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  1. Lol. Ooops. Good catch on Jets vs Texans. And it was 2018!! All turf fields look the same excuse lol. Getting old....sheez. Point remains. Sam OUTPLAYED deshawn who had fuller and Hopkins
  2. For the record your Honor. That mad scramble against Bills as a rookie and DT Williams was a highlight play of highlight plays. How many QBs make that play??? Rodgers. Steve Young. Fran Tarkington. Maybe Murray or Lamar. Maybe. His 46 yard gash on TNF this year was epic. How many QBs make that play? From a collapsing pocket spin Move to the House. Again. A small handful. That rollout throw against Baltimore last year to crowder (?). A window doesn’t get smaller actually. Ever. Didn’t crowder drop TD the play before too?? How about Sams play to Berrios for a TD this year. Sam
  3. Again. Perriman is NOT an upgrade over Robbie. And Griffen hasn’t played. I know this is hard for you but your wrong or how about this....what you wrote was inaccurate. And no signature game???? What was beating Deshawn Watson in Texas? When he was the BEST looking player on the field? How about the Raider game just last year right? At MetLife where he clearly played better than Carr. Or game against Dallas last year and he was better than Dak?? Did these games NOT happen?? Am I dreaming?
  4. SAR1, did you really just say that WRers and TE are BETTER this year for Sam than last year. That’s patently untrue. He had a healthy Robbie A, Crowder and a TE who caught balls. (Griffen) This year hes had and XFL WR unit for all but one game and Herndon who has played like the worst TE in history of game. I wonder if staff told him, If a 3rd down play just drop it. Remember we’re tanking
  5. I’d also say this As a definition. Drafted in Top 10. Out of the league due to performance issues in 3/4 years.
  6. Thought I did. I’ll do it again Jamarcus Russell Ryan Leaf Akili Smith David Klinger Josh Rosen
  7. Sorry I’m not group think keyboard warrior.....
  8. Sam’s getting the last laugh. Watch.
  9. Says this guy?????? Lmao. “Hey can I play too“
  10. That’s a really BROAD brush but Also a fair point. Dallas has had best OL in league last decade. Injuries galore this year. Philly too. Not sure how the OL in that division rank Vs others.
  11. He has shown and done enough with so Little support to not be called that. Disappointing? Absolutely. Inconsistent? Sure? In a crappy organization (passionate fans tho!) with no talent around him? Clearly. Unimaginative and stubborn cross eyed coach? That’s true. But not a bust. Darnold has made plays that maybe 10 QBs in history of league have made. He’s made tight window Throws. He’s made power throws. Touch throws. On the run throws. Of course consistency and results matter. Busts don’t have talent or results. Jamarcus Russell is a bust. Ryan Leaf is a bust. Akili Smith is a bu
  12. This year. In 9 games he has 5 sacks, 7 TFL’s and 11 QB hurries. Q has 3 sacks, 7 TFL’s and 5 QB hurries. So much for the curse of the Jets following a player
  13. I’ve always hated when guys demand a trade. Heard about Elway but was young when it happened. Didn’t like what Eli and Archie did but they sure got the last laugh. after watching jets tank job and they way they have coached and treated Darnold this last year. This organization sort of deserves a high drafted player To revolt. I know jets fans have suffered a lot. So actually don’t want that to happen. But man this season with trades and keeping Gase, sorry the brass in this organization don’t deserve better. Although TLs skill set do mirror gase’s unimaginative Play calling and ro
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