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  1. all you Mangini worshipers your boy will be on the MKS now. i wonder if Tanney will thank him for all the great players he drafted. LMAO. i still think Tanney drafted those guys, i wish they talk about the old days and maybe we could really know who was responsible for those draft picks
  2. ok guys you think we could wait to where a few games into the season until we declare this draft class a bust or a bunch of HOF guys.? oh sorry forgot where i am. cant wait til about 8 pm to start hearing.... this guy is the best thank you Joe Douglas. OMG this guy sucks. i told you would should have drafted the other guy. fire JD now!!!
  3. great article. i doubt anyone thought Becton was going to play more than half a year so how could losing him effect our ceiling. as the article says you dont need an elite OL. just a good one. and the person who will most determine how good it is is Zach Wilson. its no coincidence that the best QBs have a really good OL. its because they get rid of the ball quick. if Zach gets quicker then this line will be fine. and as far as the running game MC1 avg 4.3 ypc. Coleman 4.2 ypc last year. Elliot with Dallas avg 4.3 and there OL is supposed to be really good. we got 3 returning guys and Laken is better than the Doctor he is replacing. Brown will probably be the same as Moses. i am not worried about this OL
  4. they have Tanny covering on the MKS this week and yesterday he said he would not sign him cause he hasnt participated in a offseason program yet this year. then he brought up Ryan Kalil as an example. also said there is a reason nobody has sign him and its Aug. i hope hes wrong but its something to think about
  5. you beat me to it. there are going to be some decent and even good players available in the coming weeks in TC cuts. its better to know we need a starting RT now instead of thinking Becton is fine cause he played all the preseason games. by the time week one starts all the better Tackles will be signed by other teams.
  6. just wondering if he gets suspended does the preseason count? cause he is scheduled to start this Saturday.
  7. i think it stays at 6 games. at most they add maybe 2 games and a big fine. if the NFL really wanted a year or indefinite suspension Goodall or one of his lackeys ( ex. assistant Com, VP of whatever... ) would hear the appeal but instead, they get a ex AG. i think he agrees with Robinsons ruling and gives the 6 games for the same reason she did. remember he is not going to do his own investigation; he is going off of what Robinson said and she wanted to give him more but couldn't for the reasons she gave. then the NFL says they tried. they wanted the big punishment but 2 respected officers of the law both ruled for 6 games. and i believe the NFL doesn't want Watson suspended longer than that. i think they told teams that if he wasnt charged in criminal court that it was ok to trade and give up a bunch of 1st rd picks. that they wouldn't punished him big. its no coincidence that he doesn't get traded for over a year then as soon as he isnt charged he gets traded within a week or 2.
  8. yeah i was wondering why we haven't signed him yet since hes been here for a couple of days now. makes me think that maybe he has a medical issue and didnt pass
  9. now!! before the season starts. their crazy. he could have drafted the core of a winning team with those 4 1st rd picks. he at least has to get the end of this year to see how they work out.
  10. with Diggs and the guy in Miami whos name escapes me atm we need a shut down corner more than LT. plus Fant is good enough this year and we probably sign Brown now. plus there will be good OL available in the next few weeks who get cut because of the salary cap. LT is important but its not QB. you dont keep using top 12 picks every 2 years on LT until you get it right. i like AVT but i agree i hated using 14OA on a IOL. if we didnt have 2 top 5 WRs in our own division you might have an argument there. but without Sause there going to abuse us for 4 games a year. and remember last year without Becton we had the 14-15 best OL thats plenty good to win in this league.
  11. this does suck. but i have no regrets about not drafting one early. i would not trade Sause, Wilson, JJ or Hall for any OL that was available at those slots because OL are a dime a dozen. you can always find a good replacement. and guess what we have one already here. what perfect timing that Brown is here. sign him up.
  12. hey FU. dont start with the namecalling. how does she find it deliberately and intentionally when she also finds it happens alot of penises touch them.? of course they didnt want that to happend but it happens to them alot. and if you read my post instead of just jumping to call me names you would have read that i said it was BAD for a mans penis to touch a women, until you find out it happens all the time. it seems like an occupational hazard for these women. this report contradicts itself. 1.Importantly, much of the alleged conduct is not, in and of itself, challenged as wrongful. The use of Instagram to advertise a business or to engage a business, for instance, is commonplace. but then she says Mr. Watson reached out to women whose professional qualifications were unknown and unimportant to him. ok well thats probably going to happen when you go to Instagram to find your massage therapist. 2. There is evidence in the record that Mr.Watson’s focus points (the lower back, glutes, abs, and groin area) are legitimate focus areas for professional athletes.2 but then says... He insisted on having the therapists focus on areas of his body that not uncommonly triggered erections. so its legitimate to have the groin area as a focus area but its not ok to ask them to focus on a area (groin) that triggers erections? yeah that doesnt contradict itself at all. 3. Moreover, it is not unusual for therapists to inadvertently contact a male client’s penis while treating these legitimate focus areas, nor for male clients to get an erection during a massage. but then.... I find this sufficient circumstantial evidence to support the NFL’s contention not only that contact occurred, but that Mr.Watson was aware that contact probably would occur, i think this one is more that he lied and said it did not touch them. with the NFL trying to prove that he lied about his penis touching these women they actually helped his case by proving that many men penises touch these women. and as Robinson continues to state, this is a crime in the NFL, not in the real world. that is why he wasnt charged in criminal court with assault. even though it looks like im defending Watson i am not. i just expected to find some smoking gun to prove Watson was some evil person and all i found was a lot of contradicting and pretty thin circumstantial evidence. i dont like the whole penis touching a women either, but 12 women got interviewed by the NFL and apparently, they told them that its not uncommon for that to happen with men. and they continued to do massages up until Watson. so apparently, they accepted it as part of the job... until Watson. in this context its not that bad. its not like your penis touching a co worker in the office (clothed) which is horrible as compared to a naked guy with a towel whos groin your massaging.
