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  1. great post and good point on next years Franchise tag number. he doesnt want to be tagged again which is proof he thinks hes worth more than 13.5 mil. i also like how JD is building this team. he doesn't spend like a drucken sailor. now he just has to hit on these drafts.
  2. was Jamal Adams worth 72 mil? this is a list from jan 2021. now i believe Adams makes more now but its good enough to get my point across. NFL's highest paid safeties (average salary per year): 1. Seahawks safety Jamal Adams: $17.5 million 2. Vikings safety Harrison Smith: $16 million 3. Broncos safety Justin Simmons: $15.25 million 4. Cardinals safety Budda Baker: $14.75 million 5. Bears safety Eddie Jackson: $14.6 million 6. Titans safety Kevin Byard: $14.1 million 7. Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu: $14 million 8. Washington safety La
  3. i agree ...but not a safety. if Adams got 72 mil Maye will probably want around 60 mil. and no way am i paying a Safety that.
  4. trade one safety who has to get payed at the end of the season for another? might as well keep Maye then. this season isnt about wins. keeping Maye or making this push of a trade gets us how many wins? one maybe 2. i rather see what Ashton and Sherwood do playing everyday. i give this team a pass on this season. but make no mistake i expect 8-9 wins by next season and the playoffs for years to come or i will have a very different attitude towards JD and Saleh. but this year i rather try to identify who are players for us moving forward. and not waste snaps on guys who wont be he
  5. i hope this isnt true. common Carolina. Sam is not your man. trade for Watson.
  6. i would hope for Watson sake he has some sort of deal for that cause whatever you want to call it..... he is serving his suspension now. you not allow to practice or go to games. i think he just hangs in the locker room so he can get paid. its like getting arrested and not being able to make bail. so you sit there for a year and then you see the judge and he sentences you to a year in jail. you have time severed. you dont do a year on top of that. i just hope Carolina jumps in. only chance we got to keep him out of the AFC East
  7. he probably heard Jamals...Best in the nation remake and said WHAT???? you aint even the best Safety on the Jets all-time.. at least he knew how to Intercept a pass.
  8. not him. we need a guy like him at a important position.
  9. wait a second. he doesnt want to say he owns Buffalo who beat him three times but he will say he owns us and we beat him 8 times. not to mention we beat him in the playoffs in his house. i dont think Buffalo did that. f$$%ing troll
  10. i have a feeling you guys are going to clean house after this year. you guys double down on Sam and its failing badly. some heads have to roll. didnt they watch any tape of his? i cant believe they fell for " its everybody's fault but Sam" i hope you go back to your board and give us some credit here after all the crap that board gave us when we traded him there. all those...Sam will be good cause the Jets do everything wrong. ..Jets are a Joke.... ask them...whos laughing now? we are all the way to the draft with your 2nd pick. try to make it nice for us. this isnt ag
  11. true but back when there GM started he had 2 bad first drafts in 2013-2014. thats why i been saying if you get rid of JD after 2 drafts or Saleh after 1 year then who wants to come here thats good. especially when you look at Arizona where you can mess up your first few drafts and keep your job and now 8 years later you have the best team in the NFL.
  12. i would think so at this stage. but he got Lawson and Jarred Davis who hopefully will be back this Sunday. and i know people are down on WR Davis but he is one too. Wilson plays better and they all look good.
  13. good call on Daboll. i dont know how i missed that. Kingsbury was a college HC. but i guess a HC is a HC. fair enough
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