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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deion_Branch
  2. I think his size and route running is similar to Branch
  3. Kenny Yeboah’s 19.4 Yards per catch in 2020 was higher than: Kyle Pitts(17.9) Pat Freiermuth(13.4) Hunter Long(12.0) Tre Mckitty(18.0) Tommy Tremble(11.0) All TEs taken in the 3rd round or earlier.
  4. Would have loved to sign Hilliard.
  5. In the old forum the first time I saw Robbie Anderson highlights I said hes a player. He is clearly a player. You do not dominate Alabama and not be a player. Even that small white guy from Clemson is doing good for Oakland now.
  6. I did not scout him before today, but the tape vs Alabama is all I needed to see. He is clearly a great playmaker and much better than Herndon . Facts is hes a really athletic player and will at least be as good as Smith the te from Tennessee that Titans had. Wilson will love him. He can be like Gates.
  7. Yeboah had 181 yards vs Alabama in 1 game. Mike Evans is the other guy who destroyed them like that and Chase from Lsu. This kid will be a star.
  8. The tape for Yeboah is pretty legendary for a tight end. He plays faster than his 40.
  9. 1:19 IN 70 yard td vs Alabama. That is very interesting. TF is he not drafted.
  10. Alabama couldn't cover Yeboah. They also couldn't cover Evans a few years back who turned out to be a good player for Tampa.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Gates Gates also not drafted.
  12. Yeboah = Antonio Gates. He just glides on the field. I think hes better than Pitts. He might also be better than Moore. That kid is a yac specialist.
  13. Jets had a chance to hire me as gm. I will literally fix this team in 1 offseason. Trading up is not an option when you know who the highest upside players are. You pick them where they are, and there is no need to trade up. The Alabama guard Brown is as good as Tucker at Usc and could have been had with our second, third round pick. Najee Harris made some great cuts running behind him.
  14. Identical height and arms. Weight is a slight issue, but can he can add it. He was more dominant than Buckner who is a top 5 dt right now .
  15. Second most dominant player to Chase Young in 2019 and didn't play in 2020. Huge wing span, and toys with lineman. You have no idea what you are looking at. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/greg-rousseau/3200524f-5561-7685-7a57-00bd6b5af7ea https://www.nfl.com/players/deforest-buckner/ Greg R will add weight. He can be great and a homerun for the Bills.
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