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  1. LOOOOOOOOL "But make Gregg Williams a HC." Defense sucks agian, 2 weeks in a row.
  2. Really interested in the RBs this week. I think Gase respects Bell's talent but Bell is not the kind of RB Gase would want...whoever you blame for that is fine. I think he's going to enjoy Gore pounding the hole quickly and getting 4 yards on first down.
  3. I agree turnovers are nice but let's not act like getting the ball on your own 30 means you should get points. Starting position has been awful. The offense ahs been awful but you can' tjust say because they had a couple turnovers they should have points.
  4. James Lofton. Why put a guy who played his career with a team on that game, i have no idea.
  5. How can anyone say the defense has looked decent? Josh Allen has fumbled twice because that's what Josh Allen does. Other than those 2 plays the defense has looked 100% awful. It should be 35-0 if not for Josh Allen.
  6. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL What?!?!?! 21 points with 6:48 in the half, "Defense hasn't been bad"
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