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  1. With so many needs I doubt we spend a first on a running back. You can find them all over the draft nowadays.
  2. We'll never know. Maybe trading down in Rd 2 and passing on Claypool? So far he looks quite a bit better than Mims but he's in a much different situation. I've always felt Douglas viewed this as a complete rebuilding job, including his inherited head coach and quarterback. We'll never know what JD felt about Darnold the day he took the job. It's possible he wanted to move on from Sam no matter what, baring a star-level explosion. I don't believe he was tanking this year, but I firmly believe the future was a far bigger priority than the 2020 season. If Darnold showed flashes, great, but JD wasn't going to leverage the future to bring in playmakers. This season went about as poorly as it could have. We could have been a six or seven win team but Gase is a truly awful head coach and Sam isn't the answer. Plus the COVID opt-outs. The OL eventually became solid and our defense had it's moments, but it was clear our secondary was never going to be very good. I am optimistic for next season, even without knowing our QB situation yet, but I'm sure we'll take a QB at #2. I'm eager to see what with do with the SEA 1st and our 2nd rounder. I'm hopeful a few games into the the '21 season we'll get confirmation of just how bad Gase and Sam were, granted most of the fanbase already knows.
  3. Thinking of Gase trying to communicate and build relationships with college players paints an amusing scene. BoB was great at Penn State but it seemed pretty clear he prefers the pro game. I'm sure he'll get a coordinator offer.
  4. The key difference is that Dolan got the hell out of the way six years ago. He finally let basketball people run the show. The Johnsons have no such plans.
  5. Reading the field/processing information quickly. The final INT today was a vintage Darnold interception, one that a quality QB makes maybe once a year, if that. You simply can't miss that DB at the tail end of Year 3.
  6. Probably the best case scenario for us given how tough the Rams defense has made life for Russ & Co. Goff's health is a question mark but I expect a close game regardless. Outside of rooting for someone (anyone) to beat the Patriots, I'm not sure I'll have rooted harder for a non-Jets team in the playoffs.
  7. Juju isn't anything special. He had a huge season when AB was still a beast and allowed Juju to feast on favorable matchups. He will be a bust here if we sign him. Haven't we had enough of the Steelers' castoffs?
  8. Marvin Lewis gets a bad rap but he's not a terrible coach. If you're going to go the retread route he should be near the top of your list. Cincy (the worst organization in the NFL) was solid for a long time with him in charge and had a couple of great seasons despite having miserly owners who were way behind the times when it came to resources (scouting department, etc.). They got some brutal breaks in the playoffs (Palmer's knee, Dalton getting hurt when they were 12-4 a few years back) and everyone likes to make fun of Lewis' 0-7 playoff record but he's really not a bad coach.
  9. I don't want any part of Juju unless it's on a very team-friendly deal. He's just not that great.
  10. We all know Gase sucks and Sam's situation has been bad but I don't know how any who closely follows the Jets can think Sam is still the answer. Sam's 5th year option makes this even more of a no-brainer that it's time to move on. Shortly after this spring's draft we have to decide if we're paying Sam about $25m to be our QB in 2022. We don't get any more evaluation time, we don't get to see him with new weapons and a new coach. He gets two more games under Gase and then we have to decide if he's going to be our starter for '21 AND that we're paying him roughly $25m for '22. It's similar to Trubisky's situation where the Bears declined his option. There is no way we're picking up that option. By May we either have to have his replacement in the pipeline, be willing to sign a journeyman QB as a stop-gap starter, or take a big risk and tie up $25m for Darnold to be potentially still one of the worst starting QBs in the league. The latter is not going to happen. Trade out of #2 and take Zach Wilson or draft Sewell and don't exercise Darnold's option and play it by ear. We all know that most of the game's best QBs were not Top 5 picks. Add more picks, evaluate that secondary QB prospects, and keeping adding young talent through the draft.
  11. I'm not going to judge him after one season, especially since they've only had CMC for two and a half games.
  12. Waller is one of the most talented TEs in the game, like Kittle and Kelce there isn't a safety or LB who can consistently cover them 1v1. As far as I could tell from the broadcast cam and replays, we let him loose in 1v1 coverage against Maye and Hall way too often. 17 targets! Maye is a fine player, a bit above average, and kudos to him for calling out Williams.
