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  1. Najee Harris = Shawn Alexander same guy who got Seahawks into a superbowl.
  2. I am taking Najee Harris at 2 and not looking back. He has more integrity in him than Pitts. Harris rode his car to not miss the proday, and does great in big games. Pitts takes games off. Second Harris can block, catch, and run through tackles and he can juke. That guy is a ****en warrior.
  3. Yeh so why does Russel wilson have bigger arms and hands at 5 foot 11 than Darnold at 6 foot 3. Why Hackenberg at 6 foot 4 has 9inch hands. I am drafting Trask period. Second his highlights say he has the best accuracy in the draft. Probably the best accuracy since Chad Pennington.
  4. TD–INT: 46–24 Passing yards: 7,693 Completion percentage: 65.8 Passer rating: 90.9 Rushing yards: 1,363 Rushing touchdowns: 15 His stats are not good.
  5. https://www.si.com/college/florida/football/florida-gators-nfl-draft-pro-day-results-analysis-2021 Wing: 80 5/8" Arm: 33" Hand: 10 1/8" Kyle trask measureables = Josh Allen. Highlights also backup the measurements. If I was JD I would probably get Najee Harris at 2 , Alex Leatherwood at 23... and trade up for Kyle Trask late first. Kyle Trask checks off all the marks. Plus he clears has the best accuracy in this draft. The Oklahoma highlights in the bowl game non withstanding because his top players were out.
  6. You need either hand size or arm length. Read what I wrote. If you have 1 of them you are fine.
  7. https://www.nfl.com/players/josh-allen-4/ Josh allen hand size way bigger than Hackenberg.
  8. https://www.nfl.com/players/christian-hackenberg/ Hackenberg small hands and arm length for his size.
  9. Not a troll. This is good thought. Either hand or arm length have to be bigger than expected for the height of the qb. That will lead to elite qbs. I always look for that. The problem is you dont have a clue.
  10. Arm length is 32 4/8. That is more than enough and close to Mahomes. I said either or .
  11. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/lamar-jackson/32004a41-4332-1944-2c61-498a3d83a44e Why Jackson have 2 inch bigger arms than Wilson at same height . https://www.nfl.com/prospects/zach-wilson/32005749-4c82-7119-d27e-724ec33f130b. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/sam-darnold/32004441-5246-6141-9e5c-6e7d32a03e33 Darnold for 6 foot 3 , hand small hands only 31 inch arms. While Jackson was inch smaller but bigger arms and hands .
  12. Majority of great qbs have >10 inch hands. You will study and see I am right. Teams who draft for arms / hand length usually get more hits than misses. This also leads to wingspan. The only 2 qb I am taking who check the marks are Fields and Trask. Fields has huge arms and Trask has huge arms and hands.
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