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  1. i disagree. they had to know some of these women would be interviewed so that should have not come as a surprise. and i believe that the NFL has told these teams that if Watson did not get charged in criminal court that they would not punish him too bad. i dont think it was a coincidence that after that trade talks heated up and he was traded a short time later. unfortunately for the Browns i dont think the NFL put that in writing but i still cant see a team giving up those draft picks unless they had some sort of insurances that Watson would play at least half a year. and i dont think that the interviews or the settlement which both had to be suspected changed that by anything. is it really 26? the last 2 women arent even filing anything. sorry but you dont get to say this man did something bad to you and then say you dont want to join the lawsuit. it would be quite easy to add 2 more names to the civil suit. and is it even 24? think about this. out of 23 women the DA only brought 10 to the Grand Jury. and the Grand Jury only wanted to hear from one women. out of 24 women the NFL is only zeroing in on 5 cases. people with more knowledge of what happened then we do are telling us that most of these cases are nothing. i read an article about a cop who investigated Watson who wanted to charge him with prostitution because he paid some of these women for sex. makes you wonder how many are like that. ..... what?? Watson ask you for sex? inappropriate behavior. we got woman #15...... what? Watson touched your shoulder?. inappropriate contact, woman #20...... Watsons penis touched you by accident when he turned over? thats not an accident thats assault!!! woman #24 but when they get to the DA, the courts or even the NFL the go nowhere cause there is nothing there. but like Slats said its the court of public opinion. Buzzbee is a hell of a lawyer and deserves every dime he gets. cause if he just went with the 5 that had legitimate cases it wouldn't seem so bad. so when Watson gets 6-8 games there going off 5 cases not 24.
  2. Sam Darnold strikes again. first he gets coaches fired and now he makes players retire.
  3. isnt that crazy though. OJ beat his criminal case yet a civil court found him guilty and all he has to do is paid them money. is that all that civil court is? to get paid.? cant send nobody to jail. im not surprised and expect to see more women join the lawsuit now that the criminal case is done. like Johnnys said above you dont need proof. maybe thats why they didnt join the criminal suit. but now the more women there are the more likely it would seem that Watson did it. its time to get paid. unless im wrong thats what civil court is all about at the end of the day. i know some women said they didnt want the money or whatever but nobody is going to turn down the money.
  4. your joking right? how can you do anything to the Browns when the NFL allowed Watson to be in the league. if you remember nobody traded for Watson until after he was not charged in criminal court. and the NFL allowed it to happened. and the NFL approves every contract in the league so they cant punish them for a contract they said was fine.
  5. anyone know the official start of TC. it usually starts around July 23, is there nothing between now and then ?
  6. im willing to bet those people who think the "Militaristic themes" and that "fighter jets are scary didn't go watch the movie. it the guys like us who watched the first one who are responsible for the billion dollars. i bet the avg age going to see the movie is 40 and over and it wont even be close.
  7. its not baffling that Vegas wants a backup. its baffling that Kap would sign with a team where he has no chance to start. and from what i heard the workout went great yet he has not signed with the Raiders. what happened? the Raiders obviously want a backup thats why they tried him out. did Kap not sign because he doesnt want to be a backup? then why even work out with them if he was never going to seriously sign there.
  8. yeah a backup with a chance to play. he picked a team with a really good QB who never gets hurt. Vegas wasnt a good fit for him. thats what i was saying. now if he worked out with a bunch of other teams like the ones you mentioned i wouldnt have even posted. those teams he could actually get some playing time with. in fact he could be there starting QB. but Vegas with Carr who is an excellent QB who missed 2 games in 8 years your chances of starting or playing due to injury are none. and i was right. he got his workout Wednesday and didnt sign or didnt get an offer. it would have happened by now. same thing if Drew Brees came out of retirement and chose Vegas. he is not going to play at all so why go there? where is he going next week to GB? now if he goes to try out for Carolina you wont here a word out of me. that makes sense. but when you do it for a team whos QB is set in stone then i have to question the motive.
  9. he doesnt need a job, he is loaded. he needs to start. to play football. and he will get none of that with Vegas. sitting on the bench all year is not the opportunity he is looking for. so whats the point.
  10. this is strange. he has no chance of beating out Carr and Carr has missed only 2 games in 8 years. i dont see how sitting on the bench helps him. i hope he isnt going to try something funny.
  11. considering how we lead the league in injuries every year i think a change is needed.
  12. i dont think we can compare Watson to Bauer cause we dont really know what happened. the NFL and MLB did there own investigations and are probably privy to Law Enforcements investigations. they have a really good idea so if MLB gave Bauer a year i think when we find out what really happened most of us will agree with that suspension. the NFL isnt going to want to look bad so if they do give Watson 4 games then it probably isnt no where as bad as what Bauer did.
  13. yeah when somebody else isnt good enough to take that team to even the playoffs.
  14. what happened to those quick hitters vs Buffalo? Cincy had just a half a game tape on him. Indy didnt have enough time to prepare on Thursday night. Buffalo took those short passes away and force him to throw downfield and he failed. he is a one trick pony. thats why nobody took the Tender we offered for him. and thats the funny thing here. with all those teams needing QBs and a poor QB draft class nobody took that Tender and signed White. so its not just JD and Saleh who thinks he is not good enough to start.
  15. because there bias there. there going to stand up for there guy just like Yankees fans will do here. the Yankees are universally hated so i dont know where you would get an unbiased view. im a Mets fan and i think Anderson brought it on himself for calling himself the next Jackie Robinson.
  16. congratulations @Long Time Jet Fan you just posted the 1st anti JD post since the draft that everyone loves. i thought we would at least make it to game one before someone wanted to replace him. and yes you do want to replace him cause he is the one in charge of the football operations and you want to take that away from him.
  17. man has to get rid of his Jets google searches so the kids dont see it.... but he leaves the Porn...
  18. I think if we did a poll we would find about 90% of Jet fans are Met fans. and i bet most of the Yankees fans are the guys who want to fire everyone after a year or 2. or think that we can get any player if we throw money at them. funny that now the roles will be reversed. Steve Cohn will be throwing the money around and Hal wont. they can kiss Aaron Judge goodbye. no way Hal will give him the money he wants. its going to take me a while to get used to not shopping at the dollar store anymore for the Mets.
  19. Funny you should bring up Marv. i was watching the last inning of the 86 WS last night and after the Mets won to my surprise it was Marv Albert on the field interviewing Ray Knight and Mookie Wilson. we all know he is the Knicks announcers and does the NBA but back then he was working the WS as a field reporter. amazing when you think about Vin Scully, Joe Garagiola and Marv Albert. 3 Legends working the 86 WS.
  20. i got to say im pretty shocked you said something nice about Zach. not even one joke in the whole post . LOL
  21. I believe asking any contracted employee for sex constitutes sexual harrasment which can be litigated ... any lawyer out there know for sure ? im not a lawyer but thats an interesting question.
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