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  1. Jaguars were up on Arizona and Bengals who were both healthy with Hopkins and Chase. Don't smoke crack.
  2. https://www.espn.com/college-football/team/stats/_/id/333/season/2020 Moses led Bama in tackles last year, watch after week 8 that defense will have a big time leader. Jaguars are lucky they got him, he can tackle really well, and if he gets the speed back, he's an all pro for 10 years. Reminded me of Briggs and Cj Mosley.
  3. The Jaguars have a good problem, they are not losing because of talent. When you win the lines of scrimmage in every game, and lose because of stupid decisions or lack of dicipline that is the coach.
  4. Jaguars don't need a lot of pieces to win. Maybe 2 or 3, that is good team. The roster is good. An extra edge rusher and another outside speed wr.
  5. Jaguars will get Dylan Moses after week 8 and have him and Jack play the inside 3 - 4, that will be good.
  6. Jaxonville has 2 first round picks next and already has a great qb, they just need to fire that scumbag Urban Meyer and they might win it all next year. That team should win 12 games this year. Robinson is great player and they won the line of scrimmage in every game this year.
  7. KIck the field goal in the second half the game is over, that is why Urban will be fired tomorrow. 3 score game with a rookie qb but no
  8. Good accuracy, arm strength and a perfect nfl frame. I don't care at this point. With 2 , first round picks I am taking him.
  9. Ratler will be the pick as he should be. He's the real deal and has a good frame.
  10. Zach Wilson is just a bad qb. He's Johnny Manzel part 2. Bench him and dont play him again please. He has horrific accuracy and ball placement.
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