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  1. Urban Meyer just said on Big 10 postgame on the network, he talked to colleagues and they said he is the best player on the team. I don't compare him to Aaron Donald lightly. He shut down Ethianne to under 60 yards + pressured Lawrence . There is nothing more I can say. Take Wilkens off of the 2018 Clemson team and they don't hold Tua down. This Alabama team had 2 wideouts. Last year they had Jeady , Ruggs, Smith and Waddle all healthy + Najee. Why did they win ? A weak sec + Ohio St losing him. I do not diminish Nick Saban, but I would take a healthy Alabama vs Ohio St next week with no covid and Ohio St wins 6 out of 10 times. I am not a fields fan but he was 70%, a 100% fields puts up 40 + Togia and they win. He had the same sh*t happen in 2009 when Colt Mccoy got hurt vs Texas . He is great, but he has a lot of breaks. Big 10 has different covid restrictions vs the Sec. I am just happy Togia is a senior next year, and he is gona destroy teams next year.
  2. Keep laughing, Togia shut down Clemson by himself. You do not understand the difference a dominant defense player does. I don't care about Smith and the Bama offense, they would have been held in check had he played. We don't have another dominant tackle outside him. Btw hes coming back next year and we get Strout at qb next year. If they stay healthy, expect a chip next year.
  3. Better qb than Fields. Fields doesn't know what the hack he is doing vs the Blitz.
  4. I told you people Togia was the reason we beat Clemson, he pushes the offensive guard back. Baby Aaron Donald and we had no chance without him The backup qb we have CJ Strout is the best qb on the roster. It just ******* sucks they couldn't postpone the game. I am telling you folks they would have been stunned by him. Clemson and Penn St couldn't block him. Freshman don't play , but **** it Fields doesn't see the field, hes a horrible qb. Geno Smith. Urban Meyer is the gm of this team, he had Newton backing up Tebow , Joe Burrow backing up Haskins, he didn't let Strout play over Fields. You will see next year when Ohio St turns over to him and he goes on a Winston type run and we hold the trophy up nexr year. Gnite.
  5. Ohio St has a better backup qb in CJ Strout than Fields. Togia cost them. Ohio St has better players when healthy .
  6. Tommy was shredding double teams and stuffed Ethianne, and pushing guards into Lawrence's face. He defeated 2 great players by himself. Fields is a system qb, that boy is the key. HUGE covid loss.
  7. The pregame show just mentioned him again. Like I told you, he is the best player in America. A dominant dt is always the key and he is that.
  8. Why did Travis Ethianne rush for under 60 yards in his biggest game. Look at the game film on Tommy. He is great vs the run, and he is learning pass rush moves and huge arms / lenght of arms (liike Donald). The guy is an animal. The pregame show just mentioned Ohio St down dlineman. This is the guy. I am ******* sad.
  9. He wasn't playing a lot due to Robert Landers and Hamilton. I am Ohio St fan. He is at least on the level SUH was at Nebraska. Do not doubt me.
  10. The game should have been postponed till both teams are healthy. Dolphins have no playoff games, so why tf not? Ohio St without the kicker and Togiai. That aint fair folks.
  11. Tommy Togiai is the best player in America is out tonight. These recievers are not on his level. He single handily destroys blocking schemes.
  12. Tommy Togiai is out. Look him up , nobody talks about him, he is the best player in America. This is a major blow for us.
  13. This guy Tommy Togiai shut down Ethianne and Lawrence. That guy is the real deal.
  14. Tommy Togiai he is liike Aaron Donald is out for Ohio St. Dam we are going to lose . I am angry.
  15. Oh well he developed Dak Prescott , but he didn't win any big games.

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