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  1. It's an easy media-driven narrative considering how poorly Wilson played during the second half of the season, outside of the game against the Jets, of course. I don't know if he's done but he was horrible from Week 10 onward. It was a struggle to throw for 200 yards.
  2. Another example that fuels my theory that a majority of media folks do a perfunctory job of watching film and studying the game. No one who's watched extended film of Sam's play believes he's in the same stratosphere as Watson.
  3. Belichick the coach is the GOAT, the problem of late is Belichick the GM. The Patriots have been terrible at drafting for years now, especially on the offensive side of the ball. They were in cap hell, short on talent, and backed into a corner. They are completely bereft of offensive talent right now. Brady left with good reason. I am certain Belichick wanted him back, unless he was prepared to begin a miniature rebuild. Brady, like Montana, was the beneficiary of fantastic situations throughout his career. Some forget how dominant the Patriots defense was during those early championships
  4. All we need is to make our 98-2018 uniforms kelly green and stick with the grey facemask. Please, burn all of the black nonsense.
  5. With so many needs I doubt we spend a first on a running back. You can find them all over the draft nowadays.
  6. We'll never know. Maybe trading down in Rd 2 and passing on Claypool? So far he looks quite a bit better than Mims but he's in a much different situation. I've always felt Douglas viewed this as a complete rebuilding job, including his inherited head coach and quarterback. We'll never know what JD felt about Darnold the day he took the job. It's possible he wanted to move on from Sam no matter what, baring a star-level explosion. I don't believe he was tanking this year, but I firmly believe the future was a far bigger priority than the 2020 season. If Darnold showed flashes, great, but J
  7. Thinking of Gase trying to communicate and build relationships with college players paints an amusing scene. BoB was great at Penn State but it seemed pretty clear he prefers the pro game. I'm sure he'll get a coordinator offer.
  8. The key difference is that Dolan got the hell out of the way six years ago. He finally let basketball people run the show. The Johnsons have no such plans.
  9. Reading the field/processing information quickly. The final INT today was a vintage Darnold interception, one that a quality QB makes maybe once a year, if that. You simply can't miss that DB at the tail end of Year 3.
  10. Probably the best case scenario for us given how tough the Rams defense has made life for Russ & Co. Goff's health is a question mark but I expect a close game regardless. Outside of rooting for someone (anyone) to beat the Patriots, I'm not sure I'll have rooted harder for a non-Jets team in the playoffs.
  11. Juju isn't anything special. He had a huge season when AB was still a beast and allowed Juju to feast on favorable matchups. He will be a bust here if we sign him. Haven't we had enough of the Steelers' castoffs?
  12. Marvin Lewis gets a bad rap but he's not a terrible coach. If you're going to go the retread route he should be near the top of your list. Cincy (the worst organization in the NFL) was solid for a long time with him in charge and had a couple of great seasons despite having miserly owners who were way behind the times when it came to resources (scouting department, etc.). They got some brutal breaks in the playoffs (Palmer's knee, Dalton getting hurt when they were 12-4 a few years back) and everyone likes to make fun of Lewis' 0-7 playoff record but he's really not a bad coach.
  13. I don't want any part of Juju unless it's on a very team-friendly deal. He's just not that great.
  14. We all know Gase sucks and Sam's situation has been bad but I don't know how any who closely follows the Jets can think Sam is still the answer. Sam's 5th year option makes this even more of a no-brainer that it's time to move on. Shortly after this spring's draft we have to decide if we're paying Sam about $25m to be our QB in 2022. We don't get any more evaluation time, we don't get to see him with new weapons and a new coach. He gets two more games under Gase and then we have to decide if he's going to be our starter for '21 AND that we're paying him roughly $25m for '22. It's similar
  15. I'm not going to judge him after one season, especially since they've only had CMC for two and a half games.
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