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  1. Optimism comes from the feeling that our front office, for once, has a multi-year plan and understands how good teams are built. They don't make short-sighted moves. They don't make moves that are splashy on the surface but fool's gold in reality (The Mac Special). They don't waste Top 10 picks on Leonard Williams or Jamal Adams when we have holes at every important position. That doesn't mean they won't make mistakes--both in the draft and free agency, because even the best franchises do so--but they will figure it out. I have no idea if Zach Wilson will be good, but almost all of the moves h
  2. All I want is our classic uniforms (what we wore from 98-18) in kelly green with jumbo Jet logo on a white helmet with a grey facemask.
  3. On one had he's right, we've had terrible QBs for a while. On the other hand this is a new regime and previous QB failures have nothing to do with Wilson's fate.
  4. I said it when we revealed our current uniforms that we'd change them as soon as the 5-year limitation expired; they are so uninspired. Now that they're firmly tied to Gase & Darnold I believe that's even more the case. Unfortunately that means we're looking at the '24 season for a new set. The only way we keep them is if Wilson is the truth and we're really good for the next three seasons.
  5. Great move. A potential Top 40 pick next year along with a 4th and a 6th. More than I expected we'd get. I assume JD had his price in his head and finally got the offer; no reason to wait until draft night. I hope Sam turns it around. If he'll succeed anywhere, it'll be living on play-action off of Cafe. Feels good to know we locked in on Wilson too.
  6. Who cares? Tom Brady struggled time and time again to keep/win the Michigan job.
  7. Do the same thing we did with Bridgewater a few years back. Hang on to Sam through the summer, inevitably some team will suffer a season-ending injury at QB and be desperate.
  8. Good franchises build through the draft. It's not exactly a secret.
  9. Is Juju even that big of an upgrade over Crowder? He's a few years younger and more durable. Maybe we want bigger WR. Davis, Juju, and Mims gives us three guys 210+ and 6'1+.
  10. Quite the situation. - This many cases is hard, though not impossible, to make up. You cannot ignore the timing of this though. - This doesn't benefit HOU since it'll likely kill any interest teams have in trading for him. Unless HOU's ownership is so petty that they're willing to burn it all down to ruin Watson's career.
  11. This is a huge signing. I have a close friend who's been a Bengals fan for 30 years and he's irate that they lost him. He said he's a better player than the stats indicate (though the QB hits provide a glimpse). It's a pretty reasonable deal too.
  12. He hasn't signed Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Lawrence Taylor on Day 1 of free agency. I want his head on a pike!
  13. Wow. If the medicals check out he has to be a top priority. He's a super-talented WR, probably one of the more underrated WRs in the league since he's been stuck in DET. I was surprised he'll be turning 28 this season, I didn't realize he was 24 as a rookie.
  14. It's an easy media-driven narrative considering how poorly Wilson played during the second half of the season, outside of the game against the Jets, of course. I don't know if he's done but he was horrible from Week 10 onward. It was a struggle to throw for 200 yards.
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