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  1. no more trade downs!!!!!! we need to stay and pick the 23rd and 34th best players in the draft. we just got a rookie QB. we need really good players to surround him with. the player at 23 and 34 will be better than you get with the trade down. you got plenty of other pics.
  2. lets be fair on that 0-10 record. 3 of those games was from 39 yr old McCown. not a good QB even in his younger days.. 3 of those games were Luke Falk. the guy was pulled from the practice squad and has never played in the NFL since... 4 of those games was Flacco. we all know he outplayed sam. he had 6 TDs and 3 INT. sam had 9TDs and 11 INTs in 12 games. do you think if Flacco played all 16 games we would have won maybe 5-6 games.? so when you say 0-10 it really doesnt mean anything. 3 games were a 39 yr old. 3 games are from a guy who had no business being on a NFL team much less starting. and 4 came from a guy who out played sam.
  3. 2 AFCCGs in 2 years. i take that. just this time lets hope we picked the right QB and the GM doesnt let the roster go bad.
  4. but Bridgewater beat him here. i kind of feel bad for him. he keeps getting pushed out for sam when he is the better player.
  5. the video was 1:11. and 40 seconds of the video was actors and animation. so only 31 seconds of good plays from Darnold. that sounds about right. we should make a goodbye video of all his screw ups. it would be longer than watching all 3 of the " lord of the rings " movies, back to back to back..lol
  6. Joe is on the 5 year plan. you 40 plus year old's should remember that. nobody does it anymore. that why he got a 6yr contract. he gutted the roster that we all agree was the worst. you cant make a winner when the whole roster was as bad as ours. he now got HIS QB. HIS HC you got to give them at least 3 years. JD should get the same. what are we going to do?, fire JD after a 2-14 season next year and force ANOTHER GM to have a HC and a QB they didnt pick? if it doesnt work both JD and Saleh are gone and the new GM picks his coach fire JD after next year and we will never get anyone good to come here.
  7. i figured this would happen. we lost all the hot topics in one day 1. no more 5 threads a day on if we should keep sam... 2. draft zach , trade sam... 3. keep both sam and zach... 4. trading the 2nd pick. 5. and i think we all know the pick is Zach Wilson. the Sam fans and the trade Sam guys were really passionate. now if feels like all the air has be taken from our sails. i figured we would see some joke threads.
  8. i was looking at there forum last night and they love Rhule and Brady. but i dont get the love. Rhule is a rookie NFL coach and went 5-11. Brady as a rookie OC had the team ranked in the 20s in almost all offensive category. and Rhule wasnt so great in college. was 47-43 (.522) and 1-2 in bowl games. what in there resume suggests they can turn sam around? but their board and even some guys here i see think these guys will make sam good. and the fans there think Bridgewater regressed. they took a 5-11 team to...... 5-11. Rhule and Brady are another 5-11 season away from being Adam Gase and Dowell Loggains
  9. of course. Rich lites the match and social media pours the gasoline.
  10. OMG, thank you. i just realized now after you posted this pic i was talking about the wrong Rosen. LMFAOOOOO
  11. no the jags would want to get rid of him for the same reasons we got rid of sam Minshew is a good QB. he put up better numbers than sam. they dont want him winning some games when he starts the season. could cause a QB controversy. especially if Trevor starts slow. and he probably has a fan club like us with sam, who rather give him another year or 2 and trade the pick to help him out. hes gone bet on it. i rather have Mullins. yes its only about the system. and that should be all that matters. getting our new QB up to speed with the new offense. Mullins has been in this system for 3 years. he could be a tremendous help to Wilson.
  12. Leo and Anderson got traded cause they were due big money. were not ready for those contracts yet. did you see those contracts. Leo 3 yrs 63 mil. 45 mil guaranteed. and he had only a 1/2 sack the year we traded him. now Anderson was much cheaper at 20 mil for 2 years. i think JD knew he had to tear us down and didn't want big contracts on a 2-14 team. if we were a playoff team i think he keeps Anderson. but Leo, that's a lot of money for an DT
  13. i would love to see what his % is of being right,
  14. i will be honest with you guys. i want Sam to fail. why? cause if he looks good we look bad. i was just over at one of the Carolina forums to see what there saying. about 25% love it. 50% hate it. and the other 25% don't care. it was only a 2nd rd pick so if he sucks no big deal, if hes good it was worth it. but we are taking a beating over there.... "oh the jets suck, they never do anything right...." "nobody succeeds with the jets... " hey we can make fun of our team, but nobody else can. i don't need Sam to do good and give another reason for people to laugh at me cause i like the jets. i hope Wilson is great, and Sam goes 0-16 and joins Sam Rosen on a practice squad by the end of the season. sorry Sam but your not on my team anymore. i don't root for players, i root for the Jets. oh and anybody who plays the Giants... i hate those guys.
  15. dont know if you guys seen this, didnt feel like reading 31 pages... just had to post this for all those sam fans i argued with these past few weeks who told me there will be no QB controversy, no distraction.
  16. wait, the jets morale squad was alive and well then? probably told management that they cant have a pot head like Dan Marino on there team. what bad things people will say about the Jets. Miami said.... hey we will take him, thanks Jets... the rest is history. for you younger guys, pot was a serious offense in 1983
  17. isn't 21 picks in 2 years enough? its time to stay where he is and get some good players. wont the guys we get at #23 and #34 going to be better than the guys we get with the picks we get in a trade? we need some studs, it would be easier to find them at #23 and #34 than later on. if anything we should try to move UP if we can and give back some of those picks
  18. that was probably me. i was surprised that JD got what he did. i will gladly admit i got that one wrong. at least i got the other one right when i said sam wont be on this team with zack. cant get them all right...lol
  19. nope, not according to the sam fans. every jet QB must get his full 5 years. even if he sucks. its wont be his fault. it was the roster or the coach. he had a good throw here, a good game there. some media guys think he will be great.... nope, he has to stay for 5 year ATLEAST. LMFAOOOOOO
  20. thats funny. i was just going to say something like that. if Sam goes.... 69 % comp, 3733 yds 15 TD 11 int...92 QBR they would all consider that a major improvement from sam... thats career highs in comp%, yds, ints and qb rating.... thats the same exact numbers Bridgewater did and there getting rid of him for sam...lol
  21. Mullins. he knows the offense there running
  22. right. cause nobody uses that much draft capital on a QB to have him in a QB competition. Minshew will be trade soon too
  23. to be fair Zach isn't part of this team ...yet. thats all about losing there friend sam. im sure there will be more jets upset at this, doesn't mean there not going to like Wilson. they dont know the guy and this is part of the point about not having sam and wilson on the same team. alot of players love sam. you definitely would have had a divided locker room.
  24. and yet he outplayed sam when they were both here.
  25. and thats what shocks me about this trade. i dont think Atl will go QB either. that should leave 2 QBs for carolina at 8. at worst they still should have had 1.
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