  13. A younger candidate with an offensive background who is not named Adam Gase. There is no such thing as a slam dunk hire IMO.
  14. I assume JD had no choice here. The locker room was gone if Williams was retained. I'm sure every defensive player on the team wanted to put hands on him after the game. There is no tanking conspiracy but part of me wonders if Williams was trying to get himself fired, but I doubt it. It was likely just a terrible call. I don't think this hurts the tank, Williams is a solid DC even if he is one of the bigger a-holes this game has ever seen. The fact that Gase survived this confirms that he'll be the coach for the final four weeks. We just have to get past New England in Week 17 and our mission is accomplished.
  15. Harbaugh makes me nervous enough. Cowher has been out of the league for 15 years and over that time we all know how drastically the game has changed. I always felt he was an overrated coach anyway. Pass.
  16. The Giant's defense has been underrated all year and they're only getting better. There is zero chance we hold Seattle to 12 points. I expect both Metcalf and Lockett to have huge games.
  17. I think there's a chance we can get a pick in the 45-65 range but the ship has sailed on a 1st rounder. Darnold is at the lowest point of his NFL career. He looks far worse today than he did in the first month of his career. He is completely lost. I have no doubt we can move him for a 4th this offseason, the question will be if Douglas plays it tough and holds on to Sam into training camp if he doesn't get an offer he likes. The other thing to remember is that there are always poor front offices and desperate front offices in professional sports. A team who can't address their QB needs in the draft may pay up for Sam. A GM who's on the hot seat may be willing to spend a 2nd. This is a league where things like the Hopkins trade happen so I wouldn't rule out anything just yet. A player at the game's premium position who's young and cheap should be in demands. Teams can focus on the positives: the promise he showed under Bowles, the nice stretch last season, that he played with poor weapons and terrible coaching under Gase.
  18. Cleveland will run for 200 yards against us and should win comfortably. The Raiders are always capable of laying an egg and that game will probably be someone close but we won't win it. A 24-13 kind of game.
  19. Week 17 vs the Patriots is the only game that worries me. I'd put nothing past Belichick when it comes to trying to stick it to the Jets. If they're eliminated from the playoffs I can see them benching Cam and having a whole bunch of guys out with vague injuries. It would be the Jetsiest thing ever to go 0-15 to start a season, beat the Patriots in Week 17 to lose the tiebreaker to the 1-15 Jags.
  20. The Jets' situation isn't anywhere near as bad as the media purports it to be. If Lawrence is as good as advertised we'll be competing for a playoff spot next year. Gase will be gone, we'll have a coach who suits Lawrence, two other picks in the Top 33 (likely another OL and another offensive weapon), a monster LT to protect Lawrence for most of his career, plus a ton of cap space.
  21. Sorry, I should have clarified that I was talking about NBA uniforms, and black in general being the "it" color of the time.
  22. The uniforms are average as a can be. C+. They could have been much worse. What amuses me is that supposedly Nike spent four years coming up with the design. The "New York" across the chest is the only thing I really dislike. The black uniforms are blah and a flashback to the mid 90s when black was en vogue and every sports team that didn't have it in their color scheme started adding it to follow the trend. The only thing more cliché about the black set is that we wear them at night primarily. Really, guys? If we go 0-16 and these uniforms are forever linked to that then we'll change them as soon as we're allowed. Three more seasons?
  23. This one worries me a bit. The Chargers are a disaster and are adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I think it'll be close.
  24. No surprise that Robby has come back down to earth a bit. He was never going to sustain his torrid September pace. Defenses adjust and Teddy likes to spread the ball around. I think Carolina caught everyone by surprise by having Robby running the short routes and DJ Moore being the deep threat. He already has a career high in catches (64) and is on pace for 102 rec for 1,235 yards. Curious to see where he actually finishes.
  25. For the all the media and fanbases mocking the Jets for a pick that was going to be 30-32nd (not that that'd be bad anyway), Seattle's pick is currently 20th. Sure, things will change and it'll probably be a little lower than that but that pick could turn out to be quite a bit better than expected.

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