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  1. I saw this thread title and thought it had to be satire, but alas, this place never fails to disappoint.
  2. I can't wait for half the board to criticize JD for not being able to sign Gilmore. He's 31 years old, he's going to sign with a contender.
  3. His pocket presence is impressive. He feels the rush and excels at escaping initial rushers and once he's out of the pocket he's explosive. That's the sort of thing Darnold does not bring to the table, and what often separates the elite QBs from the pack. He's the kind of talent that you can eventually see the opposition not blitzing him because they'd prefer to keep him in the pocket. Crowder's return helped. Davis finally made some plays after the slip-and-fall INT. Cole even made a few plays. The playcalling improved. Overall Zach has elite NFL talent and still has room to grow,
  4. We didn't make that easy, but Zach flashed big time and it's impressive that we won the game despite playing far from a good, clean game.
  5. Excessive 12 personnel is cutting off our nose to spite our face.
  6. We're three games into JD having the coach of his choosing. He's not going anywhere until after the '23 season at the earliest.
  7. JD is a smart guy who has made plenty of savvy moves but the bottom line is that good NFL teams are built through the draft and if you routinely miss on picks you'll be looking for a new job sooner rather than later. Wilson/AVT/Moore/Carter should be a foundational draft. Becton needs to stay on the field. Missing on Claypool to take Mims really hurts. Offensive lines are difficult to build. There's a reason 90% of the OLs across the league are underwhelming. High-priced FA OL aren't going to come to a situation like ours. We have to build through the draft, that's the bottom
  8. Those guys were never coming here. People need to stop pretending that we can go out and get any FA we want to.
  9. Anyone who thinks JD and Macc are similar have no idea what they're talking about.
  10. Broken record: rookie QB, rookie HC, rookie OC, youngest team in the NFL. We were always going to be awful.
  11. Following sports for 30+ years, a situation like this means something is going on behind the scenes that fans don't know about. Problems with effort, problems learning the playbook, etc.
  12. I love that this post gets made after one game with a rookie QB, a rookie HC, and the youngest team in the NFL.
  13. Sam on a decent team is Andy Dalton. Nothing from yesterday should alarm anyone. If you actually watched the game you still saw the warts: two easy TDs missed with poor throws, the bonehead fumble inside the five on a botched hand off. We adjusted at halftime and he was 7/13 for 45 yards in the second half of a close game. Once we took away the easy checkdown the Panthers offense didn't do much. Just wait until the Panthers face better teams and the opposition gets some film on Sam in this new system. He'll obviously be better than he ever was in New York, but he'll be a middling QB for
  14. He was pedestrian and his usual self, just in a better situation. He left two easy TDs on the board with poor throws and had the critical goal line turnover. Those plays will typically cost the Panthers a game but we're a poor football team and couldn't capitalize. He looked like many folks expected him to look with better weapons in a better system. Yesterday was about as well as he'll play, against one of the worst teams in the league. Much of the first half were two-read plays for him: a quick look downfield, then hit McCaffery if the first option wasn't wide open. Caff had what, 9 re
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