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  1. “I’m not a fan of grading drafts, as you know. For perspective, three years ago, the 4th, 10th and 26th picks in the first round were Clelin Ferrell, Devin Bush and Montez Sweat, and only Sweat had his fifth-year option exercised by his team this spring. Projecting GREAT DRAFTS!!!!! a week after they happen is fool’s gold.” The Ferrell pick was criticized immensely at the time and many new it was a terrible pick. It's apples to oranges as no one said those three players were the best at their position, but yes, the point stands that grading drafts is meaningless and just based on the numbers it's likely that one of our Top 36 picks will be a bust. That's just how it works. It'll be a legendary draft if all four players work out. Grading drafts is pointless but it's also fun and gives the media tons of content to work with during an an otherwise quiet time of year.
  2. I've never waivered from Day 1. I knew it would take years to rebuild this mess and didn't expect Rome to rebuilt in a day. I also knew that mistakes would happen along the way; no GM is perfect. JD is the first executive we've ever had who truly has a long-term vision and plans ahead accordingly. He makes moves with intelligence and purpose. He addresses needs. He understands positional value.
  3. Thrilled with our two picks tonight. Many impartial analysts say we got the best CB and best WR in the class but only time will tell, of course. It feels so good to draft skill players in the top half of the first round after years and years of lineman and safeties. I was worried we'd go OT over Sauce. I figured we'd go with Jermaine Johnson at 10. Glad we avoided Jameson; I'm good on guys coming off of major injuries. Can't wait to see what we do with 35 + 38. We're just getting started.
  4. More and more mocks have him in the 7-10 range. There's zero chance we take him at 4 IMO.
  5. Probably Deebo but all three give me pause. Samuel and Brown are injury prone and DK is a mix of the bad side of AB & TO plus his hands aren't great. Still, it's time for JD to take a risk on a top level talent.
  6. Or he wanted to play in the city he considers his home, that has great weather, and no state income tax? It's not like Miami has had any success the last 20 years.
  7. This thread is gold. It's like Tyreek tailored his press conference to embarrass OP.
  8. Really tough to miss out on Hill, especially since KC accepted a deal that didn't involve #4 or #10, but this is the price you pay when you've been a joke of a franchise for a decade: stars do not want to come here. This isn't on JD, he made a hell of an offer that the other team accepted, it was simply Hill's decision in the end.
  9. Juju isn't good. Moore will easily be a better WR this season. Davis too, probably.
  10. As a Knicks fan this gives me horrible deja vu.
  11. Is there any context? How many times was he targeted? He's certainly not good enough to be at the "QB's won't even look at him" so it's not a coverage thing.
  12. I love the critical thinking ability of a good chunk of this forum. Blasting JD for missing out on a 4th round WR who had 35 catches for 500 yards this year. Okay. I think some JD critics wonder why he didn't draft every single eligible player in the draft.
  13. I don't want to draft a safety in the Top 10 ever again, I don't care what potential versatility they have or what they might be at LB at the next level.
  14. Seattle may have already decided that they don't want to pay him and want to sell high. They may be ready to blow it up. Russ may be done there. It's not that wild of an idea, though I expect it is just speculation from some guy on the internet. He's a classic diva WR and an idiot on top of that. They may not want to pay him all that money and deal with the headaches he'll bring. Not to mention he still has unreliable hands and has some bad drops in key spots. Our fanbase shouldn't get their hopes up even if he becomes available officially. Re: his attitude, he's the polar opposite of the kind of player JD wants and has proven to go after. DK in NYC has disaster written all over. He'd be the next OBJ/AB.
  15. I don't feel good about him going forward. He is way behind on processing things. The speed of the game, the schemes and concepts he faces. It does not click for him. The all-22 of him this year isn't that different from Darnold: both routinely don't see open guys and often don't make the correct decision. Both are fooled by the defense with regularity. That said, I'm not giving up on him. He has a world of talent--far more than Darnold or Geno or Sanchez--and seems like a brighter kid than those three too. We need to see a massive step forward next year though. 3,000+ yards, 20-25 TDs.
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