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  1. This. And it's damn near a lock knowing how Douglas has drafted thus far.
  2. This would be the most Jetsy move in eons. Russ has sucked over his last 16 games. It's not just the injury, he was terrible the final eight games of last season (outside of the game against the Jets, naturally).
  3. I am genuinely dumbfounded that Wilson has such terrible touch and accuracy on throws 5 yards and under. This kid's game would be markedly better if he could hit simple checkdowns, drags, and guys in the flat.
  4. It is possible to praise Mac Jones and: 1) Not bash other rookie QBs. 2) Acknowledge the positive situation he landed in. 3) Understand that he probably won't be the best QB in this class in 10 years. The kid looks good. If he was performing like this in New York our fans would be calling to enshrine him in Canton after one season. Jones vs Wilson is apples to oranges at this point. Many of the reasons have already been stated in this thread.
  5. Those Patriots FA acquisitions were "worth every penny" lol. The team doesn't even lead the division and may not make the playoffs, and they've had a cakewalk of a schedule. LAC is their only remotely impressive win. For all we know they're the 2015 Jets. This season is just further proof that Belichick is the greatest coach of all-time.
  6. In both football and basketball there are few bigger coaching red flags than trying to square-peg-round-hole it. You cannot force players into your scheme, you must scheme to get the most out of the players you have. Every single coach I've seen in either sport who doesn't realize this becomes a failure sooner than later. I hope Saleh changes his stripes because if he doesn't he might not be here long enough to get enough horses to run his scheme properly.
  7. This may come has a complete shock to some, but you can't make a definitive judgment on a rookie QB after six games. I don't know that he's the guy, but I sure has hell also don't know that he's not the guy. He is by far the most talented QB we've drafted since...Joe Namath? He's in another stratosphere in terms of natural ability than Sanchez or Darnold or Geno. He seems like a brighter kid than any of the three previously mentioned QBs as well. Clean up his mechanics, get him to take what the defensive gives him and I think he'll be fine.
  8. Can anyone link a clip of the fumble? I was taking care of my young son and missed the play.
  9. The Douglas and Saleh moves were universally praised. Each was considered the top candidate at their respective position when they were hired. The Johnsons are terrible but I'm not blaming them here, and I still believe in Douglas long-term. Saleh has been alarmingly bad. The Guidry/Diggs situation today was so egregiously stupid and indefensible (pun intended). The defense also has zero talent. Lost both starting safeties, our lone quality edge rusher (and JD's biggest FA thus far) and JD has spent our top draft capital on the offensive side of the ball (rightfully so). The coaching has
  10. Our fanbase is as reactionary as it gets and prisoners of the moment but it not a crazy statement to say that Mike White has played better than Zach Wilson, granted in a small sample size. Yes, there are some major variables to consider but we'll see in due time how big of an impact they've had. Where it gets crazy is people saying that we should extend White, trade Wilson, proclaiming that White is our Tom Brady, etc. People would be drooling over Zach if he put up Johnson's stat line from TNF.
  11. Same old from Sam: he can't process information quickly or make correct decisions and his sloppy fundamentals compound this problem. He's a career backup.
  12. 1. Mike LaFleur has quieted a lot of critics. Just five days ago many fans thought he was the biggest problem with this team. That has been firmly put to rest. He can gameplan and he can call a good game. 2. Offensive rookies: Carter, Moore, and AVT are hits. Hopefully all three are Jets for a long time. 3. Mike White. The injury is disappointing but he looked good for the one quarter he played against a more aggressive defense.
  13. It seems like it's been a decade of us having a good-to-great DL and still getting destroyed on the ground a few times a year. Last night was special though. Completely dominated.
  14. This is going to look terrible. The black pants/black jersey alts need to stay married; combining either with any of our white or green jerseys or pants will look awful.
  15. I'm fairly certain the deadline was as simple as JD not receiving any offers of interest for those players. He set an established value for each player and if he didn't receive an offer in that ballpark so he kept the player.
  16. Simms is right. It will be interesting when White faces a gameplan (presumably tomorrow night) where the defense takes away or the short/underneath stuff and makes him beat them downfield. I'm not saying White can't do it, but we need to see what happens.
  17. For the uninitiated: 11 = 1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR 12 = 1 RB, 2 TE, 2 WR 21 - 2 RB, 1 TE, 2 WR Our top two groupings are 11 and 12, pretty standard for NFL teams but a big change from how things worked in SF. 11: 61% of our plays. Squarely in the middle of the pack, ranking 16th in the league. 12: 32% of our plays. This ranks fourth in the NFL. LaFleur loves his two TE sets. 21: 1% of our plays. We've ran five all year. For 12, the top two teams are MIA and ATL but these stats are misleading as Gesicki and Pitts line up wide or in the slot frequently and
  18. The final straw was losing a close game in which Geno Smith was your starting QB? And I thought our fanbase was impulsive and clueless.
  19. Rich Eisen is one of the few sports personalities I can handle but the Bengals comparison does not compute. Zac Taylor was 6-25-1 in his first two seasons. They were terrible. My closest friend of 35 years has been a Bengals since the 80s and spent much of the last two years ranting to me that Taylor needed to be fired. This was a thing just five months ago: https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/news/former-nfl-executive-zac-taylor-not-qualified-to-be-head-coach-of-the-bengals The big thing is not that Taylor magically became a better coach--though he has improved--but that they've hit
  20. How do you shore up the line when no decent FAs want to come to a massive rebuild? We spent a first rounder on an OL in each of the last two drafts. Nearly every team in the league faces major OL issues yet half of this board thinks it's as simple as "JD should shore up the line". He added Moses, that was about all he could do. JD has proven he's not going to overpay for mediocre talent. TE could be better, sure, but that's a minor factor in us being 1-5.
  21. We have an impatient fanbase, and the sky is blue. We were in such a horrible position when JD took over. Tear it down and rebuild it the proper way, which will take years. I've become a broken record on this: there's a reason he held out for a 6-year deal, because he knew this would take a long time to turn around. And I'll repeat my mantra for this season: rookie QB, rookie HC, rookie OC, youngest team in the NFL--we were always going to be bad.
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