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  1. i doubt Crowder returns for less money. but if Crowder does go it will be interesting to see hows Moores production goes. keep in Mind Moores improve play these last 4-5 weeks came at Coles expense. he took Coles snaps not Crowders. so Moores production has been coming out wide, not the slot. compare the 2 numbers and Crowder has 4 yds and 2 TD less than Moore. maybe we should keep Moore outside. his production looks fine out there. could go down in the slot
  2. an Edge. and lets stay where we are and get the best one their and not trade down and get the 4th best. and either go LB or even WR. you know by draft day some WR will be up there. when you have 2 high picks like we do we need difference makers. nobody is staying up all night trying to figure out how to get pass our Center or OL. just blitz where there not. but get that WR whos a stud, or that Edge that gives people nightmares. or that LB who tackles everything. idk whats going on but the entire league doesnt load up on OL in the 1st but 2 pretty bad teams.
  3. why is the 1st rd the best guys? were doing it with only one. did you want us to sign Thunney? he was a 3rd rd pick. even as everyone says that KC OL cost them the SB they didnt run out with there 1st pick ( which was late 2nd rd LB ) to get help. and then drafted Creed Humpries at 63. and then they didnt jump on Trey Smith till there last pick at 226. you want to draft OL with our 3rd rd pick, be my guest and NE who lost him did they run to draft a OL in the 1st rd? no. they only have one atm. they didnt say, OMG how will our rookie QB ever throw a pass without a OL full
  4. did you see a deep pass? maybe thats what messing with his head. i think the CS is forcing him to go thru all his short passes before looking deep. i hope im wrong but if we dont see at least one throw over 30 yds i would be very nervous.
  5. that's all im saying pal. everyone in the league that's any good don't have more than 1 and a few ok teams that never really go anywhere have 2, and the 2 worst including Detroit who is probably the worst in History have 3. i bet if you have the grades for the best run OLs they don't have 2 or they just ok teams that make the playoffs once in a blue moon and not every year.
  6. this OL is good enough for White, Flacco and Johnson to play well. its plenty good for Wilson. we have 5 first rd picks in 3 years and were going to WASTE 3 on the OL and people want to know why we suck. i bet anything Belichick, Ried, Ozzie would never go that far.
  7. your right a bust is a bust. but what if you hit on the player? there are holes everywhere on this team and if i had to grade the Positions the OL and WR are the 2 best we have. wouldnt you rather have a dominant WR or Edge instead of OL. you cant draft all 1st rd guys. a good HC will blitz and line up his best pass rusher at you weakest OL and make that 1st rd pick useless. most of the entire league has zero or one 1st rd pick on the OL. maybe 6-7 have 2. the 2 worst teams in the league have 3 (Atl, Det). i think the rest of the league is on to something. and when Atl went t
  8. our line is playing well and all but AVT made it pass there. the whole NFL is full of teams who have zero or one 1ST rd pick on the OL. including the best teams and HCs. we go OL again in the 1st we will join Detroit and Atlanta as the only other teams to do it. wanna be like them? there no coincidence the best run teams dont keep using there 1st rd picks on the OL. one is ok, 2 is more than enough.... 3 is just crazy.
  9. yeah and 2 of them were drafted by other teams. we should thank them for using there 1st rd draft capital on them for us. we use a 3rd 1st on the OL someone will be thanking us cause were not resigning all 3. we WOULD have went to a SB if we drafted TE Vernon Davis who was taken at 6th instead of Brick. there were also 2 guys taken in the 2nd and 4th rds who played more games and went to more PBs then Brick. point is you can find OL all over the place and they dont have to be as good as Brick for us to win.
  10. i will be optimistic too. there are 4 winnable games and i think we can win 3. thought 2 wins wouldn't surprise me either
  11. the OL has played really well without him. this is one reason you dont waste 1st rd picks on the OL. we are doing just fine with Fant a UDFA and Moses a 3rd rd pick. with a Center who was a 5th rd pick and Tadiff a 6th rd pick. instead we pick Becton and passed on Juedy, Jefferson, Lamb, Higgins and Pittman. and Why? because it was a deep WR draft, we were going to get someone good.( Mims) yeah, hows that working out for us? now i hear the same about this years draft. trade back we will get a good Edge rushers, this draft is deep with them. SMH. and draft anothe
  12. you guys are reading it wrong... its not 4-6 weeks.... its 4+6 weeks = 10 weeks.. lol
  13. he hasnt looked good in alot of kicks. he had a few XPs that he punched thru. barely made it over the crossbar. but theres 6 games left, were going nowhere. might as well let him finish it out to see if he can right himself. if he cost us some games and we play well its a win-win.
  14. probably realized his dream of JD and Saleh getting fired this year was never going to happen. he had nothing else to talk about lol
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