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  1. it just doesnt work like that. Wilson will make mistakes. Saleh will make mistakes. 2 first year men at very important positions/jobs. and losing our passing coordinator will hurt too. we have no choice but to fill that in-house and probably someone will have to pull double duty. and might not be the best guy for the job. once you reset the QB and HC you cant judge us on wins.
  2. i read in the post today that a LIRR conductor got caught pocketing tickets to give to friends for refunds. guy lost 150k a year job over that. people are stupid.
  3. he was going to get his money anyway. his signing bonus is 22.9 m. so the Jets wanted to pay 16.9 this year and 6 mil next year. whats the big deal? does he really need more than 16 mil right now? its not like he will lose that 6 mil it he did it that way. and it would have been better for Zach tax wise too. pay more taxes getting one lump sum. no this was all about the agent and offset money.
  4. no its not on JD. its on Zach. and Zach looks like a D _ _ k right now. dont walk in here like who you think you are to ask for something no other Jet rookie got. take your standard rookie contract and get in here and prove to us who you are cause right now your a rookie nobody. and then if your as good as we hope i will be 100% behind you to get anything you want in your next contract. until then your a nobody. dont come in here trying to shake us down. dont get me wrong. i like Zach as our QB. but he gets no savior status from me. i am done with that crap. prove it on t
  5. so there fighting for something veterans cant get? the NFL really messed up on this
  6. your right it is about precedent. that why JD has to stick to him guns. this isnt all about Zach. this is about the next guy. if you gave it to Zach you can bet FAs and guys like QW will demand it in there contracts too. im not sure about the cap space but i would guess if another teams picks up some of a players salary it lessens our cap.
  7. i can see sam fans getting there excuses ready. lol
  8. im not to sure with all the talk about trading the #2 pick JD might have done it. if he got an offer he couldnt refuse. and the SF trade happened a week after we signed Davis. if the trade fell apart maybe SF calls JD and makes a crazy offer he cant say no to? and its no coincidence that Sam got traded 10 days after the trade. i think he left his options open until then. probably figured no team would give more than SF did for the 2nd pick.
  9. i like the fact we have so many ex Jets in the media. its nice to here good things about us then bad. and you can hear it in the way they talk some of them still bleed Jet green. and maybe its good for us. what do they always say about playing in NY? you will have more opportunities then other places. well maybe not during there playing careers but after it seems to be working out for them after. might just help getting us some good FAs in the future to choose us and take less money then somewhere else.
  10. The 5 O'Clock Club: The difference between passer rating and quarterback rating - Hogs Haven @slats @jgb found this but it is confusing to me. i only know basic math lol Quarterback rating (QBR) Surprisingly, the best detailed explanation of quarterback rating and passer rating that I could find was from Wikipedia. Raw QBR is calculated as the following: where g() is a function that scales from 0-100, where 50 is average. Total QBR is the raw QBR adjusted for the strength of the opponent. Think of QBR as an attempt to rate a quarterback b
  11. you guys are going with the QBR rating? thats and ESPN rating. the RATE is the real one used by the NFL and NCAA. after writing that i did some research and it looks like the QBR is a better rating. just doesnt feel like it cause the numbers are so low. i am so used to the over 100 Rate as the best rating. see the problem you might have with this is what if someone starts 4 games and is the 5th best in QBR. should he count? i dont think so. its not enough games to be fair. whats the over and under in games then? see one guy like that can turn the the #16 into 15... then 17 bec
  12. i would not put too much stock on the praise that JD and Saleh had for Sam. people never say a guy sucks when they get rid of him. every GM thinks everyone they draft or sign is good. has tremendous talent. blah blah blah... do you really think we would have taken Wilson over Trevor? or stuck with Sam if Wilson wasnt there? no.. of course not. but Wilson is our pick so he is the guy that JD and Saleh always wanted..lol same with Carolina. i went to there forum when they traded from Sam and nobody wanted Teddy. no joke there was one guy that wanted him. they had to get ri
  13. i dont think there are Sanchez defenders like there are sam fans, its just no way was Sanchez the worst. no there are not always options. 1st off Josh McDaniel just took over Denver. i doubt he would have traded Cutler to the Jets. 2nd. the Bears had Kyle Orton, Denver obviously wanted a QB. maybe they didnt want Clemons. who hardly played. i doubt Cutler or Orton gets traded for anything other than an established QB. which we didnt have. would you have traded for Clemons and given up Orton or Cutler? and 2009 was one of the worst QB drafts. sorry but there a
  14. but alot of the awfulness was the roster went bad. Idzik didnt help either Rex went 8-8 with Geno in 2013 and in Buffalo he went 8-8 and 7-9. thats not awful. add in the fact he did it with Tyrod Taylor is pretty good. and McDermott only went 9-7 then 6-10. it wasnt until he got Josh Allen that McDermott is being called a good coach. if Rex could have a good QB just once he would have been a great coach. and Rex hasnt got another HC job because guys dont get a 3rd shot, especially when their below 500. and i think its his attitude. how do you get fired with one game
  15. but there really wasnt anybody to get. 1. Kurt Warner resigned with Arizona for 3 years. at 38 tr old i dont think he was an option. even so i doubt Arizona would let him go. 2. Fitz?... finally started in 2008 in his 4th year with 8 TDs and 9 INTs. no way would we go with him over a rookie. he wasnt Fritzmagic yet 3. Matt Cassell... traded by NE who else? A.J Feeney, Kerry Collins, Byron Leftwich, David Carr.... did i miss a good FA we could have got? and the Draft had no one after Stafford. Sanchez was the only option.
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