ALMOST lost the game yesterday but captained his 10th 4th qtr comeback in 3 years (you can site the 'ticky tac' pass interference call on the game winning drive all you want but that makes up for the horrendous interception in the 3rd qtr. that was clearly a completed pass and ended up changing the entire momentum of the game. Season stats through 3 games: Passing: 1,038yds (2nd in nfl). 10 passing td's (2nd in nfl). 1 interception (it wasn't really an interception). QBR 84.9 (4th in NFL). 71.1% completion percentage (tied for 7th) Rushing: 84 yards. 2 tds (12 total td's first 3 games). Finally beat a 'legit' team in the Rams. A team that was rolling. Held Dallas (one of the hottest offenses in the NFL right now) to 17pts and held the Eagles (yes they are a train wreck right now) to 19 points. Best defensive player in the NFL in Donald and a top 3 shutdown CB in the NFL in Ramsey. Allen has absolutely been surrounded by more talent than Darnold. That simple can not be denied. But people continue to label Allen as inferior and to refuse to see the progress he has made over the past three seasons which only makes them look foolish and ignorant. Most Bills fans will openly tell you that they like Darnold and think he will be a really good QB one day if he is ever in a better position to succeed. In any event, I hope you guys do find some level of success this season and I hope you beat the Patriots and help the Bills finally retake the division! Good luck!!
  13. Hey my friend. Just stopping through and came across this thread. Gotta call you out on this one a bit. Putting that playoff loss 100% on Josh's shoulders is a little silly. If not for a horrible 'illegal block call" that even the announcers said was a terrible call, the Bills would have been in easy FG range in OT and would have probably put the game away. Then on Houston's game winning drive, the Bills gave up a horrible 3rd and 17 and then had Watson sacked dead to rights later during the drive and gave up another huge first down. Not to mention at the end of the first half Duke Williams drops a perfectly thrown pass from Josh Allen in the corner of the end zone that would have made the score 24-0 at halftime. That loss was the very definition of a team loss. Josh has learned from it and will continue to learn from his mistakes. Not trying to be rude, but just wanted to set the record straight. To put that loss 100% on Josh's shoulders is a pretty weak argument my friend. I might also add Josh almost lead a huge comeback against the Ravens and was a few plays away from beating the Patriots on the road on National television. All the kid has done since entering the league is to work on his flaws and get better each and every game. His floor is high and his ceiling is SKY high. Good luck the rest of the season. I hope Bills vs Jets part II is a battle!! John
  14. As a man of my word I wanted to come back and say good game and I'm sorry things didn't go your way. Rough outing for Darnold (though he didn't have much help) and the defense was able to force a few huge Allen fumbles but by and large couldn't not stop the Bills most of the day. As you said, Allen is what he is. Misses wide open guys 10 yards in front of him in the endzone and coughs the ball up twice. But then he makes the 20 yard passes on the run look routine and throws for over 300 yards and over 70% completion percentage. In any event, no team is ever as good or as bad as they look in week one of the season. Keep your head up, keep grinding, and hopefully the rematch will be more competitive. And as always, let us both destroy the Patriots this season!!
  15. I hope you are right my friend. I want the Bills and Jets to have a competitive rivalry and to also beat up on the Pats for years to come!!
  16. I honestly mean this 100%. I respect you and your opinion. I also respect your fandom. Loyal, optimistic, and willing to trade a few barbs in a respectful way. I will take what you've said with a grain of salt and of course I know that Josh Allen may end up falling flat on his face. Just like those before him....JP, Edwards, Fitzy, Tyrod, and the list goes on and on. The one thing that give me more hope for Allen than any of the guys I just mentioned is his incredible work ethic. He came out of college raw and everyone knew he was a project. That project improved his completion percentage from year one to year two from 52.8 to 58.8%. Astronomically improved his TD to INT ratio. Improved the weakest part of his game (The intermediate range 10-20 yard passes). He worked extremely hard on that in the offseason and it paid off handsomely last season. This off season he has spoken about working just as hard to cut down on his mistakes (WTF Plays..most of which are caused by him wanting to do too much instead of leaning on his teammates OR just learning to give up on a play at times) AND working on his deep ball accuracy which by all accounts form his teammates, reporters, and the camp videos I've seen, his deep ball is night and day better than last season. He is no longer trying to aim 'push' it deep like a cannon shot. He is now trusting his receivers and throwing to a spot and his deep ball looks beautiful. I'm just saying, he promised to work on his intermediate game in year 1 offseason and he was a man of his word. I expect his weak areas to improve dramatically in year 3. When he says he is going to do something , he does it. The narrative that he is an inaccurate QB just isn't as true as people would like to believe it is. It's narrow minded and very short sided. Not only has his completion % improved dramatically in just one year, his receivers dropped more balls than any other team in the nfl AND he got better at throwing the ball away as the season went on. I just think there is something very special about him and for being a project QB, he keeps improving and is set to make a gigantic leap this season. My opinion of course.
  17. You might be wrong. You might be right. Either way, who cares? It's just a game. It's fun to have some banter back and forth and as I keep saying, I applaud you for wearing your rose colored glasses this year because I know what that's like! To have nothing but hope and a wing and a prayer going into what will probably be another long and disappointing season. I think the Bills will actually turn the corner this year and I also think Josh will play like a top 15 QB, BUT , again, who cares? It's a game. I'll enjoy the ride either way as I know you will also. TGIF!!
  18. I'm not sure what threesollarbills.com is (it's hard to copy and paste isn't it?) but I've neither been trolled now sucked into anything. I will admit, I am a little surprised at the optimistic outlook on this season 90% of you guys have based on the current state of the roster, BUT, I do get it. This time of year hope springs eternal! It always does. And I've been in your shoes before many, many times. I wish you the best of luck this season and except for the two games you play us, I hope you have a great and successful season.
  19. Actually, as a non Jet's fan I'm surprised I've found a true Jets fan who seems to know less about the current state of his team than I do. The OL is rebuilt? Okay. You do realize continuity on the offense line is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING for an o line right? You have none of that going into week one. It could take half a season or more for them to gel, and that's IF they do gel. Mimm's is hurting right now so one of your speedier receivers with some size is not healthy. Gore may be healthy but he is OLD!! Say what you want to about the Bills not being able to beat a good team and Josh not being the answer. He improved quite a bit from year one to year two and I expect a huge leap in year 3. If it doesn't happen, guess what? Life goes on!! I'm not saying the Bills are a super bowl caliber team by ANY stretch of the imagination. I'm just saying that at least on paper, The bills are miles ahead of where the Jets are right now. Again, I'll come back Sunday night win or lose. I just hope for a good, clean, and fun game!

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