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  1. i dont want OBJ. he is another Jamal Adams. great talent but will be a problem if we dont win, or if he doesnt get enough catches, or if someone makes more money at WR. no thank you
  2. i love the new uniforms. reminds me of the uniforms when i was a kid and picked the Jets to be my team. the Al Toon Jets. please dont bring back those Namath jerseys. they suck
  3. well he can pull a James Harden. Rockets didnt want to trade him either, untill he kept coming in late for practice that teammates like Russell Westbrook had to speak up about it. heard he was out of shape and badmouthing the team too. then the team really doesnt have much of a choice if hes going to be a problem like that. i heard Watsons a good guy, but if he really wants out and they dont give it to him..... then if a trade is on, he has a lot of power with his " no trade clause" i really hope Watson stays . cause once you give into one player it will open up Pandoras Box and the NFL will become the NBA.
  4. well... if they like Frazier then hes signed this week. if its Bienemy than its 2 weeks. then we will know if Watson stays in Houston or not. the new coach will have to know what Watson want to do before he is signed so yeah it could be 2 months but if there waiting for Bienemey, a guy they didnt even want to interview my guess is that if they hire him Watson stays.
  5. guess we have another 2 weeks of " Watson trade posts " to deal with
  6. its all about the QB. yeah Bill has had the G.O.A.T all these years but if you gavehim a QB like Watson, do you think he wins only 4 games EVER!!! no hes probably playing KC today. if Favre stayed here 2 more years instead of going to Minnesota we win 2 SBs. and Rex is the greatest coach in Jet History. its all about the QB. you have a good one and are a decent coach you can win
  7. hes only on drugs cause hes not a Jets fan. do you realize how good he is. hes the 3rd rank QB this year. only Mahomes and Rodgers were better. on a 4-13 team and 25 yr old. your not getting him for only 3 1st rd picks. some people here think we can get a 1st rd pick for Sam. the worst QB in the last 3 years. but the 3rd best is worth just 2 extra ones? if the roles were reverse and we had Watson and JD traded him for 3 #1s we would be flying planes and renting billboard that said : fire JD now : ..right this second. we wont wait till morning. i dont think we get him anyway. but if he is available to us, i would watch Woody. he could overide JD. tell him to do whatever it takes.
  8. ok QW is a bridge to far...NO WAY but i kinda figured for the #3 QB in the NFL whos only 25 it would take 4 #1s and a few 2s
  9. you got a point but... Bienemy, and now Leslie Frazier AND Jim Caldwell are all finialist? if there trying to get Watson a coach he wants to stay, and the 3 finalist are all black, well... what are we suppose to think
  10. well guys root for Buffalo today. if they win and Bienemy isnt hired by Monday, Tuesday the latest then Watsons leaving. sorry but i cant deal with this every day someone in the media tweeting....is he coming,..... going....like this team,...... doesnt like that team. cant do it for another 2 weeks.
  11. accept for the salary cap, this would have been us if we made this trade no 1st and 2nd rd picks. a GM who better be good at finding 2-3 day talent. this is why i said from the start, Watson isn't picking us.
  12. i knew this would happened but.... why all the games. hes a finalist? NO!!!!! hes the f*cking coach. i mean that's what Watson wants. so stop acting like this is a real coaching search

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