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  1. BAP, its just that simple. i would hate to force a pick on offense and end up with the next Alex Lewis when 2 picks later the next Richard Sherman went, but we cant pick CB because we must get help for Wilson.
  2. the thing is Sperm, its that we all watched every single Jet game. we seen Sam run for his life. but i bet none of us watched every single game in the NFL. so we think we had the worst of the worst OL in the game. its the... grass is always greener on the other side saying.. but with the stats that you put up, compared to other QBs Sam had time to throw. and with my stats he wasn't no where near the most blitzed QB. yes we didn't have a good OL. but i could put more stats that show we weren't no where near the worst
  3. i agree with everyone on Farley and Sheman. but i still would like Sherman as a mentor. i have been advocating drafting a CB at 23 or 34. but many of you guys shoot that idea down for offense. if fact some of you dont care if the other team scores 50 points on us. well if thats the case then i rather have Sherman out there. he would be a great locker room presence. show us how to win. help change the culture. and could teach the young CBs of the future a few things. this isnt about his on field talent. i agree with you guys on that. but if were not going to use a high draf
  4. doitny

    Mel Kipper

    i dont get the whole burner account thing. why have one? do you use it to say or post things that can might get you banned? ,,, people say... hey that john doe guy is a real jerk. i hope he gets banned for life... and your regular account to be cool.... hey that jets2020 guy is cool, we always have good respectful debates.... sorry just trying to figure out why someone would need 2 accounts and thats the best i could come up with. not saying thats why you do it.
  5. Games Passing Rk Player Tm Age Pos G GS Cmp Att Yds Sk PktTime Bltz Hrry Hits Prss Prss% Scrm Yds/Scr 1
  6. i am a little bothered by him getting married now. he had to know when he made the wedding plans that March and April were going to be busy months before the draft. he couldnt wait 2 weeks? i mean for someone who is suppose to eat and sleep football he could have waited. whats 2 weeks. if that was me i would want to be at all the events.
  7. i would hope all jet fans feel the same way you do. but i dont think they do. some just want to be right and come here to say.... hahahaha i was right you were wrong. even at the expense of there own team losing. same with Sam Darnold. you know some guys here are dyeing for sam to do good and our QB, whoever it is busts. makes you wonder if there really jet fans at all.
  8. its probably because of Meyer. if they had some unproven coordinator i bet he would try to get out of it.
  9. dont forget how teams love to blitz rookie QBs, especially our friend in NE. i dont care how good our line is Wilson wont be alive long if he gets blitzed 50 times a game
  10. so thats the straw that broke the camels back? the pro wilsons vs the anti wilsons?..lol i dont go in those threads. i dont watch college and i dont feel like watching tape of wilson throw. i will take JDs word on whos better. i just cant watch college. was its worst than the sam fans vs the sam haters?
  11. exactly. lets root for sam so Peter King, Mark Schlerth and the rest of the media talking heads got something else to make fun of us. i wonder how many tears were cried for Mark Sanchez who ACTUALLY did something.
  12. for who? that OL and WR were NOT going to draft at 23 and 34
  13. wait you mean the legendary coaches Rhule and Brady couldn't fix Bridgewater.? lol but now there going fix sam...watch out NFL
  14. there are going to be alot of disappointed people on this board when he drafts a CB at 23. lol i want the best available guy, i would hate to force the pick on offensive or defense if someone better is there.
  15. dont forget our own Blair Thomas. though looking back at his stats he could have been better if he could stay on the field. missed 29 games in 4 years.. but like you said, its the shelf life. its way too short
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