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  1. Sorry, I should have clarified that I was talking about NBA uniforms, and black in general being the "it" color of the time.
  2. The uniforms are average as a can be. C+. They could have been much worse. What amuses me is that supposedly Nike spent four years coming up with the design. The "New York" across the chest is the only thing I really dislike. The black uniforms are blah and a flashback to the mid 90s when black was en vogue and every sports team that didn't have it in their color scheme started adding it to follow the trend. The only thing more cliché about the black set is that we wear them at night primarily. Really, guys? If we go 0-16 and these uniforms are forever linked to that then we'll change them as soon as we're allowed. Three more seasons?
  3. This one worries me a bit. The Chargers are a disaster and are adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I think it'll be close.
  4. No surprise that Robby has come back down to earth a bit. He was never going to sustain his torrid September pace. Defenses adjust and Teddy likes to spread the ball around. I think Carolina caught everyone by surprise by having Robby running the short routes and DJ Moore being the deep threat. He already has a career high in catches (64) and is on pace for 102 rec for 1,235 yards. Curious to see where he actually finishes.
  5. For the all the media and fanbases mocking the Jets for a pick that was going to be 30-32nd (not that that'd be bad anyway), Seattle's pick is currently 20th. Sure, things will change and it'll probably be a little lower than that but that pick could turn out to be quite a bit better than expected.
  6. None of the QB prospects in the '04 draft were on the level of Lawrence, plus that was eons ago in terms of how front offices think. We just got two 1sts and a 3rd for Jamal Adams, it's going to take quite a bit more than that to get a generational QB talent at the top of the draft.
  7. Seattle isn't using him in an ideal way but all this proves is the minimal impact of box safeties. They're a luxury, not the backbone of your defense. They don't move the needle on their own.
  8. There's no dilemma, Lawrence is the Week 1 starter. I'll be happy if someone gives us a 3rd for Darnold. What may end up happening is a situation similar to Bridgewater's when he was here. Say no one wants to meet JD's price tag in the offseason but Douglas won't cave and give away Darnold for nothing. He'll hold him into the preseason and when a team 1) suffers a season-ending injury to their starter 2) realizes how bad their QB situation is and all of a sudden Darnold looks more appealing. I have faith in Douglas handling Darnold's exit.
  9. Or take a stud WR with SEA's #1. I've been saying it all season but this team isn't that far away. We can make the playoffs next year if Lawrence is as advertised.
  10. Very happy with it. Primo-level tank loss. Those are the ones the Jets usually win and shoot themselves in the foot. We're more than halfway to securing the #1 pick. The Week 17 game in New England is the only game that concerns me; if JAX picks up one more win (which I think they will) we are golden. 1-15 is the best we'll do and I think it's a coin flip on us going 0-16.
  11. Only to be outdone by those prematurely calling for him to be fired.
  12. Didn't the Patriots have six defensive starters opt out due to COVID? I think the tales of their demise are a bit exaggerated but they certainly won't be Super Bowl contenders anytime soon. Cam is old and washed up and a stopgap, I assume they'll regroup and be better next year. The offensive side of the ball has been a mess for years and it's pretty clear that's why Brady left. Belichick can't draft offensive players to save his life. These are the offensive skill position players they've drafted in the first three rounds in the last decade: K'Neal Harry Damien Harris Sony Michel James White Aaron Dobson Shane Vereen Stevan Ridley Their two 3rd round rookie TEs have combined for 1 rec for 8 yards. James White has carved out a nice niche role throughout his career, the rest of them are average at best to complete busts. Belichick cannot evaluate offensive players coming out of college, though he can find good vets off the scrap heap that fit what they're trying to do.
  13. How on earth did you deduce this from the article?
  14. Love it. Keep acquiring draft capital, especially for guys are barely contributing or aren't contributing at all.

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