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  1. i was against this trade but now i have no choice but to be all in on Rodgers cause there is no way we can walk away from this offseason with Zach or Wentz starting after all the other options we let go. under NFLPA rules only a approved agent AND the player can talk to other teams. so it would help Lamar to have one it wont stop someone who wants to talk to him. you got me all wrong pal, i want to get this done. funny thing is there was a poll that 103 guys on this board would rather keep the 13th pick and dump Rodgers. that is a stupid take. so people here rather have Zach/Wentz and the 13th pick instead of Rodgers and no 13th pick. smh. tell me, when does Rodgers start to get pissed that this deal isnt done? April 17? voluntary workouts? OTAs May 22-23, May 25, May 30-31, June 2, June 5-6, June 8-9 June 13-15? Mandatory Mini Camp and who will he blame? GB? and who cares if he does they dont want him. no it will be us. sooner or later Rodgers will start to put pressure on us. and he is crazy enough to turn around and say...well if im going to miss OTAs i might as well retire. dont laugh, we all know Rodgers is sensitive and unpredictable. while we still have options, weather there good or not, there better then Zach starting. who btw Saleh just said he is #2.
  2. You really think this would have made GB flinch? Holy crap. Ok. And I'm sure Lamar would love to play the part of a pawn. no pawn. you tell GB to make a deal or were going to talk to other QBs. Lamar, Stafford. thats not pawns thats where done with Rodgers. we need to push this with our so called leverage everyone thinks we have while there are still options. Lamar might not be there after the draft. someone might take the trade or Baltimore matches it. didnt Carr, Jimmy G and all the other QBs who went in a blink of an eye tell you that nobody is waiting to be our Plan B. i dont want an answer. this Press conference should have never been done. he had to know that this would be all about Rodgers, Lamar and other QB questions. its not giving up leverage, its having it. as long as Lamar and Stafford are around we have something to tell GB were moving on to. but if there gone who are we moving on to? Carson Wentz? is he still available?
  3. he just said it would be in bad faith to talk to Lamar. he just gave up his leverage. he could have forced GB to take the deal if he threaten to go talk to Lamar. now everybody knows were not talking to Lamar, the Rams nobody. i like JD but this was stupid to put out in public.
  4. this is true. but for now. things can change the longer it takes. NE is the biggest worry. Bill wants to win one last SB but he doesnt have the QB. he already benched Mac for part of last year. and he is on a rookie contract just like Zach so they could handle the cap hit just like us. if Mac gets hurt and this deal isnt done we should be worried.
  5. i cant see him saying no to playing for a HOF HC. they won more games then we did and there QB sucks too. he could win a SB with them. Rodgers wants this done soon too. he has to find a place to live, and get other stuff together to play for a new team. if NE calls tomorrow and says they already worked out a trade with GB do you want to play here i think 100% he says yes. then trying to beat there trade wont matter cause he choose them over us. i dont think he cares were Brady played. Favre played here and he hates him. dont think we have all this leverage that if another team says they want him he will say no. Rodgers wants us cause we are the only ones who want him. the last thing we want is for Rodgers to have other options. the longer this plays out is not to our advantage.
  6. he only said the Jets cause we are the only ones asking for him. if NE wants him he will play for them. you might have a point on the personalities clash but we have seen it before where players put that aside to win a championship.
  7. i said this before, i dont understand why the Pats are not in on Rodgers. BB maybe has about 2 years left to break the record then hes gone. why not get Rodgers and make one last run at a SB.? and this is where GB and NE are stupid. imagine our most hated rival stealing Rodgers and having to face him 2 times a year for 2 years. no way Woody would let that happen. if there was even a whiff that NE wanted Rodgers that 13th pick and more would be in GB before you could say your name. i think were playing with fire if we wait too long. sooner or later someone is going to get in.
  8. 100% i think people here think this in 2008 again and cause what we gave up for Favre thats what we should do for Rodgers. but its differant. everybody knew Favre wanted to go to Minnesota. we knew this was a one year deal. Rodgers has 2 years and with TB 12 playing till 45 there is a chance Rodgers stays for more than 2 years. my Theory is 1st off he doesnt like Favre. he would love to beat him again. Favre played till 41. if Rodgers retires in 2 years he would be 41. 2nd and most importantly is that he has a young superstar at WR. if Hall comes back to being as good as he was we could have a great offense thats fun to play with. another superstar in Sause this team could be special. he might want to stick around an extra 2 years until there contracts are up. plus Saleh is a players coach and after that disaster in Denver his buddy Hacket shouldn't be leaving anytime soon. if im GB i think there is a good chance we have Rodgers for 4 years. there is no way if im GB i accept anything less than the 13th pick cause next year that pick will be much worst. or i would take the two 2nd rd picks we have this year.
  9. SMFH. 103 of you would tell GB to take a hike instead of giving up the 13th pick right? well if that 13 pick is so damm important then why didnt 103 of you want Carr.? yeah i know, he sucks. 65% and 4000 yds a year. how could we win with all that suckage. i know given up that pick is high but its not outrageous to where we say no lets run it back with Zach and keep the pick.
  10. i cant imagine a world where JD goes to Woody and says were not getting Rodgers because of the 13th pick in the draft. and no way Woody would allow that pick to stop him from getting Rodgers. and JD is done if we dont make the playoffs this year. and probably next year with a rookie QB. JD would have to get an extension on his contract for at least 3 years to do this move. nah Woody is getting Rodgers. you guys should all start preparing yourselves for losing the 13th pick.
  11. just heard that both those 2nd rd picks equal in value to the 17th OA pick. think there both going to GB
  12. i think both 2nd rds are going to GB. why do this now? or were trading that #1 to GB and then trade the two 2s to get back into the 1st rd. i dont believe in coincidences. JD could have gave GB the 2nd we already have to trade for Rodgers, he didnt have to wait for this trade to get another one. this trade could have been done at any time. i cant imagine JD telling GB, ........ listen i would love to give you a 2nd rd pick for Rodgers but i got to make sure i got one for myself. so lets wait while i check around the league to see if i can get one back or we have no deal. and i would think he would want to keep Moore. he could be really good with a real QB. something up.
  13. show me the video where Simms talks about the 2025 QB draft class cause thats the next time were picking one.
  14. doitny

    Plan B

    like i said i this is all Woody so i will give him the credit. this has " desperate owner wanting a SB before he dies " written all over it. i will give JD some credit if he can keep the 13th pick. but if this drags on Woody will force him to give it up to get the deal done.
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