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  1. depends on the other QBs. Jones, Fields, Lance. if anyone of those turn out to be good then it doesnt matter. we didnt have to draft Zach we could have drafted one of those guys.
  2. its because of Zach. if Flacco or White were our starters all year they would predict more wins. hell Zack was the only 2021 QB to throw an INT this weekend. even Sam frigging Darnold didnt throw one. and it was a bad INT. i can see why people outside this board have no confidence he can lead us to more wins. i really hope he can get it together.
  3. maybe the SB champ 2-3 games that he starts Vegas thinks thats where most of our wins will come from. and Zachs preseason game didnt give Vegas any reason to think he would be better this year.
  4. but a bad QB can make nothing look good. WRs will look bad when the QB cant get them the ball. OL looks bad if the QB hold the ball too long. the Defense will look bad when they cant get off the field cause the offense keeps going 3 and out. the QB effects everything. Moore and MC1 had their best games without Zach. look im rooting for Zach. i want him to be the guy. but i got to know if like you said is it the QB who needs to go or the whole team and the guy who put it together. and we will see cause Flacco will start game 1 and probably game 2 cause i do think they dont rush Zach back.
  5. drafting a QB might not be the way to go. we have been doing that for decades and it hasn't worked out. FA or even a trade for a Minshew or somebody might be the answer. if Zach plays all the games and sucks then he is gone. so is JD.... Saleh...Lafluer....everybody. new GM and HC with a different vision for this team. new OC and DC with different systems, certain guys don't fit.... you know the story. i think JD has put together a pretty good team this year. especially on offense. Lafluer is a good OC. Saleh i need to see more. like last year when White, Johnson and Flacco all looked better running this offense than Zach we need to see what another QB can do with this team in case Zach sucks all year. and Flacco is the best guy to start a few games. than Zach can start the rest. 13-14 games is enough to tell if Zach is the guy. just like we want to see if Zach is the guy dont you want to know if JD is the guy too?
  6. yeah just barely and it took a HOF performance to do it. Flacco would have beat Miami if our defense could have made a stop. 291, 2 TDs 0 INTs. i dont get why people think Flacco cant run this offense successfully. they treat him like hes Luke Faulk. Flacco has consistently through his career has a over 60% comp % and more TDs than INTs. he make good decisions that wont change with age. age doesnt make you forget how to read a defense. his only problem with his age will be mobility. but he can counter than by throwing it away or checking down. he has football smarts which i hate to say it but Zack does not right now. neither does White.
  7. yes thank you. people make cracks about him not winning a game since 2019 but he didnt have the talent he has now.
  8. i just caught part of Rich Cimini interview on Bart and Hahn and he said Flacco looked really good today. he was winging it he said. i guess we will get more info later today from someone but Crush isnt lying at least not from what Cimini said.
  9. well they should be NY Jets GMs under Woody, 2000- Bill Parcells 9-7 2001-2005 - Terry Bradway 5 yrs 39-41...... 3 playoff years (2-3) 2006-2012 - Mike Tannenbaum 7 yrs 57-55 ........ 3 playoff years (4-3) 2013-2014 - John Idzik 2 yrs 12-20 2015-2018 - Mike Maccagnan 4 yrs 24-40 2019- Joe Douglas 3 yrs 13-36 JD is heading for that spot. Bradway and Tanney only got 5 years or more because they had some success. JD has to win some games this year or hes gone. and Saleh with him as a new GM will want his own guy. and there we go again. best thing for us, yes us cause i think JD has put together a good team and i would hate to lose him cause of bad QB play is to have Flacco start 2 or 3 games to start the year. if he does well then that proves to Woody that JD has put together a good team and Saleh can coach them. and Zack comes bad and if hes good that's great, if not then we move on, but we keep JD and Saleh, and they get to pick a new QB.
  10. he threw a few INTS deep that i remember vs Buffalo. ok i know, its Buffalo. how about his Intended Air Yards per Att ( Avg Depth of Target whether complete or not ) was 5.9 yds. the NFL leader board only went up to the top 33 and # 33 was Jarred Goff at 6.4 yds. Zach was tied for 18th at 7.6 yds. Flacco was 7.9 yds. maybe he can throw it deep but he doesn't. few times he does it doesn't end too well. so therefore, he can't throw deep.
  11. and you know he needs a few games to get in sync. i was hoping it wouldn't be like that in year 2 but apparently, he needs it after he throws an INT in his 1st 5 passes of the year. and guys who are back bagging groceries at Shop-Rite didn't throw any with more passes.
  12. yeah 2020 Flacco with Gase and his roster was bad. but 2021 Flacco with Lafluer's offense and a better roster was better. he started one game threw for 291yds and 2 TDs and no INTS and almost beat the Dolphins. and Flacco for his career has avg around 63% comp and more TDs than INTs. even his bad 2020 season he had 6 TDs vs 3 INTs. he is a steady hand who won't make too many bad throws. not like White who is 5-8 TDs-INTs. and with more offensive weapons this year Flacco is the better choice at QB if Zach cant go.
  13. and he probably wont be good for 2-3 games because he missed preseason, and his timing is off and all that other crap.
  14. i don't want Jimmy G. i was responding to someone who did. that's who i thought you were 1st talking about when you said Flacco wasn't the answer. i don't think White is the answer. he is a INT machine. 5 TDs vs 8 INTs. and thats where Flacco beats him. last year in his only start 2 TDs and ZERO ints. even in a bad 2020 he went 6 TDs vs 3 INTs. and Flacco has been steady his whole career. in 14 seasons he had only one year with more INTs than TDs. and thats important. White can't throw deep and makes bad decisions. Flacco can throw deep and makes better decisions.
  15. no we couldnt have got him. we wouldnt even try. there is no way we were not giving Zach this year.
  16. and Rex and Bowles had DCs and Gase an OC. just because Saleh has one doent mean he cant run it. yeah we had injuries last year but you forget we were the worst defense.............IN NFL HISTORY. that should have cost the DC his job. whats confusing is why Saleh didnt fire him
  17. better than Mike White. i think Jimmy G will cost too much thats why he hasnt been traded yet. besides i doubt he wants to be a backup.
  18. thats all well and good until the defense sucks. Saleh is supposed to be some kind of expert on defense. its almost as if he doesnt want to step on the DCs toes. give him the same kind of freedom he had at SF. problem is he was good there this guy is not. isnt the point in hiring a OC or a DC as HC is your supposed to be good on their side of the ball. Rex..Bowles ..Gase... didnt we all think we would better on their side of the ball? you only delegate when those guys are doing a good job. he can't sit back and let the defense be a dumpster fire again. yeah yeah i know, its just one preseason game but we saw the same bad defense and the same Zack Wilson from last year. you would think with and entire off season and TC they would have played better.
  19. no way. if they wanted he would have been here months ago. if Zach cant start its Flacco. their jobs are on the line, and they need wins there not going to care about giving White a chance.
  20. but OC and DC minded HC doesnt matter when your DC minded HC refuses to get involved with the defense. i really hope someone in the Organization is telling him to stop that crap and get involved or he may be fired and never get another HC job again
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