  13. sexual assault as defined by the NFL, not what we know it to be. she did not find evidence that he touch any women in a sexual way, or had sex or forced sex, no rape. he was found guilty of having his penis touch a body part which under the NFL is consider sexual assault. and then she states that this is a common in massages. just thought i would point this out since neither the media or anyone on this board has done. since the report came out i have been hearing about sexual assault. i read the report last night expecting to find evidence of some horrific stuff but nope, its just penis touching the body. which is bad until you find out it happens all the time. the appeal will stay at 6 games with a big fine.
  14. best call ever! R.I.P
  15. the NFL store is garbage. i just bought Jets sweatpants. the Jets wording looks cheap like they put it on at the county fair with a iron. as soon as i open it the letters are all cracked. i should have returned it but its just going to be worned to knock around the house. i just expected better from a official store. i probably could have got the same quality off a guy on the street for 5 dollars.
  16. and that is what is strange about her statements. she was suppose to check on the facts and seams to say she knows he did it. but yet they had the same facts in criminal court yet they didnt have enough evidence to charge him. its almost like she knows the public will be upset at her decision so she is saying i believe he did it, yet she doesn't have enough evidence to give him more games. yet they can charge someone with just circumstantial evidence. which makes you wonder if there is such evidence why didnt he get charged in court. her statement leaves more questions then answers.
  17. yep 6 games is what i said. and its over. the NFL will not overrule this decision. the NFL and the union both agreed to have Sue Robinson an ex-Judge give the punishment in this case. this was her 1st case so all this talk about what player got what games before has no meaning. Goodell made those rulings. and the NFL only gave her 4 or 5 cases. not all 26. someone said Watson should get a game for each woman... well he did. if Goodell appeals this he would be appealing it to himself. bad optics. he would be undermining a women Judge that he agreed would make these decisions. more bad optics. it would make any case Robinson hears from now on look like a sham. like he gets to pick and choose the decision he likes.
  18. great post and this is why i havent been around since the draft. i figured this place would still be arguing the same old stuff from the end of the season. but after the draft its a new season. especially after the draft and FA period we had. there should be nothing but excitement. i will see you guys in 2 weeks after the Eagles game when we really have something to talk about
  19. i disagree. they had to know some of these women would be interviewed so that should have not come as a surprise. and i believe that the NFL has told these teams that if Watson did not get charged in criminal court that they would not punish him too bad. i dont think it was a coincidence that after that trade talks heated up and he was traded a short time later. unfortunately for the Browns i dont think the NFL put that in writing but i still cant see a team giving up those draft picks unless they had some sort of insurances that Watson would play at least half a year. and i dont think that the interviews or the settlement which both had to be suspected changed that by anything. is it really 26? the last 2 women arent even filing anything. sorry but you dont get to say this man did something bad to you and then say you dont want to join the lawsuit. it would be quite easy to add 2 more names to the civil suit. and is it even 24? think about this. out of 23 women the DA only brought 10 to the Grand Jury. and the Grand Jury only wanted to hear from one women. out of 24 women the NFL is only zeroing in on 5 cases. people with more knowledge of what happened then we do are telling us that most of these cases are nothing. i read an article about a cop who investigated Watson who wanted to charge him with prostitution because he paid some of these women for sex. makes you wonder how many are like that. ..... what?? Watson ask you for sex? inappropriate behavior. we got woman #15...... what? Watson touched your shoulder?. inappropriate contact, woman #20...... Watsons penis touched you by accident when he turned over? thats not an accident thats assault!!! woman #24 but when they get to the DA, the courts or even the NFL the go nowhere cause there is nothing there. but like Slats said its the court of public opinion. Buzzbee is a hell of a lawyer and deserves every dime he gets. cause if he just went with the 5 that had legitimate cases it wouldn't seem so bad. so when Watson gets 6-8 games there going off 5 cases not 24.
  20. Sam Darnold strikes again. first he gets coaches fired and now he makes players retire.
  21. isnt that crazy though. OJ beat his criminal case yet a civil court found him guilty and all he has to do is paid them money. is that all that civil court is? to get paid.? cant send nobody to jail. im not surprised and expect to see more women join the lawsuit now that the criminal case is done. like Johnnys said above you dont need proof. maybe thats why they didnt join the criminal suit. but now the more women there are the more likely it would seem that Watson did it. its time to get paid. unless im wrong thats what civil court is all about at the end of the day. i know some women said they didnt want the money or whatever but nobody is going to turn down the money.
  22. your joking right? how can you do anything to the Browns when the NFL allowed Watson to be in the league. if you remember nobody traded for Watson until after he was not charged in criminal court. and the NFL allowed it to happened. and the NFL approves every contract in the league so they cant punish them for a contract they said was fine.
  23. anyone know the official start of TC. it usually starts around July 23, is there nothing between now and then ?
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