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  1. Money. The answer is always money. Owners don't care about the health of their players outside of quarterbacks. They'd rather save the money as natural grass fields are more expensive to maintain.
  2. It's impressive, especially since our de facto CB1 last year (Hall) is a healthy scratch most weeks. A great draft choice in Sauce, a great FA signing in Reed, and a great mid-round draft choice in MCII who has shown great growth during his first two seasons.
  3. My main sentiment coming into this season was that we improved every single position group. I wasn't sure how good we'd because, largely because of Zach, but improvement seemed inevitable. I imagine JD will focused on young LBs in the coming draft.
  4. He didn't bail on clean pockets yesterday. That was the biggest difference IMO. We've all seen the splits on him when pressured vs not, in the pocket vs not. I will say it's impressive that the staff got through to him in just a week, and that he was receptive and made the adjustment. He hung in the pocket like he hasn't all year and he got the ball out quickly. I've said all season that he's missed tons of underneath stuff because he's playing scared/bothered by the rush. Whether that's just how he played at BYU or that he's worried about his knee, I don't know, but when he stays in the pocket he's a fine quarterback. He needs to learn when to use his mobility. He had a couple of nice scrambles yesterday between the tackles and only escaped the tackle box a couple of times, and all were valid decisions.
  5. Zach continues makes easy things look difficult. His accuracy on checkdowns--hell, anything short and to the right--is bizarrely terrible. He does not see so many short/quick throws when he bails on clean pockets. He is spooked on short throws underneath because he can't see the field and read the defense consistently yet. He is making things more difficult for himself than it should be. Of course, he then makes difficult things look easy, which is why he was the 2nd overall pick.
  6. It would be one of the wildest stories of all time if a 33-year-old Geno returned to the Jets and led them to a Super Bowl next year. I think we'll have some sort of veteran competition on the roster next season if Zach doesn't show major strides to end this season. As of now, he's clearly not the answer long term. JD won't waste another year with a quarterback being such a detriment to the team. This is supposed to be a deep QB draft. We'll probably be able to take a QB with our first rounder if we really wanted to, but that would all but signal the end of Zach's time here. We'd have to trade him as we did with Darnold.
  7. It's pretty simple: there are two camps in this debate. 1) I don't care what the team wears, just win. 2) If I'm going to stare at a team for 50+ hours each autumn, I'd at least like to look at athlestically-pleasing uniforms.
  8. MetLife has to be the worst stadium built this century, baseball or football. In an era of new stadiums being full of character or innovation, we got stuck with bland, symmetrical air conditioner. It looks like something out of Russia during the Cold War. It's like the architects gave the owners the starter template of a stadium to build from and they said, "Great, let's go with this!".
  9. I love this kid. I had him in fantasy football his rookie year (I know, I know) so I watched all of his highlights/flim. He's not sexy but he is one tough runner who gets the job done. Good vision, can catch the ball, tough to bring down. He's not much of a home run threat, certainly not in Breece's class. Obviously he's coming back from a major injury but he looked good early on. I'm a bit surprised JAX phased him out so quickly, especially for a featherweight like Etienne. He is an upgrade over Carter and Johnson, though I imagine Carter and Robinson will have a pretty even split going forward.
  10. Like most young players who struggle, the game has not slowed down for Zach yet. I think on its own his fundamentals are fine but they fall apart quickly because he's so rushed and frazzled on the field. His footwork gets sloppy far too easily. One of the YouTube All 22 breakdowns on him showed how good he is when he's on time: he completes his drop, plants his foot, and boom! Good things happen. Unfortunately, that situation doesn't play out very often. It's similar to what we saw when Darnold was here. He rushed a lot, his fundamentals (especially his footwork) fell apart early and often and there were many off-the-back-foot throws and inaccurate throws. While Zach's ability to avoid the pass rush and extend plays is pretty remarkable, we don't see that many positive plays actually come out of it. He'll dodge defenders and roll out and ultimately throw it away or make an ill-advised throw. He had the long pass to Davis in Green Bay, but over the last three weeks I can't recall many off-script positive plays that Zach as made. One thing that I will make a guess at is that he seems trigger shy. The staff has beaten into his skull that he has to avoid the costly turnovers and while he's certainly had some bad turnover-worthy plays this season, it's now been two full games without an interception. If someone isn't wide open immediately he bails on the pocket. Too often he gets out of there way too soon.
  11. In four games this season he's thrown one TD pass and is throwing for 173 yards per game. We are winning in spite of him. I have no idea who that QB was in the 4th quarter in Pittsburgh but Zach still looks lost and afraid on nearly every dropback.
  12. Try to work it out, of course. JD isn't trading him at his current value. JD is too professional to let him rot on the bench.
  13. A guy with fewer than 60 career catches requests a trade lol. Players today are ridiculous.
  14. I have two little ones which makes 4 PM games difficult. The second half happens in the middle of their dinner and then bedtime routine. I turn off all alerts on my phone and start the second half around 7 PM. 1 PM games are perfect. I can watch most of the game during their nap.
  15. Joe Douglas stinks and should be fired because he didn't win a Super Bowl two years into turning around the biggest disaster in the NFL. What a bum.
  16. Compared to other fanbases in the city, ours is myopic, impatient, and frankly has questionable intelligence. Half the fanbase behaves like a toddler or "I want it now!" girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  17. Social media is blight on society (and pro sports) but it is a little odd that we don't even give Moore a jet sweep or a tunnel screen. Something to get him involved. Even when Zach has ugly games we need to find ways to get Moore and GW involved. That being said, kudos to LaFleur for sticking with the running game since we were gashing the Packers the entire second half.
  18. This is my favorite concept set. Incorporate details of the 80s logo into our classic look. Simple, clean, modern, but not gauche.
  19. It's been said that when Parcells arrived he wanted the uniforms changed because green helmets were too hard for the QB to see. Green helmets, green jerseys, green grass, green backdrop throughout the old Meadowlands. You need some damn contrast out there. Regardless of the terrrible current uniforms, we never should have gone back to a green helmet but we had to so it would mesh with our lame black alternate uniforms.
  20. Nearly everyone in the media said we were a lock for an 0-4 start and that 0-8 wasn't out of the question. Our schedule was that difficult. For all the drama and injuries and bad mistakes and calls to "fire everyone!" we had to endure throughout the first month of the season, we sit at 2-2. That's our record. CLE wound up not having Watson and it turns out PIT stinks in the post-Big Ben era. We split with the vaunted AFC North. Up next in the gaunlet of doom... vs MIA (no Tua) @ GB (looks awful and needed OT to beat the Patriots' 3rd string QB) @ DEN (one of the most inept offenses in the league) vs NE (Mac Jones will be back but may not be 100%) October is huge. I think we sit at 4-4 or even, dare I say it, 5-3 at month's end. We need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot and cut out the critical mistakes but this team isn't bad. After that, Buffalo is the only two that I don't think we can beat. Chicago's offense is horrible, Minnesota is inconsistent, Detroit has the worst defense in the league, Jacksonville is Jacksonville, and Seattle is a lower-tier team. The divisional games will be absolutely huge, though I think we go 2-4 as we split with Miami and New England but drop both to Buffalo. JD may get his wish: we'll be playing meaningful games in December. Even if we're right at .500 and on the outside of the playoff picture fighting to get in, I think it'll happen.
  21. It's the NFL. Players get tired and need a break. People like you think everything is a sign of the apocolypse.
  22. Mountain out of a molehill. Ulbrich's tone and inflection weren't hostile. This wasn't meant as a diss to Q, he's just an idiot when he's in front of a microphone.
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